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talking to animals

talking telepathically


Severus walks Harry back to his common room. Neither talking afraid to break the fragile spell around them. They soon reach the portrait and Harry has Severus prick his finger and add his blood to the portrait as the others did before him to gain access to the rooms. Harry tells Severus with his eyes he wants him to come in but Severus' eyes say not tonight.

Severus pulls Harry close and their lips come together in a love and passion filled kiss that leaves them breathless. They say goodnight and Severus leaves, but not before the portrait closes after Harry.

His council are sitting in the common room talking when Harry comes floating into the room. They all watch as he sits in a chair but doesn't seem to notice them. He has the softest look about his face. Sirius finally gets tired of being ignored, after five minutes, and pounces on Harry as Padfoot and starts licking his face.

Harry giggles and looks to see the others looking at him expectantly. He just smiles. Ron is the first to realize why he's so happy and rushes to hug him. The others are just confused, so Ron decides to clue them in.

"I'm guessing that Severus decided to pull his head out of his arse and accept Harry."

The others look at Harry and when he nods they all dogpile on him. Harry leaves for his room a few minutes later all rumpled looking but still glowing. The occupants of the portrait notice his expression and have a good idea about what has happened but decide to ask the next morning.

The weeks to December fly by. Each day Severus and Harry become closer. Each night before Harry enters his common room they share a kiss. The kisses range from small and chaste to demanding and passionate, but each kisses leaves the two men glowing. Each evening Harry's council can see and feel the happiness radiating from the teen. His happiness seems to make the whole castle glow. They are so happy for Harry but one thing keeps going through their minds "Why doesn't Severus ever enter the rooms?"

Finally the last Sunday in November Draco asks the question.

"Harry, why doesn't Professor Snape ever come in when he leaves you in the evenings and where do you two go in the evenings?"

Harry looks to see the other eight nodding their heads and he sighs before he answers.

flashback --------------------

The morning after the Masquerade Ball all of the students and staff are sitting in the Great Hall eating when the mail arrives. Everyone is shocked when a beautiful black eagle owl swoops towards Harry and drops a letter in front of him. Noone can ever remember Harry receiveing a letter. He opens the letter and smiles. He puts the letter into his pocket while deflecting the questions from around him.

But Harry receiveing a letter isn't the only thing that has shocked the students, one Professor Severus Snape has shocked the students and staff. First he walked into the Great Hall whistling and smiling. Second he greeted some students warmly and caused them to faint. Finally and thirdly he greeted each member of the staff warmly and complimented each one, causing not only Flitwick but McGonagall to faint,

As soon as the students start to leave and go to Hogsmeade Harry shoos his council from the room while he remains seated. Once everyone but a few stragglers are left he leaves just as Severus does and they walk quietly to the Potion Masters lab. They get the ingredients together and start to work on the potions needed in the Hospital Wing, all the while talking and learning more about each other.

After a few hours of working on potions the two go to Severus rooms for a nice lunch. They go to his living room and Severus shows him some of the items his mother left in the trunks. When the emotions get to much for him Harry holds him while he silently cries. The crying soon leads to cuddling which in turn leads to them snogging each other senseless. Soon they have a quiet dinner and Severus walks Harry back to his rooms. They have a final kiss and part for the night.

The next week goes by in a similar manner. Harry spends Sunday with Severus then Monday through Friday he goes down after dinner. Finally Saturday comes back around.

"Severus, why don't you ever come in after we go to my common room?" Harry asks as they play chess. Severus is quiet for a moment then answers.

"I want to get to really know you before we start to spend time around the others. Now that Black, Lupin and I get along better it won't be that bad but I'm a little selfish and just want to spend as much time with just you as I can." Severus blushes. Harry smiles warmly and reaches to squeeze the older man's hand.

end Flashback --------------------

The council are shocked to say the least. Each one smiling to themselves because they are happy to see these to men so happy and in love. They are also happy because it seems like all of the students have finally given up on trying to snag Harry since his Veela allure has been curbed since he kissed Severus. Unbeknownst to them there are three students so far gone into own madness that they are plotting a way get the Veela King all for themselves.

December comes with a flurry of snow that leaves the younger years laughing and playing, while the upper years look on indulgence and join them in snowball fights and just playing in the snow. The staff are pleased to note that the house seem to be getting along and helping each other. A seventh year Slytherin was found helping three second years , one from each of the other houses, with their homework, while a fifth year Gryffindor was found helping two first year Slytherins find their way around the castle.

The students spend each weekend doing their Christmas shopping in Hogsmeade. The teachers even found out that the upper years were getting the shopping lists of the first and second years and doing their shopping for them. No one can explain the sudden good cheer in the castle but three have their suspicions. They all think it's because of Harry, because he is such a strong empath and projecting his happiness to everyone else.

Finally the time has come for the Christmas Ball. The students are excited for two reasons: one they get to have a party and second in a mere five days it will be Christmas. Only a few students are leaving to go home, only children who are Death Eaters, the rest are staying and their parents are coming and spending a few nights at the castle. It was decided it would be safer for the parents to come and stay at the castle instead of the students going home, incase Voldemort decided to attack the homes of some of the muggleborn students.

Harry decided that for the Ball he would make a golem that could be his other self during the time "The Council" are performing. He dresses the Harry Potter golem in an emerald green dress robe outfit trimmed in scarlet while he, as Lorgin Krue, wears scarlet dress robe outfit trimmed in emerald green. He laughs when he sees how his council is dressed.

Sirius is wearing red with dark gold trim while Remus is wearing dark gold with red trim. Hermione is wearing royal blue with bronze trim while Blaise is wearing bronze with royal blue trim. Ron is wear yellow with black trim and Luna is wearing black with yellow trim. Draco is wearing green with silver trim and Ginny is wearing silver with green trim. They leave a short time later for the Great Hall. Everyone draws in their breathes when they see how beautiful the room looks. The rafters have small icicles that are lit with fairy lights, making each one shine a different color. The walls are covered in what looks to be ice and the lights from the icicles shine on them and give the room a soft glow. The tables are covered in white clothes and have small trees of glass with a different colored glow within them.

The students laugh when they see how the staff is dressed. Dumbledore is wearing robes that only Santa Claus would wear. Minerva is dressed in red and green tartan robes. Flitwick is wearing red robes with Christmas trees on the hem. The others are wearing holiday themed robes except for Snape and he is wearing black dress robes with a trim of red and green. The students sit and wait for dinner. Albus waves his hand and the food appears on each table. Dinner consists of roast turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. Dessert is their choice of pecan pie, chocolate cake, pumpkin pie or coconut cream pie. After dessert the table and chairs disappear and the stage appears. Harry and the others stand to go back stage. Harry and his golem walk to the back and are going to switch place when he is hit from behind and everything goes black. Noone notices when his golem disappears.

Draco, Ron and Hermione set the equipment up on stage and wait for Harry. When he doesn't appear after a few minutes they start to get worried. They rush backstage only to find he is no where to bee seen. They think maybe he has just went to the bathroom and decide to give him a few minutes since they knew he was going to be changing clothes with the golem. When he hasn't shown up after another ten minutes they really start to worry and rush to find the Headmaster. They find him talking to Sirius, Remus, Severus, and Minerva. They all but run to them.

"Headmaster, we can't find Harry." Hermione exclaims.

"What do you mean you can't find Harry?" Sirius almost shouts.

"He went to go and change clothes with his Harry golem about fifteen minutes ago." Draco explains. Remus walks to the doors and silently calls for the Mauraders Map. He quickly walks back to the others and opens the map.

"I solmnely swear I am up to no good." He says. Severus, Minerva, and Albus all watch amazed as the map activates. They look to see that Harry and three others are in the Room of Requirements. Minerva and the three students stay behind while the other four rush off to get Harry. Just outside the doors of the Great Hall Albus seals them so only a staff member can leave. They to the room and burst in to find an unconscious Harry stripped naked while an equally naked Cho Chang is getting ready to mount him. Pansy Parkinson and Colin Creevey are fighting in the corner as to who gets Harry next.

The three are quickly stunned and bound while Severus rushes to pick Harry up. He magics pyamas on to him and rushes to the Infirmary, while Sirius runs to get Poppy. Albus and Remus put robes on the three students and take them to the dungeons and put them into the same cell that Darien Moone was in earlier that year, then rush to find out about Harry.

They walk into find the three crowded around his bed solemn looks on their faces.

"He was given five potions that are reacting badly with each other besides the three spells that were cast on him. Three stupefies were cast. He was given a Wake Me Not potion, a muscle relaxer, a potion that makes him hard and ready and a potion to make sure he would stay ready and the last one I don't know what it is or what it does." They group gasps and asks what can be done for him.

"Well the Wake Me Not and stupifies can be countered but the other will have to run their course. I'm also sure that since two of them are supposed to do the opposites of each other that they may cause him some discomfort. I just don't know what the last potion will do to him." Poppy says sadly.

Severus rushes to grab a potion while Poppy counters the stupfies. Severus gives him the potion and they watch as he writhes in pain and screams. Remus and Sirius both rush forward only to bounce off a sheild. They fall to the ground and watch as the same thing happens to Severus. Suddenly Harry whimpers and starts to cry.

Everyone gets tears in their eyes when they realizes that they can't help him. Poppy and Severus move Harry to a private room while the others go back to the Great Hall. Albus walks up to the stage and the room quiets down.

"I'm sorry to say that Lorgin Krue was attacked by three students tonight. He is in the hospital wing battling for his life as we speak. He was given an unknown potion and we need to know if any students may know what was used. Anyone who comes forward will not be punished, just please come forward. Students go back to your common rooms to finish the party and good night."

The students all start leaving in groups when a student stays behind. The student is a first year Hufflepuff by the name of Gohan Son. He walks towards Dumbledore and tugs lightly on his sleeve. Albus looks downs and says, "How can I help you Mr. Son?"

Gohan gulps before he says,"Sir, I think I may be able to help with the potion problem." He looks down.

Albus lifts his Gohan's chin up with his finger. "You have nothing to be afraid of. You aren't in any trouble. Now why don't you tell me what you know." Gohan nods and launches into his story.


Gohan is going down the isle of books trying to find a certain book on Transfiguration when he hears some people whispering. He steps closer so he can hear what is being said.

"I'm telling you, Creevey. This potion will work. If we give him the "Cupido Complexo" and combine it with the "Verus Amor Queisco" spell it will make him sleep and dream of his true love. The dream will also make him think they are making love. It's the perfect way to insure that he gets all three of us pregnant and we become his mates." Pansy whispers harshly.

"I agree with her." Cho says.

Colin nods his head and they copy the spell and potion and try to decide who will do what.

"Creevey here will have to do the spell since it can't be cast by anyone that isn't a virgin. Chang and I will make the potion." Pansy states and they put the books away but not before Gohan catches a glimpse of the titles. Gohan quickly leaves as he sees the three approach where he is hidden. He stumbles upon the book he was looking for and doesn't give what was said another thought.

end flashback --------------------

"Your announcement made me think of that day and I decided to tell you." Gohan says as he blushes.

"Thank you for your help, go on back to your dorm and twenty points to Hufflepuff for thinking to listen what was being said"

Gohan smiles slightly and rushes out of the room. Albus rushes to the library with the staff at his heels. He tells Minerva the name of one book while he searches for the other. They meet a few minutes later at a table and start looking for the spell and potion. Albus finds the potion first. He reads the page and sighs.

"It says here the potion was orginally made to help young men and women learn who their soul mates where through a vision or dream. According to the size of the dose will be how long they sleep. There isn't a counter since the potion wasn't meant to be used in a harmful way."

Minerva is still reading the page on the spell when suddenly she gasps and falls into a seat and starts to cry. Remus grabs the book and starts to read. He gasps but decides to read a passage aloud.

When the spell is performed correctly the subject will be put into a deep sleep and will dream of having relations with their soulmate. If cast badly the spell will cause the subject to dream of every bad thing that has every happened to them. They will be in considerable pain untill they wake up.

Albus sends the staff to their rooms and makes Remus drag Sirius to their rooms to explain to the others what is going on. He and Minerva go to the Hospital Wing to tell Severus and Poppy what is going on and then they are going to find out how much of the potion he was given.

Once told the two demand to go with them to interrogate the three and Severus checks his pockets to make sure he has some Veritisum. They walk to the cell to find the three prisoners just waking up. The three look around groggily and see the four pissed off Professors and gulp. They are seated in conjured chairs and silenced. Colin is the first to be questioned.

"Why did you do this to Lorgin Krue?" Minerva asks.

"I wanted him. I want to have his children and be his King."

"Why not try to woo him?" Poppy asks.

"I know I'm not his true mate since we did the Soulmate potion at the end of last year. Pansy is my soulmate and we both wanted him so we decided we would have him."

"How much potion did you give to Lorgin Krue?" Albus asks.

"I gave him a cup when the girls turned their backs."

The teachers look at the girls and notice that their eyes get big when he says that. So they assume the girls each snuck extra to him when the other had their backs turned.

Chang is questioned next and she gives almost the same replies except her soulmate is Michael Corner.

When Pansy is questioned she states she knew that Colin was her soulmate but that she wanted to be queen. She also stated that Harry was given one cup that they all saw and she gave him one more when the others weren't looking.

Severus picks up the book and reads about the potion. He gasps and snarls at the three students.

"You idiots. Did you even bother reading anything about his potion. For each half cup of potion the subject will sleep anywhere between 12 - 24 hours. You gave him four cups. He'll sleep at least four to eight days. The council will be called upon to decide your punishments."

With that said the four adults leave. Severus is forbidden from going to the Hospital Wing and is told to go tell the council what is going on. Poppy goes back to the infirmary while Minerva and Albus go back to their rooms.

The next morning Dumbledore announces that three student involved in the incident the night before escaped sometime last night and ran into the Forbidden Forest. The staff have been looking for them ever since. That evening it is announced that the three students are in critical condition and are in the infirmary.

Three days go by and it was decided upon that the three students would be killed. Harry's council go to their cell. Severus steps forward.

"You three have been sentenced to death. Your families will be told that you were attacked in the Forbidden Forest and died from those injures."

Draco and Severus both cast spells on each prisoner and the council watches as they writhe and scream in pain. Blood starts to seep from wounds being inflicted upon their bodies. They slowly bleed to death.

Their bodies are clothed and they are taken to the Hospital Wing. Their families are called in and given their bodies.

Later that night Harry wakes to hear a familiar voice humming and a soothing hand running through his hair. He opens his eyes to see a corpreal ghost like form of his mother laying and holding him.

"Mum, but how?" He stutters as he hugs her tighter.

flashback --------------------

Harry is writhing and arching in pain, lost in memories of being abused by the Dursleys. He cries out.

"Mama, pwease mama. Harry sowwy. Pwease, Harry be good, just make stop. Pwease Mama I need you. Mama! Mama!"

He keeps calling for his mother when suddenly she appears beside him. She crawls into his bed and picks him up as if he was a small child and not almost an adult. She cradles him close and whispers soothingly into his ear as she rubs his back. He starts to calm and snuggles into her embrace.

Poppy rushes into the room because he has suddenly gone quiet and gasps when she sees Lily.

end flashback --------------------

"You called for me. I fought the Gods tooth and nail to be able to come to you. I would do anything for you my darling son." She finishes with silver tears sliding down her cheeks. Harry sniffles.

"I love you so much, mum." Laughter is heard from the doorway and Harry turns to see Severus, Sirius, Remus, Minerva, Albus, and Poppy standing just inside the room. Harry blushes and snuggles deeper into his mother's embrace, glad to now have a memory of it. She smiles down at him sadly.

"It's time for me to go, but never forget your father and I am always with you in here." She places her hand on his heart. She starts to disappear and they both cry. Severus hugs him afterwards until his stomach growls. Harry blushes and Poppy leaves to get him something to eat. Harry hides his face in Severus shoulder while the others laugh.

"What day is it?" Harry asks.

"It's Christmas Eve." Sirius replies. Harry struggles to get out of bed.

"I haven't finished my Christmas shopping. I still have a few gifts I have to get. I had some that were to be delivered yesterday. Did they arrive?"

"Yes, the packages arrived yesterday." Harry looks at Remus in panic, so he hurries to reassure him. "The packages weren't opened. The shop owners heard about Lorgin Krue's accident and since they were under that name they enclosed a letter stating they were yours and that they had no problem getting what you wanted."

Harry looks relieved and nods his head. Poppy returns and sits a tray on Harry's lap.

"I expect all of that to be eaten when I return to check you out. If your fine I'll let you leave."

Harry nod and digs into the food with gusto. Before she can even leave the room he's almost halfway done. The four men start to laugh and she turns to see he's almost finished. She snorts and walks back to the bed and runs her wand over his body. She can find nothing wrong and tells him he can leave just to take it easy.

Severus picks him up and strides from the room. Albus laughs as Sirius and Remus run to catch up. He holds his arm out for Minerva and they leave for his office.

Severus arrives at Founders rooms a few minutes later. The occupants of the painting all talk over each other trying to find out how Harry is. It takes a few minutes but they are finally let into the room. All talking stops as they see who has walked in and whom he is carrying. The girls look about to jump up but stop at the last minute since they don't know how Snape would react to be jumped upon. Severus walks towards one of the love seats when there is a screeching sound and he and Harry are piled under six animals. Each familiar trying to reassure themselves that Harry is fine. Severus struggles under all the weight until he manoeurves them to the love seat and allows the cub, Darcorn, and snake onto the couch.

Sirius and Remus arrive just as the familiars catapult upon the two wizards and laugh. They both transform and join the fray. While Severus goes to sit on the couch Sirius calls for Dobby and Winky and winks at them. They return a few minutes later with a huge Christmas tree decorated in the each Founder's colors. The tree is placed in the centre of the room and the wrapped gifts are placed underneath. Harry tugs lightly on Severus sleeve and motions for him to take himinto his bedroom. Severus nods.

He picks Harry up and carries him into the bedroom and sits him on the bed when motioned to sit him there. Severus looks around and notices the painting and walks to talk the occupants. Harry calls the gifts to him and shuts the curtains around his bed. He wraps each person's gift in the color of their Founder. He conjures some pebbles and transfigures them into some small gifts and wraps them also. He opens the curtains and calls for Dobby.

"How can Dobby help kind master?"

"Will you put these gifts under the tree for me?"

Dobby nods and Harry thanks him. He looks to see Severus watching him. He waves Severus over and he sits on the edge of the bed opposite Harry. Harry pats the space beside him and Severus pulls off his shoes and crawls onto the bed and lies down. He pulls Harry close and listens as Harry sighs then his breathing evens out and falls asleep. Severus starts to pull away to get out of bed but Harry whimpers and grabs tighter onto Severus shirt. Severus sighs and settles. He falls asleep a few minutes later. The occupants of the portrait sigh and smile.

Neither wake untll the next morning. Severus is the first to wake up and he just stares at the man laying beside him, his age would make you think he was a boy, but Severus knows that with everything he has went through that Harry is a man. He is so lost in his thoughts he nevers notices the green eyes open and look at hime sleepily. Harry reaches up and caresses Severus cheek. Severus starts then leans down to kiss Harry. They lay in each others arms a few more minutes before going into the common room to exchange gifts with the others.

The others greet the two cheerfully and make their way into the kitchen to see the two small house elves have outdone their selves. Harry motions for them to sit and join them for breakfast. The have an enjoyable breakfast but the three adults can see the excitment on the teens face about getting presents. They are all glad to see Harry just as excited as the others. They make their way back to the common room where Harry ushers his familiars into the room. Harry picks up a few presents and they all disappear with a pop. Everyone looks at him and he explains.

"I got gifts for each teacher and just sent them to them. I even got something for Filch and Mrs. Norris."

The others laugh and decide to open all the gifts from one person at a time. Ginny is first. (i'm going to list what each person gets from the person)

Draco - silver snake necklace with brown eyes

Hermione - new desk set

Blaise - the new Quiditich book

Ron - the same as Blaise

Luna - a book on rarely seen animals

Sirius & Remus - matching bathrobes

Harry - mats and seat covers (for his suv)

Severus - new cauldron with a few ingredients

Dobby - ties and socks

Winky - apron, balls of yarn, and pink dress.

Luna's gifts are next.

Draco - book on dragons

Ginny - small statue of dragon that moves (like the Second Task GOF)

Hermione - book on Wizard Customs

Blaise - broom kit

Ron - Quidititch ball set and Quiditich pads

Sirius - Grey robes

Remus - Amber robes

Harry - care of kits for each of his familiars ( cleaning kits)

Severus - desk set

Dobby - socks and hats

Winky - yellow dress with straw hat

Gift from Hermione

Draco - Potions Journal

Ginny - desk set

Blaise - Sapphire earrings

Ron - book on Famous Quiditich players

Luna - a camera that will take pictures of things even if they are invisible

Sirius - pyjama and slippers in amber

Remus - pyjamas and slippers in grey

Harry - studded collars and bracelets

Severus - new scales

Dobby - shoes and socks

Winky - apron, blue dress with matching shoes

Gifts from Blaise

Draco - hair products

Ginny - jewellery box with a variety of butterflies for her hair

Hermione - Sapphire earrings

Ron - broom kit

Luna - same as Ginny only dragonflies

Sirius - Weasley pranks

Remus - Weasley pranks

Severus - new pewter cauldron

Harry - small foe glass on necklace

Dobby - socks and shorts

Winky - pale blue dress and apron

Gifts from Ron

Draco - subscription to potion magazine

Ginny - silver winter cloak

Blaise - subscription to quiditich magazine

Luna - sapphire necklace, earring and bracelet set

Hermione - updating Hogwarts a History

Sirius - subscription to quiditich magazine

Remus - subscription to new spells magazine

Harry - plants for his room

Severus - new protective apron for potions

Dobby - gloves and hats

Winky - cooking utensils

Gifts from Sirius & Remus

Draco - green and silver dress robes

Hermione - blue and bronze dress robes

Ginny - silver and green dress robes

Blaise - bronze and blue dress robes

Ron - pale yellow and black dress robes

Luna - black and pale yellow dress robes

Sirius - red and gold dress robes

Remus - gold and red dress robes

Harry - a new stereo system for his car

Severus - black trimmed in gold,bronze, black, and silver dress robes ( I did this because Harry has black dress robes with red, blue, green, and yellow trim)

Dobby - pants and shirts

Winky - dresses

The dress robes for the guys are like a muggle tux except instead of a jacket they have a robe. The pants, waistcoat(vest) and tie are one color while the shirt,robe, and dress shoes are another. An example, Draco the shirt and robe are green while the pants, tie and waistcoat are silver. The dress robes for the ladies are an elagent dress that falls to their ankles with a slit on both sides to their knees with shoes and robe. The dress is one color while the heels and robe are another. An example, Ginny her dress is green while the heels and robes are silver. Each couple will have matching outfits for ceremonies.

Gifts from Severus

Draco - potions masters kit

Ginny - book on Charms

Blaise - book on Transfiguration

Hermione - book on Magical laws concerning Magical Creature

Ron - book on Quiditich plays

Luna - Journal

Sirius - flea shampoo and box of Honyduke's finest dark chocolate

Remus - flea shampoo and book on Defense spells

Harry - platinum necklace shaped as a phoenix in flight (belonged to his mother) and a lily to decorate his room

Dobby - hats, ties, socks, and shorts

Winky - shirts and skirts

Gifts from Harry

Harry buys each person a piece of jewellery, makes them a piece of jewellery, a potion, and one other gift. The gifts will be listed in this order bought, made and the final. The gift he bought will be a portkey that will bring them back to this common room.

Draco - armband of snake and fox facing each other and between their mouths is a emerald. A silver ring to be given to Ginny when the bond, and a small white kitten

Ginny - bracelet like Dracos armband, silver ring to be given to Draco when they bond and a small orange kitten

Blaise - bracelet of mountain lion and panther facing each other holding a sapphire between their mouths, bronze ring to be given to Mione when they bond, and a small black kitten

Hermione - bracelet like Blaise, bronze ring to be given to Blaise when they bond, and a small brown kitten

Ron - Armband of Lion and Lioness facing each other with a topaz in their mouths, a gold ring to be given to Luna when they bond, and a small brown kitten

Luna - bracelet that is like Ron's armband, a gold ring to be given to Ron when they bond, and a small brown kitten

Sirius - armband of Grim and Wolf facing each other their mouths hold a ruby, a gold ring to be given to Remus when they bond and a small tawny wolf

Remus - armband like Sirius', gold ring to be given to Sirius when they bond, and a small black puppy

Severus - armband of phoenix and basilisk facing each other with an opal in their mouths, a platinum band to be given to Harry when they bond and a small runespoor

Dobby & WInky - books on sewing, cooking, knitting, and crotching

Familiars - a bowl that never empties of fresh cool water and a bowl that will fill with their favourite food

Harry explains about the gifts.

"The first piece of jewellery is a portkey and will bring you back here when you say home. The ring I made. When you bond you will give each other the ring I made. They will enable you to talk telepathically with each other. The pet is your familiar. The kittens aren't actually kittens, they are miniatures. Draco's is a miniature white tiger. Ginny's is a miniature Bengal (orange) tiger. Blaise's is a miniature panther. Hermione's is a miniature Puma (mountain lion). Ron's is a miniature male lion. Luna's is a miniature lioness. They will never get any bigger than a large house cat, but they are just as dangerous as their larger version."

The others look at him in awe. He continues to explain the gifts.

"Sirius and Remus' familiars, and that is what all of your animals are, will get no bigger than a toy dog. Severus' snake will grow to full size. She has already agreed not to eat her eggs and to let you have them. The familiars will bond with you later." Harry fails to mention that it will be after each person receives immortality from him. He hands each person their potion.

"The potion will show what your animagus form or forms are."

Draco goes first. A shadow forms behind him and changes into a King Cobra then changes into a tiger. Ginny goes next and her shadow changes into a red fox then into a tiger. Ron's changes into a lion then into a raven. Luna's changes into a lioness then into a squirrel. Hermione's changes into a Puma then into a owl. Blaise's shadow changes into a panther then into a robin. Sirius' shadow changes into a Grim like dog then into wolf. Remus' shadow changes into a wolf then into a Black Labrador. Severus' shadow changes into a Basilisk, then into a small dragon, and then into a griffin. Everyone is shocked to find that they have two forms and in the case of Severus three. Harry laughs at their faces. Sirius and Remus immediately close their eyes and focus into their other form. A few minutes later a wolf and lab are sitting in their places.

The teens are anxious to learn and Harry tells them each how to access their animals quickly and merge with the animal the first time to change. He explains that each time after that they will only have to picture the form they want to change into and they will change. A few minutes later the only people in the room not transformed are Harry and Severus. Harry giggles and watches as they others transform back and waits to see if they notice anything.

"Harry whose gifts are those?" Ron asks. Harry smiles and hands each person one more package. They open the boxes and gasp when they see what is inside. They pull the items out of their boxes.

Draco - Green Viper

Ginny - Green Mustang

Hermione - Blue BMW

Blaise - Blue BMW

Ron - Yellow - 57' Chevy

Luna - Yellow 66' Corvette

Sirius - Red Lamborgini

Remus - Red Mercedes

Severus - Black Escalade

Dobby - Power Wheel Escalade

Winky - Power Wheel Mustang

Everyone is thrilled with their gifts from each other and open the rest of their gifts. Everyone gets the usual Weasley sweater but now they are made with cashmere instead of wool. Gred and Forge send candy to everyone but Harry and they send him a big sampler of their products new and old. Albus sends them all a bag of lemon drops. Soon everyone is gathering their things to put them away when Harry explains how to unshrink the vehicles.

"You have to tap the car with your wand then say your name. The same goes to shrink it. It has been set up to only work for you or your mate." He floats his things to his room and motions for Severus to follow him.

Harry waves his wand and his gifts go to their appropriate places. Severus looks at him awe struck. Harry snickers. "I have something to show you."

Severus follows Harry into the library and his jaw drops. Harry explains the library to him and shows him the potions lab. To say Severus is shocked and pleased is an understatement. He runs around the room like a kid in a candy store.

"All of the ingredients have preservation charms and replenishing charms on them. So we can make potions to our hearts content." Severus looks at him like Christmas has just come again. Harry giggle and leads Severus from the room and towards his bed. They lay on the bed and Harry shuts the curtains.

"Shouldn't we put up a silencing charm?" Severus asks.

"Nope, I've set it up so that when the curtains close sounds can be heard from outside but not from in here."

Severus pulls Harry close and starts to kiss him. Slowly they lose their clothes and naked skin is kissed and stroked. Soon they lie completely naked, kissing and stoking each other to completion. They lay next to each other and fall into a light doze.


The rest of Christmas break rushes by and soon it's time for the students to return to classes, so everyone is enjoying a nice relaxing dinner. Suddenly the doors to the Great Hall burst open and reporters rush in. They look around when they spot Harry and Severus sitting together they rush over. Questions are shouted out, but Harry only hears one, "Why should Severus Snape, a known Death Eater, be believed to be your mate?" The hall goes quiet and everyone looks at Rita Skeeter. Harry stands so quickly his chair hits the floor and his cream colored hair starts to move as if in the wind. He stalks toward the unworried woman.

"Who are you to say who can or cannot be my mate?" He whispers in a deadly calm voice.

"Well, we all know that he is a known Death Eater. What is this we hear about your true mate being one of the three students found in the forest at the start of Christmas break, maybe Snape had something to do with their deaths. I think the aurors should be called in and they should take him away." She smiles with a sick smirk.

The room darkens and the wind picks up around Harry.

"I'm telling you now, Severus Snape is my true mate and if anything should happen to him because of you, I will hunt you down and make you wish you had never been born."

Skeeter smirks and raises her quill, suddenly four aurors walk in and towards Severus. Harry's anger rises and he stands in front of Severus. The aurors raise their wands when suddenly the people closet are blocked from view when Harry's wings sprout out and open to shield Severus. The room gasps and the reporters quickly write down everything said. Dumbledore is shocked to see that Harry has wings of white tipped in gold and red. He now realizes what Harry refused to say. Dumbledore rushes forward and talks to the aurors quickly and defuses the situation. Skeeter is taken into custody and Severus puts his arms around Harry to try and calm him. Slowly but surely his wings fold back down and return to being invisible. He stumbles and Severus picks him up just as Sueilla enters and they disappear in a flash of white flames.

The room is left in chaos.


Cupido Complexo roughly translates to passion embrace

Verus Amor Queisco roughly tranlsates to true love sleep

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