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Chapter 1. Rebellious subjects, enemies to peace.

It was an early Friday morning, in Domino High. Birds were chirping, classmates were chatting, Moneybags were typing on his laptop.

Oh, how that clicking sound annoyed Jono.

"'Ey, Moneybags?"

Seto chose to ignore him, and continue with whatever he was typing.

"Ey, I'm talking to ya!"

"Oh?" Seto looked up from his laptop, and glared with a smug grin at the blonde mutt and his friends that were sitting in the front of the square shaped classroom. "I wasn't aware that dogs could talk."

Jono stood up from his chair, and glared back at Seto, with eyes the same colour as deep-brown honey, as an autumn leave, a short promise of the coming cold winter.

"Shut the hell up, won't ya? No-one wants to hear yer goddamn insults!"

"It's wasn't an insult. It was a completely truthful statement."

Oh, that's it. He's just begging to get his arse kicked.

Jono ran towards Seto with his fist clenched tight. Or well, he tried to run. Yugi, the little guy with big eyes in a bright colour just like the ones the first violets of spring possessed, hold him back. He succeeded in doing so much thanks to Yami, his Egyptian counterpart, who had the additional strength to actually manage to hold back Jono. If Yugi had tried of doing so without having Yami inside of him, he would pretty much fail and fall down to the ground head first, and hurt himself no doubt.

And thus. Jono could not kick Seto's arse.

Which were good, since their young female teacher entered only seconds after their nice little chat. If she had caught them fighting, they would be sent up to the principals office, and probably get detention.

"Sit down class. I have some announcements to make." She said with her high-pitched voice, and stood behind her brown wooden desk, crammed with various things such as pencils, books, tests and pop quizzes.

Yugi, as the good guy he was, sat down immediately, not wanting to risk anything. Seto put away his laptop in the shiny silver briefcase he always carried around and Jono glared at Seto for a few seconds before he too sat down, sighing deeply.

"Well then…it has been decided that our class will be getting the privilege to put up Romeo and Juliet this year."

That was a tradition the school had been having for quite a while now; one class every year would put up an altered version of Romeo and Juliet, like a musical or a story in the future (combine both of them, and you get last years fiasco.).

"Ooh, how fun!" Anzu happily whispered to the gang. Yugi nodded with a cheerful smile.

"Yeah, it'll be great!"

The teacher continued talking, over the students happy whispers of different ideas that they wanted to use;

"And of course, we need to think out of something spectacular, that no classes have done before! Any suggestions?"

"We can adapt it to our time!"

"No, that has already been done…"

"How about a love story on Mars?"

"Oh, oh, oh! We can like, turn it to a fantasy story, with like, an elf Romeo!"

"Yes, yes, those are all good suggestions…" The teacher said, clearly lying, as she didn't think 'love story on Mars' would be a ticket-seller. Which was the only thing she was actually caring about; It's all about the money. "Does anyone have any more suggestions?"

Anzu raised her left hand.

"How about we do it like they did back at Shakespeare's time, with all male actors?"

The teacher nodded slowly in agreement.

"That's quite an interesting idea. No other classes have done that before…"

"Well, let's do it then!"

"It'll be so fun to see a guy in a dress!"

"Yeah, totally!"

Needless to say, all those voices belonged to girls. Pretty much all guys were just staring at them with horror and pure fear shining in their wide eyes. Well, except for Seto then. He was just looking out the window at nothing in particular, as he did not find any interest in what the teacher was speaking about.

"Well then; let's vote. How many wants to play the play the Shakespearian way?" The teacher asked, and watched in amusement as almost all the girls hands shot up in the air. And since there were more girls than boys in the class, the 'yes-sayers' were dominating, leaving some quite frustrated boys.

"Then it's settled! We shall do an all male version of 'Rome and Juliet'!"

"But-" Jono started but was quickly cut off by the teacher.

"No butts! We voted, it was a fair win. Now we just need a cast…any volunteers for Romeo?"

No hands raised, no voices spoken. Probably because no-one wanted to say sweet words of romantic love to a guy in dress. And a frilly dress, at that.

"Let Seto be Romeo!" A voice clearly belonging to a girl was heard in the back of the classroom.

Other agreeing shouts could be heard.

Seto was, as always, quiet.

Perhaps he didn't listen.

Or he was, and was currently trying to figure out ways on how to secretly eliminate the person leaving the suggestion that he should be Romeo.

Seto had never before been in a play; when he was little and his class would put up one of those plays that parents just came to see because they had too, he would always make sure he weren't in it.

"That's an idea…" The teacher nodded, and once again, decided to let her students vote, without caring what the ones involved thought about the whole thing. "Allrighty then. Who wants Seto as Romeo?"

Once again, the girl's hands shot up in the air, only this time, it was all the girl's hands.

The teacher smiled widely, and sat down in her comfy black chair behind her desk.

"It's settled then; Shakespearian way, Seto's Romeo. Any volunteers for any other parts?"

Small giggles could be heard from girls, happily showing what they thought about their new Romeo.


Seto had half-heartedly listened when she had said his name, but when the teacher declared that he was going to play one of the leading parts, he opened his mouth to protest, saying what was on his mind, show her that he did not wish to take part in this play in any way.

But before he could protest, another voice could be heard; Jonos;

"I want to be in the play."

Seto turned his head a bit to get a better look at the mutt; he was staring at the teacher with a determined expression glowing in his eyes, or at least the part of them that wasn't covered of blonde tousled hair.


Jono sure as hell wouldn't let Moneybags get the shine to glow in the brilliant light of stardom. At least not alone; Jono too would be a part in the play, and show him what he was made off, to prove to Kaiba that he actually was a human being, with emotions that he could act out on a stage.

"Oh, wonderful Jounochi, just wonderful!" The teacher happily chirped, and looked at him with a smile. "We got ourselves a Juliet then."

"Yeah…uh, wha'?" The smile on his face turned into an expression of pure horror.

That was not what Jono had planned.

Not at all.


No fucking way that they would make him wear a girls dress and say 'I love you' to Kaiba.

An ice-cubes chance in hell he would.

"Why, you will be Juliet; Romeos secret lover, his true light during the dark, the woman anxiously awaiting his arrival every time she looks out from her balcony…" She said with a dreamy tone in her voice, and with eyes sparkling of emotions of that of romance that could only be achieved in a fairy tale.

"But…I don' wanna be Juliet…I wanna be Tybalt or somethin'.."

"Well, sucks for you then." The teacher shrugged her shoulders. "You look a bit feminine, so you'll fit perfectly as Juliet. Besides, you and Kaiba look so cute together."

"Fuck no!" Jono shouted that before he could control himself. And it was his honest response too; teacher made it sound like they were a couple or something, in a lovey-dovey relationship.

"Jounouchi!" The teacher said with an alarmed sound in her voice. "You do not say that to your teacher! Or anyone else, for that matter!" She banged her right ring-covered hand on her desk so hard that a few of her pencils feel down.

"Sorry…" Jono muttered, and looked down on his desk. Crap. He just had to go and get himself a detention, hadn't he?

The teacher sighed and shook her head.

"You really do need how to control your temper, Jounouchi…"

"Sorry teacher…do I get detention now?"

The teacher suddenly smiled, and looked directly towards Jono.

"Oh no, I have a much better idea….as punishment you must play the part of Juliet. Otherwise, I'll make sure that you will have detention for the everyday of the upcoming two months."

"But….s'not fair!" Jono desperately whined.

"Yes it is. And you must get rid of that horrid accent when you're going to be Juliet; we really can't have a pretty girl such as yourself using that kind of pronunciation, now can we?"

Jono sighed once again, and muttered something inaudible under his angry breath.


Suddenly, it was very tempting to be in the play.

Seto had watched as Jono had argued with the teacher, and was fairly amused by the pups little outburst.

It was always a delight to watch him get in trouble.

Apparently, the mutt was going to be Juliet. Now, wouldn't it be interesting to watch him mumble out his lines, blush as he did everything wrong, see him get all pissed off because of the dress?

Seto smiled.

Surely, it couldn't be all that hard to be in a play. All you had to do was to say some sentences and waltz around on a stage.

"Anyway…" The teacher said, and tried to bring back some attention from Jono to herself. "Kaiba and Jounochi can pick up their scripts before they leave the classroom. Now, does anybody else want to be in the play? Unless someone doesn't offer to be in it, I will just simply choose whoever I find most fitting for that certain part."

She continued on choosing different persons for different parts. Yugi would be Mercutio, Honda Tybalt, Ryuji Lady Capulet and Ryou would be the nurse. A role quite fitting for him, seeing as he was both feminine and very caring about his friends. A true nurse attitude.

And right after she had finished her little ensemble, the ball ring, signalling that the first lesson was finished. Well, it was more like a class assembly than a lesson, that made sure that everyone in the class was present and that they would be given whatever kind of information the school had.

Everyone stood up and prepared to go, except for Seto and Jono, who quietly sat down on their wood and steel chairs.

"See you later Jou!" Yugi said, and waved as he walked out of the classroom. Jono sluggishly waved back.

"Right then…Here they are." The teacher said, and picked up two shining white booklets and handed one each to both of them. "I want you to try and make a great play this year, a real blockbuster. Okay?"

"All right" Jono said, and grabbed his script which he quickly ran his eyes through. "Wha' the….I'm with Kaiba in almost every friggin´ scene!"

"Well, it is a love story, after all." She shrugged her shoulders. "Then it's natural that the lovers are with each other."

Jono cringed at her last sentenced.

"I want you both to be practising the play during the week-end, with each other."

"But, teacher! I dun wanna be anywhere near tha´ scumbag!"

"Watch your language Jounouchi!" The teacher snapped at him. "You will be in the play, you will do it together with Kaiba and you will do it well! I will not tolerate any mistakes from your side, so you better get off your lazy arse and start working with Kaiba this weekend!"

"Jeez, okay, okay, just calm down, won´ya?" Jono said in a defensive way, and put his hands up in front of him. "All right, I'll be in your stupid play, but I ain´t going to like it!"

The teacher sighed.

"I don't care whether you'll like it or not, just put up a good performance. Now, go on to your next lesson." She shoo-ed them out of the classroom, and closed the door after they hade left.

What on earth had she been thinking when she chose those two to play the leading roles?