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Digital War:

Campaign I


The walls of the mass ahead loomed ominously form where I stood. The landing craft that had brought me from the marine city had been rocking steadily for the last hour and I was experiencing the first hints of seasickness. My companions had already given up the fight and were presently leaning over the edge of the boat.

Being part of the Medical Corps, I knew it was a severe case. But soon we'd hit land and be blowing the bits out of the Enemy's army and liberating their concentration camps.

That was the real purpose of this mission, my first. To free captives who wouldn't give in to the Enemy's demands. I knew most of them would probably be dead of their wounds, but those who I could help, I would.

I was young then, only six years. The lower limits of those who were allowed to join were virtually nonexistent. As long as you could talk, read and write, you were in. I fit in that category perfectly, even though I had a slight speech impediment.

There was one advantage that I did have over the others. I was stronger and relatively faster then them. During basic I had evolved to Greymon. The thought crossed my mind for a fleeting second, and then I turned my attention to the task at hand.

Fight for all your worth, I told myself, then get to the south wall and wait for orders. We were storming the camp, and then it was my job to start treating the wounded and deformed…

That puzzled me. How did Millenniumon do it? How could he do it? He caused deformities and brought on diseases that took decades or more to set in. Then it hit me. What if the dark spirit was here? He had an unknown level; he and his counterpart Apocalymon were second only to the Enemy himself. I shuttered.

Then, from somewhere, someone started shouting. "Clear," he called out, and the ramp at the head of the craft dropped. I snapped to it, realizing what was going on. It was time.

My mind raced and I jumped. The water chilled me as I went under. When I broke the surface again, the Enemy was already sending waves of different attacks. One for each element, no one was being spared.

I raced up the beach, pushing against my own worst fears. A ChaosSeedramon guarded one of the scattered battlements. He had two advantages over me, Level and element.

He shot a lightning bolt at me. I had second thoughts about his elemental status. Then it hit me, somehow the charge had been amplified. Damn things a mind user! Thank the Creator for basic training.

"Nova Blast!" My attack rang out. Though only the two of us noticed. The fire ball collided with him and he disintegrated. Again, my mind raced. No time, get to the wall!

I continued pushing through the lines toward the rendezvous point, taking out and deleting as much of the enemy as I could. Finally I reached the south wall. The others were there too, we all were panting and out of breath.

I looked back on the open stretch of land, our landing ships were still coming in and the marine based units were heavy and general with their supporting artillery. Digimon attacks were effective, but only with proper range; the infantry and the Medical Corps were the only troops specifically trained for combat of such a type.

"Sergeant." My head snapped up, hearing my rank.

"Yes, sir," I said, still slightly preoccupied.

"You'll be taking your men to the northern entrance," the commander said. "Move along the base of the wall to the east. Captain Miles will be escorting you through the base. Expect little to no resistance."

Captain Miles. He was the direct type of person. None of us liked sneaking around, but him most of all. He was a BlackGreymon, a virus attribute, which accounted for his toward sneakiness and his surliness. I'd known him since before I joined. He'd gone first, and then I came later.

"Sergeant," again my mind clicked.

"Yes, sir," I said again.

"Fix up as many as you can inside." I nodded. Captain Miles had already left for the northern entrance. I followed shortly after, in turn followed by my company.

We moved along the base of the wall, encountering only a few of the enemy. Most of the warring was farther down to the ocean, most of which was calm.

It was a rather disconcerting sight, seeing troops dissolving in mid stride. The shouting was horrendous, entire companies were pinned down and destroyed. Still there was nothing anyone could do until the camp was taken.

The north face of the wall was less than what I expected, less than twenty feet in height and only ten feet wide. We blasted through the gates, following Capt. Miles' lead, and jumped right into the enemy's waiting arms.

"TRAP!" Capt. Miles shouted orders to his subordinates. "Sergeant! Get inside and do your job! We'll be along shortly!"

I barely heard his order, but caught the gist of it and headed inside. We pushed through the inner gates, no resistance at all. Apparently Millenniumon hadn't expected us to get this far.

Logically, there would have been more troops anyway, to at least detour us momentarily. Then it struck me, the Enemy knew he was losing. He had abandoned the unnecessary bases and camps to call his army back to Anshar.

The corridor was dark; someone had cut the power early. We, the rest of my company and I, moved quickly. I had been given a map of the facility and currently found myself using it with remarkable efficiency.

We turned a corner. One last obstacle before I could get to work stood in our way. The door was barred with a meter thick steel-digiziod beam. This was it, with out a doubt. We lifted the heavy plate from the door and went through.

We were told that it would be gruesome and gory, but nothing, not even the photographs we were shown, could compare to what we saw. Then, like a punch in the face, the odor hit us. The smellsof rotting, decaying flesh on living Digimon.

"Alright," I said. "Lets get to work." Like any other officer, enlisted or otherwise, I was adept at giving orders. The only difference was that instead of blowing up people, we were saving them, or trying too at least.

The battle outside raged on, with no signs of letting up any time soon. Attacks pounded on the outer wall of theprotective fortress. Most of those inside, however, scarcely took notice. Their minds were already occupied by the unbearable pain they were doubtlessly feeling.

Many of them were rotting from the outside. More of them were deformities of different forms. Still others were trapped by a series of endless hallucinations and nightmares. Those were the ones we couldn't do anything for; you couldn't even get close enough to end it for them…

Three Hours Later…

The fight had been a quick one, less casualties than we would have expected. Those inside that were still inside the camp had been given food and water, something they readily accepted. Tents were going up outside to give a more sterile environment than the camp itself.

I moved about the main dormitory. It was again calm, something not usually seen in Ea. At present, I was moving around, giving as much help as I could to as many people needed it. Needless to say, but I was certainly busy. At present, I was traversing, aiding as many persons as needed my assistance.

"Hello," I said soothingly to a rather hideous Agumon. He had been deformed and legless for the past day. He waved meekly. "Anything I can do for you?"

"I could use something to eat," he whispered.

"I'll see what I can do," I replied. "Maybe an extra ration of painkillers, too." I had a weak point there. I don't like seeing anything in pain.

"Thank you." His eyes were bloodshot, something was worrying him.

"Is there anything else?" Eye contact; something was definitely wrong. "Anything you're worried about?"

He nodded, I was right. "My friend," he looked around, "Millenniumon took him for an experiment just a week ago."

"Do you know what kind of Digimon he is?"

"No," he admitted.

I sighed. There's nothing worse than trying to find someone who you have absolutely no idea what he looks like. "Alright," I replied. "If I find anything on your friend, you'll be the first to know."

He smiled. It was something that I hadn't seen since I joined the Med. Corp. I smiled back. I hadn't expected it, let alone from one of the prisoners.

I walked away, dodging trays of needles and other members of the corps, and out the door. It was nine in the morning; I had time to do this before the afternoon briefing.

It was then that I saw it, a huge iron door sealed by a yet another iron beam. There was a small window, presumably for observation, fogged and tinted red. I stood at my full height, and looked through the, thankfully, thin layer of mist.

The room was bare and made of brick. Maybe a gas chamber, was my first thought.

BANG! Something hit the door and I jumped back. I peeked through the small porthole once more. Something inside was alive, and moving. Quite to my surprise it seemed to be in fair health and still roughly normal.

So it wasn't a gas chamber. Maybe it's some kind of lab. I slid the locking beam out of its socket. It clanked on the floor noisily, echoing off the narrow walls. The door fell open, saturating the air around me with a putrid scent of decay.

This was definitely a gas chamber…

I looked inside. "Hello," I said. No one answered. "I know there's someone in here." Still, all I received was silence. "I'm here to help. I'm with the Medical Corp."

I heard rustling in the back corner of the room. "You can't help…" I knew it! He answered in a torn voice, but he was still alive. "Go away."

"Come on into the light," I said. "You don't know that we can't treat you."

"I'm sure."

The stench was starting to get to me. I said, "I'm a doctor. Let me see if I can do something—anything." He was getting angry now. He growled at me, then threw a stone at me. I caught it in mid throw. The rock was bloodstained… "Are you in pain?"


"I can give you some painkillers if you come out."

I heard some shuffling in the corner. "I don't think that you can…"

"Dull the pain?" I took a few steps closer to him. (Sometimes a pushy doctor can be a good thing). "I'd like to try and… Dear Creator, help me!"

At that moment I caught me first glimpse of him. I was certainly wrong about him being roughly unharmed. When I caught that bloody rock I thought he had been whipped. It was a decent hypothesis, but that was all.

He was inside-out. His body was a bloody mess of flesh and bone, all on the outside where it shouldn't be, and he was still alive! Most of the flesh was infected and showed itself in bulging masses of puss (which accounted for the stench). I couldn't tell what kind of Digimon he was originally.

"Come here," I said as calm as I could. "I have a dose of morphine in my bag." He came, reluctantly, to me. My claws trembled in the darkness of his cell.

He groaned as the needle went into his raw flesh, then he sighed as the morphine started circulating. Then I noticed his leg, it was broken.

I said, "We can splint that leg if you come with me."

"Never bothered me before," he said.

"Maybe, but we'll get that fixed up anyway," I replied calmly. "We'll start trying to reverse the situation right away if you'll come." I moved closer and took his arm. Together, we started out of the cell.

As soon as we hit sunlight, he winced and shielded his eyes. I guess he hadn't seen actual sunlight in a few days, at least (likely more than that). I moved him out, the dust didn't seem to be irritating his wounds, but I knew better than that. He'd learnt to hide his pain early in his coming to this awful place.

We soon came to the outside of the complex, where the tents were set about. Almost immediately, we were spotted coming out. We were crowded by other doctors and their nurses asking questions on who (or what) he was, where I found him, and how I could stand being around him for more than five seconds.

We led him to a tent at the head of the camp. It was a small, squarish tent made exclusively for smaller Digimon (of which I was certainly not). The nameless Digimon was laid out on the nearest table from what I could see.

"Well," one of the doctors said, "You're in quite a pickle, aren't you?"

"You might say that."

He was being crowded, that much was obvious. Though, somehow, everyone but me was completely oblivious to his body language. "Excuse me," I said. "Perhaps we should let him rest. As near as I can tell, you're bugging him."

They glared at me for a brief moment. Then they left, except for a few technicians that were hooking up instruments to his vitals.

"Thanks," he said dimly.

"Don't mention it," I replied. "I just have one question, if you don't mind." He nodded his head weakly. "There was an Agumon that was looking for someone. He was quite deformed, and I was wondering if you might know him?"


Jackpot! Then I noticed the time, the morning was almost over. This entire affair had cost me nearly three hours of my time. Briefing was in just a few minutes, I'd have to wait to find that Agumon.

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