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Late, always late

Precisely twenty minutes later, I found myself running full-pelt through the corridors of the SGC, cursing the fact that I only gave myself twenty minutes to shower, shave, dress, pack and get to the damn canteen. I just knew that Jack would be sitting there with a cup of tea and waiting to tell me exactly how late I was.

Thank god I've been going to the gym... I thought smugly as I ran swiftly and smoothly, even with the backpack on. If I'm only a couple of minutes late my coffee will still be warm...oh thank god, I'm there...

I skidded to a halt in front of the canteen doorway, trying to slow my breathing down again after my exertions. I could see Jack sitting at SG-1's usual table, with a pile of toast in front of him and a steaming pot of coffee. I tried strolling in nonchalently, but couldn't quite hide that I'd just sprinted through the underground facility.

"Hey Jack." I nodded to him.

"Daniel. Nice of you to turn up..." Jack swung his legs off the table and motioned me towards the chair opposite him.

Rolling my eyes and sighing, I gave in to temptation and tried to justify myself. "I'm two minutes late...you woke me up at 0630...I'm entitled to a couple of extra minutes...So...where's my coffee?" I said brightly, looking forward to the only good thing which could happen before 7 in the morning...

Jack filled a mug with steaming coffee for me and pushed it gently across the table. I reverently poured in cream and spooned in my habitual spoon of brown sugar before stirring it all, mesmerised with the way the cream slowly spread to colour the liquid a pale brown. I put the spoon down and lifted the coffee up, inhaling deeply before taking the first sip. I sighed blissfully, my eyes closing as I drank a little more.

"Heavenly, Jack, thank you so much...you can wake me at half six every day, as long as you bring me good coffee..." I opened my eyes to find Jack leaning his elbows on the table, his chin resting on his hands and he was staring at me with a fascinated look.
I pursed my lips slightly. "What?" I asked.

"Oh" said Jack. "Sorry Daniel, I was just wondering what coffee must taste like to you - it must be good - the only time I've seen that face on anyone was when I gave Carter a really expensive box of chocolates one time...I think she was on her period of something because she so wouldn't share!" Jack grinned unrepentantly.

"If I remember rightly, Jack, you had another box of those chocolates stashed away somewhere?" I mused.

"Yeah, but I had to use them as a bribe this morning..."

I sipped at me coffee before replying. "Oh? You had to bribe someone? Other than me, I mean..."

He nodded. "Yeah, I had to bribe Carter - she didn't want to get out of the SGC this weekend until I told her she could have that box..."

I smiled "You villain...you bribed a woman with chocolate to get her to spend a weekend outside of the office? That's low, even for you Jack..." I couldn't help but snigger at the thought. "Hang on, that means Carter will be at the cabin too?" I cursed myself for sounding so plaintive.

Jack simply nodded. "She will." He smiled evilly "She really didn't like getting woken up at 0640 though."

"Damn right she didn't sir, but for another box of those chocolates, I would do many things - getting up early isn't so horrible." Sam mock-glared at her CO then looked at me and smiled "I gather this is all your fault, Daniel?" I blinked as Sam carried on without waiting for an answer. "I wanted to say thank you for giving Jack an excuse to try and bribe me - I've been trying to get him to do that for weeks!"

I laughed at the look of outrage on Jack's face as Sam sat down and helped herself to coffee. I pushed mine over for a refill. "So." I said. "How exactly is it 'my' fault that you had to get up so early?" I retrieved my coffee while Sam munched on some toast.

"Well," She said, sipping coffee to clear her mouth. "Jack came barging in, rudely awakened me and said that you'd had a brilliant idea and that we were all going to the cabin for the weekend."

"Ah." I looked sheepish. "Sorry Sam. I knew I shouldn't have told him I'd dreamt of being up at the lake..."

Jack grinned "What she isn't telling you is that not only did I bribe her with chocolate but also with a trip to a bookstore - one which sells trashy period-romance...you know, the overly muscled and intelligent but lecherous pirate kidnapps the daughter of a wealthy merchant and ends up falling in love with her and reforming her ways...that sort of thing..." Jack looked up at me as I stared disbelievingly at him. "What, you thought Sam was the only one who read trashy novels?" With that, he stood and made for the door.

As he was about to leave he stopped, snapped his fingers and turned back to us. "I'm just going to get Teal'c - meet me by the car in ten." He said. "And don't forget breakfast to go..."

"Yes Sir." Said Sam, all but saluting. I grunted and continued to drink my coffee whilst gathering up some pastries and grabbing a plastic box from the canteen staff. After all, the chance of Jack letting anyone stop to buy food before we got to his cabin was remote.

Ten minutes later saw Sam, Teal'c and I standing waiting by Jack's car with a hamper of food (and coffee) and our bags, wondering when Jack would turn up.

Sam stirred restlessly, saying "Why does he enjoy making us wait so much?"

I raised an eyebrow and said nothing, struggling to hold my sunglasses while I tied my bandana - easier said than done...especially when you've had about three hours sleep and were rudely awakened and dragged out of a very nice dream...ok, let's not focus on the dream right now...I finally got the blasted bandana tied and slipped the sunglasses over my tired eyes, and was just stretching out when Jack walked out of the base, blinking in the light as he put his sunglasses on and swung his bag over his shoulder, sauntering towards us. I watched him discreetly, privately admiring the slim thighs and gently muscled arms.

"Good morning, Campers..." Jack boomed across the car park. "Are we ready for our trip?" We nodded dutifully. "Well, what are you waiting for? Get in the car..."

We looked at Jack. I broke first. "W-w-wait, you mean the car's been open all this time, Jack?" When he nodded, I sighed and called out 'Shotgun!' before anyone else could think of it (Ok, so Sam's nice and wouldn't have done it and Teal'c didn't know about it...that's not my fault, right? Right?)

Sam groaned quietly. "You mean I have to share the back seat with Teal'c?" She turned to the Jaffa "No offense, just your thighs are a little too solid for pillows..."

Teal'c nodded in acknowledgement. "I do much excercise, causing my muscles to be very dense. However, MajorCarter, I have brought you something to rest on which is softer than my legs."

Sam perked up as Teal'c pulled out a large fluffy-looking pillow from his bag, and beamed at the huge man happily. "Thank you, Teal'c, that's really thoughtful of you!"

Teal'c simply nodded.

The engine roared from behind us and we took that as our cueue to scramble into the car before Jack drove off.

After getting settled, and getting the radio tuned to a station everyone could cope with, I sat back and considered having a nap. As I closed my eyes though, there was a plaintive voice from the back seat; "Daniel...could you pass me some breakfast please?"

Sigh. "Sure Sam, I can manage that..." I rubbed my eyes and rumaged through the hamper. "Criossant or Danish?" I asked over my shoulder.

"Ooh ooh Danish please!" Sam smiled. "I'm hungry...something to do with being roused at the crack of dawn..." With a pointed look at Jack, she took the food, and some coffee before sitting back.

Jack looked in the mirror "Woah, hey...no crumbs on the upholstery..." He threw me a very unfriendly look. "When we get back you are so cleaning out my car."

"Hey! Why me?" I looked as affronted as I could manage.

"Well Daniel, you picked the crumbly breakfast, so you get to clean it up." He paused and even over the sound of the engine and the stereo, I heard his stomach grumbling. He shifted in his seat, looking sheepish for a moment. "Could you, err...break up some criossant and pass me the bits please?"

I couldn't help it, I did the Teal'c's-surprised-eyebrow thing...

"Don't look at me like that Spacemonkey, just feed me the goddamn criossant..." Muttered Jack direly.

"Ok Jack." I tried for a poker-face. "I'll feed you..." I lost the battle with myself and sniggered, which earned me a slap to the thigh.

"No jokes. Just feed me, I'm hungry."

"Yes Sir." I began to break up the criossant and held a piece out for him to take. After several seconds I wondered why I could hear Sam trying not to laugh. Suspecting it was at me, I turned to the wing-mirror and looked at Sam's reflection. With a flick of her eyes, she motioned towards our driver, so I frowned and turned to look at Jack, who I found was sitting with his head cocked to one side, eyes firmly on the road, trying to reach the criossant with only his mouth.

"Jeez, Jack? You couldn't have just taken it with your fingers, could you?" I murmured.

"You wanted to feed me, so feed me!" Jack smirked.

I rolled my eyes. "Fine..." I drew out the word, making clear that it wasn't fine...then threw him a smirk of my own asI slowly reached out, a chunk of croissant held between thumb and forefinger. It was sheer torture, watching my fingers get closer to his lips, which parted just enough to let him wrap his lips around the sweet offering. Clearly I offered too much finger and not enough croissant as I felt a soft wet tongue against my fingertips, lips against my skin as Jack made sure he hadn't missed any of the pastry pastry. With inhuman effort, I managed not to show just how much that had effected me as I drew my hand away.

"You know, you could have just asked for more rather than trying to hoover every last crumb off my fingers?" I said, mock reproach in my voice.

Jack just grinned and looked at me out of the corner of his eye before saying "But your fingers are so tasty!" which set everyone to laughing, even Teal'c.

I gave that the only answer I could; I picked up another piece of criossant, and fed him.

Well, that was pants...

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