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Digital War:

Campaign I:


I was not looking forward to facing the Light Guardian. After my recent escapade in Ea, he was going to be thoroughly angry with me. But hey, I took first place and met a couple of people. Heh, the one thought I was hansom…

He was a strange guy, too. A believer in the Creator, but a little cynical. I think he thought I was making a move on his girlfriend. Meh. I know he thought I was strange, but he didn't have a clue as to just how different I was.

And Sam… She was pretty. Quite a looker, I told her. Very friendly as well. Total opposite of Grey. But never mind that. Light Guardian was going to be extremely mad. And I didn't know what he would do.

He's the only one of the other Shadow Guardians that is stronger then me. That's why he's first. But then again, if I surprised him I could—I shouldn't have been thinking things like that.

Anyway, I was nervous of him. I still had to get there first, though. That was all the way in New Atlantis. Then there would be hell to pay. If he knew the truth of the matter, he'd kick me out of the Shadows. I did that sort of thing every off season.

I actually would have gone with those two if it hadn't been for the Thunder Guardian. He was sent as a messenger to come and bring me back. I would like to have gone, but that wasn't going to happen.

I was flying home though, back to the little area outside of New Atlantis. I was almost there. I dived, strait into the water, still breathing. Shadows don't have to breathe, and if they do, they can do it anywhere.

They were already assembled for the meeting. As I approached the ledge, Light Guardian was speaking. "The fire season is coming early," he said. "And unfortunately, it's coming early enough to overlap the hurricane season."

The Water Guardian wasn't too concerned. She and the Wind Guardian were very well versed in this sort of crisis. I usually worked with them, then headed up to Yggdrassil, then down to Kishar, then to Valhalla. I had an off season of three months and off days during my regular working hours.

This year, I would shove off early. I knew that the conversation would end abruptly when he saw me, though. So I didn't stay on my thoughts for long. He would see me the first time he turned around, then all hell would break loose.

And it did. Just after he finished with the wildfire crisis, he turned and growled at me. It had probably reminded him of me, since I work in Yggdrassil on the fires. His growls ceased and turned into coherent speech.

"What did you do?"

I decided the truth would be the best answer I could give. "Went to Ea and had a bit of fun." That was truth. He wasn't happy about it. I could tell that much by the look in his eyes. "Just a bit of sightseeing."

That was truthful too. The race covered most of the upper hemisphere in the main dome. I saw a few sights, very briefly, but I saw them nonetheless.

"Please tell me you were in your natural form."

"I was." Again, it was the truth. I was in my natural form, but I had made myself visible. "And I met a lovely couple while I was there, though I think the male thought I was trying to steal his date."

"You were seen!" Now he was angry. If there was one thing he didn't like, it was my constant need to talk to the people we helped save. "You can't keep doing this, V! Because of you, they think we exist! They aren't supposed to know! That's why we're Shadows!"

"Please stop yelling. I told them nothing about us." And that was the honest to God truth. "All I told them was that I worked with the hurricane relief and on the fires in Yggdrassil."

"You're so bloody ignorant!"

"Ignorant? How can you call me ignorant! I know more about these people then you could ever imagine! I know more about them than you could imagine!" I had pointed to our fellow Guardians, who started dispersing immediately. "It's because I care more than you do!"

He was really mad now. He had always had a temper. That was one of the things that defined him, and also made him a bad leader. It had developed over a course of ten thousand years, culminating at the peak of the Clan Wars.

And now it came out in full. "How dare you say that," he growled. "I work just as hard as anyone! How can you be so naïve to my efforts?" Only sheer force of will was restraining him from coming to blows. "If I could take back being created along with you, I would do it in a heartbeat!"

"Of course that requires a heart," I replied, becoming as frustrated as he was. "If you really cared about the people, you would meet them. You wouldn't just do your job and call it a day! What ever happened to the compassion that goes along with this job?"

"I still hold that compassion with all my heart! All I ask is that you do not jeopardize our identities!"

"I would have gladly given my identity up to be able to sit down with that couple for a bowl of soup!" And I finally said it. The one thing that had been on my mind for years and years and centuries before that. "I want the freedom that I was promised when we were created!"

"Then go! Have your thrills and your 'freedom!'"

"I just might do that! How can you protect this world without even knowing who you're protecting?" To me, it didn't make sense to do it any other way. I wanted to know Sam and Grey. I wanted a friendship with them. But because I'm a Shadow Guardian, I'm denied the one thing every living creature needs: companionship.

"I do my job to the best of my ability," Light Guardian said solemnly. "How many of them do you know who can clime the Impossible Mountain? Who can breathe water without gills? Or breathe air without lungs?"

"That isn't the freedom I'm talking about." I didn't even know what I was talking about until I said it. "I want a life! Not a job or an infinite domain, I want to live! I don't want to be a Shadow!"

"You'd deny the gift that the Creator gave you, just to be alive? If that isn't the stupidest—"

"I wouldn't deny my gift! I just want to be alive and using it. I want to know people and love and war and life and eventually death." The Light Guardian was seething with anger. I was overflowing in grief at not being able to enjoy these things. And all the while, neither of us knew that the scenery had changed.

"Enough of this."

I turned to see the voice. I shouldn't have turned though, because when I did, everything became clear. It was He.

"V," He said warmly. "I know you want to live." I knew it wasn't any sort of mystery to Him. "You do not have to worry."

"What?" That was the Light Guardian. "I don't understand! You're going to let him get a—"

"Yes. You will live too, Light Guardian."

Shocking turn of events, if I do say so myself. If it wasn't just one, it was all. "How can you give him a gift he doesn't want," I asked.

"Paradise is coming. Just wait a few more years and you will have the desires of your heart." Paradise equals End of Days. "When it comes, you will live."

He left with out a word, sending us back to the waters surrounding New Atlantis. Both of us were beyond words at what we heard. The End of Days… The long awaited prophecy was going to come true.

And then I'd have my wish. I couldn't wait.

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