Well, I'm back...this time it's with a Stargate SG-1 fic. I've been vaguely obsessed with it for a looooong time now, but my liking for the characters only escalated into fiction fairly recently. And this is the result...it's probably not very good, but I don't mind. It's been keeping me occupied on the bus home!

Oh yes, for any of you who think that there's no reason to like SG-1 - how about the fact that in the latest series you have Richard Dean Anderson (sexy as all hell for a wrinkly) Michael Shanks (with the Fabulous Ass) Claudia Black (wish I looked that good in leather trousers) and of course, Ben Browder -dribbles gently- now there is a man who looks glorious in leather...

So. Many, many reasons to love the cast of SG-1 and write many and varied fanfics. But please, stop writing ones with Michael Shanks and Claudia Black getting it on...that's just so, so, so wrong on so many levels...after all, being a Farscape fan, she so belongs to Chrichton (Ben)...

-gets whapped by Jack- Ow. I think that was my queue to get on with the story...Just to let you know, Jack's reading over my shoulder so if he goes out of character, don't blame me, blame him for stealing the keyboard...

And Pigs might Fly.

Disclaimer: Woe is me, for I do not own Stargate SG-1. I make no money out of the stories I write and I promise I will put everyone back in their boxes nice and clean.

Really I will...

Broken Dreams

"No!" I screamed as I leapt up to crouch on my bed, finally awakening from the nightmares which had been plagueing me for several hours. Shaking and sweating, I scrambled to my bathroom, splashing cold water on my face and staring blearily at my reflection. Nothing wrong... I thought to myself. White teeth, full lips, a straight nose, shapely eyebrows...nothing left of what I used to look like...so why do I keep on having these nightmares? Why now? All those years of being bullied are far behind me...they shouldn't still cause me so much pain... I crawled back into bed, trying to focus on something more fun as I fell back into sleep.

"This is beautiful, Jack." I smiled up at my friend from where I lay on the dock. Teal'c was sitting behind me, meditating. Sam was sprawled over a sun-lounger, reading a seriously trashy romance novel - the cover seemed to contain an aweful lot of muscular male with long hair, and even more breast squeezed perilously into a pink corset. I watched happily as Jack smiled, leaning over me to say something...he looked to calm and happy with his fishing rod and old, faded t-shirt and cutoffs. I eyed the cutoffs thoughtfully. Those are practically indecent...so short... I thought to myself, wondering just when I'd started noticing things like that. Jack was now so close that I could reach out and hold him. Thank god for dreams! I grinned to myself as I reached out and ran my hand down Jack's arm, squeezing lightly. Jack smiled widely at me before pinching my nose - hard!

I sat up in bed - reality intruding rather rudely on the dream sequence I had planned. I put my hand to my face, rubbing my abused nose. "Jaaaaaack..." I whinged.

"So, Daniel. Are you awake now?" Jack smirked at me as he swung his legs up onto my bed and balanced himself by placing his hand next to my thigh.

"Oh God..." I groaned as I felt my body respond to his nearness. "Am I late up?" I asked lamely, knowing how atrocious I was at getting up on time, I wouldn't be suprised.

"Nah. It's only 0630." I got a gentle pat on the shoulder from my C.O. "By the way. What were you dreaming? You looked so happy about it and I swear I heard you say my name?" He asked with a sly smile.

I looked at Jack, my mouth dropping open and my face redenning as I tried desperately to come up with a sensible response.

"Ah, yeah, I was dreaming. You were there." I watched a smile light up his face. "So were Teal'c and Sam." I frowned slightly as his smile solidified, turning into more of a grimace. Interesting. I blinked, thinking hard. He was happy that I dreamt of him, but not that the others were included...why would he not be happy that I dreamt of them? He can't be jealous? Can he? I shut my brain down from that line of thought and concentrated on explaining myself. "I was dreaming that we were all up at your cabin. Sam was reading a trashy romance..." Jack sniggered gently. "And Teal'c was meditating." I looked at the eyebrow being raised in my general direction.

"And what about me? You said I was there?" Jack pouted at me playfully and I found myself looking at his lips and wondering what they'd feel like against mine...after a few seconds of wishful thinking and filing away for future fantasies, I looked back up at Jack's eyes, slightly suprised that my waking self seemed to be almost as infatuated with Jack as my subconcious... I realised I'd been looking blank for a while, so I shook my head slightly and said "What? Oh, I was just about to thank you for taking us all on holiday."

"Ok..." Said Jack disbelievingly. "Only no-one says someone's name like that when they're dreaming they're just thanking them for a holiday..." The eyebrow went up again and I found myself flushing.

"I was really happy about the holiday...it was nice, just us doing nothing by the lake. Really peaceful." I said.

Jack smiled softly before saying "Then you should come up to the cabin this weekend with me."

Blinking owlishly, I looked questioningly at my friend. "I'd love to Jack but I really have a lot to do..." My voice trailed off as I looked at Jack's face - he was wearing the expression which says I am your commanding officer. You will NOT, I repeat NOT disobey me...

I sighed defeatedly "Ok, let me get some clothes. The translation can wait until next week." I tried to be sarcastic and failed miserably. After all. I thought to myself sulkily It's not even seven in the morning yet...

"Atta boy!" Jack grinned at me and patted my leg, long fingers resting lightly on my thigh, cool weights through the thin cotton sheets. I raised my knee, bending my leg and sliding my food up the bed, hoping that Jack couldn't tell that such a simple touch had brought about a rather extreme reaction from...a part of my body I would rather not think about right now. Unfortunately for the state of my groin, he didn't move his hand off my leg as I raised it up, instead he evilly let his hand slide down my thigh towards my knee. Oh god...he has absolutely no idea what he does to me, does he? I need a cold shower. With extra snow. I looked up at Jack again, hoping my cheeks weren't as red as I thought.

I coughed to get his attention (as if I didn't have it already) and said "I need to..." I pointed towards the bathroom, the word temporarily lost to me.

Raising one silvery eyebrow, Jack suggested slyly "Go potty?"

"Yes!" I latched onto the word. "I mean no! Jaaaaack!"

The bastard sat there, grinning unrepentently.

"Shower, I need to shower! Now get out and I'll meet you in the canteen in twenty minutes." I frowned and then smiled.

Nodding, Jack stood and stretched langurously, his t-shirt riding up to reveal a flat torso with a light sprinkling of silver and black hairs. I sighed quietly and ogled him briefly. He has a hot body...there are days when I'm glad he can't read my signals...I must look like I'm desperate, staring at him like this...

At last, he stopped tormenting me with his body and made for the door. As he opened the door, I decided to see how far I could push my luck.

"Jack?" I peeked at him over my knees.

Jack stopped, one hand on the door and looked at me quizzically. "Yes Daniel?"

"Buy me breakfast, would you?" I grinned winsomely as Jack smiled.

"Sure, I'll even get you coffee..."

My smile widened. "Thanks Jack."

As he closed the door I got up, heading for the bathroom. I guess I can push quite far then huh? Today could be fun...I wonder what else I can get him to do. I groaned as my mind conjured scenarios in which Jack would be bending over to pick something up, wearing the shortest shorts possible...or maybe he'd stretch again, but this time on my bed...or covered in warm chocolate...naked, and covered in chocolate. Now that sounded almost too good.

"Oh god, I gotta get laid..." I murmured as I stepped into my icy shower.


I have enjoyed writing this - there will be another chapter up soon as I've already half written it. Sorry this is so short...

I've been thoroughly addicted to SG-1 for about a month or so now, which is another reason that my other fics have suffered. Rest assured that I will be updating some of the HP/DM fics - Crash Landing first.

And I still haven't got my laptop back, so I have to write the oldfashioned way - with pen and paper -sigh- but hey, it's still enjoyable, if a little slower and prone to making my wrist hurt...

Anyway. Jack is wanting a word. -hands over the pc to the lovely, delicious Jack O'Neill-

Good morning Campers...I just wanted to say that I'm not really as dumb as all that. I can read Daniel's signals. I know exactly what my touch does to him. But it's just so much fun to torture him.

As you'll find out...

-glares at Jack for spoiling the story- Dammit Jack, did you have to say that? Now they know what's coming! -rolls her eyes dramatically- Anyway. I'll finish the next chapter and post it as soon as I can.

Let me know if you liked it, k?