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Chapter 3. And breathed such life with kisses in my lips

Fuck. Fuckfuckfuckfuck.

Jono didn't think much more than that when he was running home.

He had said far too much about his life, and screwed up everything with only one sentence…Stupid Kaiba for making him say those things…

Jono had kept his family life a secret for years, and he wanted it to remain that way. And he most certainly didn't want rich boy to found out, the greedy scumbag he are….he'd prolly just blackmail Jono for money, or something like that.

It didn't take Jono long to run all the way home, cursing Kaiba under his breath, and then into his own room, where he slopped down on his bed, crying slow tears onto his dampened white pillow.


It was Monday. The week-end had passed quickly, without Seto and Jono practising again.

They started once again with the teacher they had had on Friday, when she chose the parts for them. Since she was their form master they had her in many lessons, including all their morning ones.

"Good morning, class!" She greeted them as she entered the full classroom.

The class greeted her the same way.

"So, I hope everyone have had a good week-end, and been practising their parts!"

The boys grumbled.

Yugi, who was sitting in his regular seat next to Jono in the front of the classroom, whispered to the gang;

"Perhaps we can all hook up later today and read together?"

"Yeah, that'll be fun!" Ryou replied, and smiled.

"Okay with me" Jono shrugged. His shiner had almost faded away completely during the week-end, and he covered the small rest that was left with some make-up he had found in a small toilet bag in his house. Unless you looked closely, one wouldn't know he had a black eye.

"Right, then it's settled! We can go to my place after school, alright?" Yugi said.

The rest of the gang nodded in agreement, except for Anzu, who had to stay in school for a meeting with all the persons who wasn't in the play.

The teacher, who hadn't heard them, continued talking on about school, which homework's they would have, on how pretty the weather was this season.

The time quickly past, and before the gang knew it, the 'lesson' –or whatever you could call these class meetings- was over.

"Kaiba and Jounouchi, I want you to stay." The teacher said, while all the other students ran off to go to their lessons.

Jono groaned in his own mind (if he had done it loudly, then the teacher would most definitely become angry with him and give him detention or the likes of that) as he had a feeling that whatever she was going to say, he wouldn't like it.

"So…have you kissed yet?" She said, smirking in a not quite teacher-y way.

"Have we…wha?" Jono said, or more like, shouted, and fixated his eyes on her in a staring way.

"Kissed. You know, putting your tongue in someone else's mouth…?"

"But whatthe…why woul' ya wanna know tha'?"

"It's quite fun to know interesting facts about your students. Besides, there are kissing scenes in Romeo and Juliet. And if you're going to make a good performance, you have to practise everything, so that it's close to perfection. A kiss is no exception." She tsk-ed them.

Seto sat quiet through their conversation, as he almost always did. He wasn't one who talked without reason, and he preferred to listen. If you listened carefully, you might get the information you wanted without having to speak.

"Yeah, right. Like I woul' ever kiss him…" Jono snorted under his breath.

"And who would kiss you out of their own free will? There aren't all too many people that are into bestiality with dogs, you know." Seto replied with a superior tone in his voice.

"Oh, shaddup, won't ya?" Jono angrily responded, and glared at Seto.

His glared didn't too much more than to bring a smirk upon Seto's face.

"Now, now boys, don't fight. We don't want you to get bruises and black eyes before the play, now, do we?" The teacher said, and tried to calm the fighting spirits of the two quarrelling boys. "As a punishment, you'll have to practice together tonight, and bury those hatchets of yours"

"Tonight? But….tonight, I'll be practisin' wit' my friends…" Jono complained. He really did not want to be practising with Kaiba, not when the gang was there. It was humiliating enough to just sit alone with Kaiba and practise saying his romantic lines practically dripping with love and devotion.

"So much better then" The teacher smiled, and ignored the terrified look in Jonos eyes. "The more the merrier, and now you get a chance to practise all together."

"But…I don' wanna…" Jono whined.

"Well, you have to. Unless you want detention of course. You're choice, really." She shrugged her shoulders.

Jono glared viciously into his desk. He really didn't want detention, so he might as well suck it up and endure practicing with Moneybags…

Seto was still quiet; he hadn't said anything except for the insult he gave to the pup. Of course, he wasn't all that fond of the idea of practicing with the mutt's friends, but he'd put up with it; might as well go on and play the play good, instead of practicing alone and having it turn out lousy.


"I hate you."

Jono glared at Seto, who were strolling along with him on their way to the game shop that Yugi and his grandfather owned.

Jono had talked to the gang during lunch in school, and there they decided that they would meet up at the game shop.

"Feelings mutual." Seto replied, briefcase in one hand, the other one in his right pocket together with his once wrinkle-free script. He had put it in his pocket last Saturday after Jono had left, and had forgotten to pick it out, so now it reminded a lot of how Jono's script looked like.

They didn't talk much on their way; both were just quietly strolling on the pavement.

It didn't take much time to get to the game shop, 15 minutes top.

Jono opened the glass door filled with various posters about different games, and stepped into the little shop. He closed the door after Seto had entered.

Yugi had told Jono during the lunch break that his grandpa had hired a new sales clerk, so that Yugi could really focus on his studies, and so that Sugoroku himself could relax a bit. She wouldn't be working for so long though, only a month or so.

But currently, she was staring at Kaiba with her huge eyes sparkling and the small pink mouth open.

"Oh…my…god! You're…you're Seto Kaiba!"

Seto merely stared down at the short girl with an eyebrow raised.

Jono stared at them both, before he sighed and made a hand gesture to the door behind the wooden counter where various decks of 'Magic & Wizards' were lying neatly in different boxes. Other board games could also be found, in packages varying in colour, from darkest blue to brightest yellow.

"Yug's waitin' fer me back there, can ya let me thru'?"

She averted her eyes from Seto for a moment, and narrowed them on Jono.

"And you would be…?" She flicked back her blonde hair with her right hand.

"Jounouchi Katsuya. Yugi Mutou's friend…?"

"He haven't told me anything about a friend coming over."

"Perhaps 'cause yer jus' a clerk?"

She snorted at him.

"Well, aren't we rude. I thought that guys were always nice to ladies."

Now Seto sighed; he had heard enough of this quarrel, plus, the girl's voice gave him a headache.

"Look, miss, I have absolutely no idea who you are, and I couldn't care less, but with that attitude, you sure as hell aren't a lady. Now, can you let us through?"

She stared at him with her big blue eyes wide open in chock.

"Well, I've never….by all means, go through. But don't blame me if Mr. Mutou gets pissed at you." She stepped away from the counter, and gave them both enough room to enter.

Seto and Jono walked in through the door, and when Jono walked besides the girl, he smirked at her.

She just hauled up a black mobile phone from her right jeans pocket, and clicked in a number.

They didn't get a chance to hear what she said before the door was closed.

Inside the door, something that reminded of a living room was located. Sugoroku was lying in a bright green couch that was in the centre of the room.

He had had his eyes closed before, but when Jono and Seto entered he had cracked them opened and turned his head so that he would get a good look on who had just entered.

"Oh, Jono? And Kaiba too, I see….Yugi's upstairs." He said, and pointed towards a staircase in the back of the room.

"Thanks" Jono said, and smiled towards the old man. Sugoroku nodded at him with a smile and then closed his eyes again.

Jono quickly walked up the stairs and Seto followed suit.

Yugi's room had a wooden oak door, which Jono opened after they had gotten up the stairs to the little apartment-thingy that the Mutous had above the shop.

Inside, Ryuuiji and Ryou was talking about their parts with each other while they were sitting on Yugis small bed with light blue sheets, Honda was lying on the floor beneath them with his head comfily supported by the bed and Yugi himself was sitting on a green chair.

He turned his head when he heard the door opened, and greeted them with a smile.

"Hey Jono, Kaiba! Take a seat!" He said and gestured towards the bed and the floor.

Seto walked over Honda's legs and sat down on the edge of the bed, next to Ryuuiji and Jono seated himself next to Honda on the floor, legs crossed.

He picked out his script and put it in front of him.

"So, everyone got the' scripts?" He said with his broad Brooklyn accent.

Everyone hauled up their scripts from whichever place they currently was located.

"So, where in the play will we start?" Ryou asked, flicking back his long white hair. "How about act 1, scene 3? Ryuuji, Jono and I are in that scene, so it'll be a good start I think."

"Sounds good to me" Yugi said and took up that part of the paly so that he could follow along the lines.

"Nah,I think we should take..." Ryuuji quickly flicked through the script, until he came to a certain page."..Act 1, scene 5.The kisses." He said, and really marked the pronunciation of the last word.

"The...kisses?" Jono spluttered out and turned his blonde head to stare at Ryuuji, who just grinned at him. "Ther'e more than one kiss?"

"Yeah. Two, actually." His grin became, if possible, even wider. "Actually, there prolly are hell of a lot more kisses than just two in the play."

Jono suddenly became very pale.

Seto, on the other hand, was quietly reading through his script.

"Well...?" Ryuuji impatiently said. "Are we going to see some action,or what...?"

"Fuck no!" Jono shouted. "Like I woul' ever kiss Moneybags!"

Seto mubmled something that sounded suspiciously a lot like 'detention, mutt, detention.".

Jono turned his head to glare at him, but didn't say anything to him. Instead, he decided to seek for some help from Yugi; Yugi always knew what to do.And if he didn't, Yami would.

"Yug...c'mon, help me! Ya dun wan' yer friend to be kissin' someone he doesn't wanna kiss, do ya?"

"Well, uh...maybe you can...fake a kiss?"

"'Fake a kiss'? How the fuck do ya 'fake a kiss'?" Jono wondered, now glaring at his short friend. Seriously, how did you fake a kiss? If you did, then it wouldn't be a kiss. It would be...something else. But not a kiss. Nuh-uh. And someone probably would notice if two people who were supposed to kiss didn't, and faked it instead. And then it would cause a riot, which would make everyone sad and angry and then they would lynch the two fake-kissers and then they would never live to see another day and never become whatever it was that they wanted to become and that would make Jono very,very sad and very, very depressed.

"That's easy." Ryuuji said and stood up from the bed, pulling up Jono from the floor. "Watch."

He put one hand on the back of Jonos head and the other on his cheek and then pulled him into something that looked like a deep kiss.