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Sleep chapter .1

"I think that it'll go away with time… but if it doesn't, I promise that I'll inform you again."

Twenty-two year-old Sakura dragged her feet trough the gates of Konohagakure and entered into it. Behind her came the rest of her current team; Shikamaru, Shino, Hinata and Lee.

Three weeks before they had been ordered into the border of grass and leaf to collect some information.

As it had turned out, most of the mission had been running for their lives, trying to kill the anonymous enemy ninja and mending those who were always at the border. In all, the mission had been rather dreadful.

"I don't ever again want to go to the border. The whole place reeks of death, and it's way too troublesome for my taste."

Sakura turned her head to look at Shikamaru who was looking troubled, tired and most of all hungry.

Before Sakura had the chance to answer the taller and more silent man answered.

"I highly doubt that you'll be free of the border. Usually everybody is sent there once in a year."

Shikamaru shot an annoyed glare to Shino who was walking next to him, "You're a real shunshine aren't ya?"

Hinata caught up to Sakura and set her footsteps with hers. Within the past years the two of them had made a strong friendship.

Hinata played with her fingers and pondered if she should open her mouth.

Sakura watched as her friend clenched her fists and bit her lower lip. She made a small smile and spoke, "You're going to see Kiba again, aren't you?"

Hinata turned her gaze to Sakura, blushed and after that smiled. "Y-Yes. Kiba-kun asked me to come and m-meet him after my mission." She blushed a bit, and raised her hand to her mouth. "But I'm not sure if I should go now, or tomorrow morning."

Sakura smiled. She was just so sweet. Hinata was almost innocent. And now she was asking her advice.

"I think you should definitely go tonight. I'm sure that Kiba-kun would like that," Sakura winked at Hinata, which made her blush even deeper shade of red.

It was a known fact in all Konohagakure; Hinata had gotten over Naruto, and fallen almost immediately for Kiba.

As for the rest of her current team, things were different depending from person to person.

Lee was teaching taijutsus at the academy and attending missions from time to time.

Shino was doing his family's business, whatever it was he never was one to talk too much.

And Shikamaru ---he had married Ino one year and three weeks ago, and now she was expecting their first child.

As for herself, Sakura did what she had always done, studied everything that had something to do with medics, went on missions, and lived.

'So much has happened in the past years. Since we left to Sand and fought with Akatsuki, since Sound invaded Konohagakure, since Tsunade and Jiraiya managed to pull Sasuke-kun out of Sound's grasp, since-'


Sakura opened her eyes and met Rock Lee's face.


"We asked your opinion."

Sakura continued looking puzzled

"If we should go and meet Tsunade-sama now, or in the morning."

The answer came out of her mouth without thinking: "In the morning. It's already half past midnight and she probably has something better to do." 'Like drinking sake or betting.'

Her team mates' faces showed some relief; after all, they had been away for three weeks, and everybody wanted to get see their loved ones.

After reaching the so-called "center" of Konoha, the team shattered into five different groups, each going on their own ways.



Hinata was watching Sakura with worried eyes.

"You will try to take it easy, won't you? "

Sakura smiled.


Konoha's graveyard wasn't a big place. It lay beyond the training grounds-- beyond the memorial stone. There really weren't many graves, only a few. Those who had died without getting their names on the memorial, and those whose family had wanted to stay out of the memorial's grasp.

Haruno Yuzuku and Arashi had been one of those people who hadn't gotten their full name on the memorial, because their daughter hadn't wanted it. She had only agreed to put their fist names on it, but she wanted that their last name wouldn't be mentioned.

She couldn't really say why she enjoyed going to the graveyard, or why she did it, but since few years ago, it had became a tradition for her to do after missions.

Maybe it was because her parents were after all dead and buried, and she wanted to have at least some sort of a connection with them; or maybe it was because it was the only place where she wouldn't be bothered.

She walked past the tombstones until she reached one, which was made of plain wood. She kneeled before it and bowed her head.

' Hi. I'm back again. Alive and in my full spirit. Whether you like it or not. So how are you doing? Probably not too well, since you're dead………….'

As her talking went on and on, the raindrops started to fall from the clouds above.


Maito Gai was walking along with Kurenai, Asuma and Anko from the training grounds towards the village. Because of his greatness of youth, he had insisted that they would walk the longer way to Konoha, so that he could prove to everyone that he really had the greatness and stamina of youth. Even though now 'everyone' was only Asuma, Kurenai and Anko. But that didn't change the fact that he had to prove it.

So they walked. Even when it had started to rain, and Anko had started to curse Gai's near assholic stubbornness, since he had refused to run from the rain. Maito Gai didn't run from such a petty thing as plain rain.

Then the plain rain turned into a raging squall.

Asuma's cigarette went out, Kurenai's hair was damp with water in seconds, and Anko's face frowned in rage.

"Damn it Gai! If I get sick because of your stupid urges, I swear that you'll find my next set of dango sticks shoved deep into your-"

"Hey look, is there a person?" Kurenai was pointing towards the graves far before them, and as they all looked, they saw a small figure crouched before graves.

"Why, yes it is. And it seems to be female." Gai had lifted his hand to shield his face from the rain. "And a young one too. Ah the freedom of youth!"

"More like the freedom of the stupid. She'll catch a death disease, staying in this rain." Anko frowned again. She had newer understood why some people were in rain of their free will.

"That one won't." Asuma had dumped his cigarette and was now looking at the figure with focused gaze. "If my eyes tell right, that one's the only pink haired kunoichi there is. The medic under Hokage-sama."

Gai's eyes widened suddenly, as he realized that the far-away girl was Lee's beloved Sakura-san. The pink haired girl with a fiery will. "Aaah! It's Sakura-san! One of my eternal rival's whelps!" As Gai started to rant about his 'eternal rival', the rain only seemed to get heavier.

"Look, I don't really understand that why we're standing in a rainstorm while we could be at home, or at the Jounin lounge, eating dango drinking tea, or something stronger; but if you're going to continue standing here, then I'll just fucking go ahead and let you all catch that death disease you can from this weather."

Kurenai agreed with Anko on this one. She didn't want to catch any colds and lie in the bed because of it.

" Ah, Anko-san is as right as ever, it would be a total waste if we would catch something as futile as a cold, and our youthful bodies would only suffer from it." Gai started to march towards the village, but stopped as Kurenai voiced out her thoughts.

"But what about the medic? Shouldn't we at least ask if she wants to come with us? A medic or not, it can't be healthy to stay in this storm."

Anko groaned in frustration. It wasn't like she had anything against the medic girlie, quite the opposite, but she just wanted to get the hell out of the rain.

"Ah, you're right Kurenai-san! It would be terribly rude and very dishonourable if we didn't ask her to come with us. After all we must try to protect the blossom of youth in womanhood!" He took a deep breath and readied himself to shout at the distant girl from the top of his lungs, but was stopped when Asuma's hand clamped his mouth.

His eyes hadn't left the girl since he had spotted her. He had watched as her figure had stayed still in the hard rain. "Do not interrupt a praying person." Three pairs of eyes stared at Asuma. His face had no emotion, but something told them that he was being serious. "It's rather rude, plus I've heard that it brings bad luck for those who interrupt, and even worse things for those who are interrupted." With that said, Asuma pulled his hand away, and started walking towards the village.

Anko was really starting to get tired of these people. Obviously they couldn't decide what to do anymore. Maybe it was time that she would take the lead of this group, "Hey! What about the medic?"

"She's an adult is she not? I'm sure she knows what's good for her." Asuma didn't turn his head as he spoke, the only thing what he did, was light another one of his white cancer sticks.

They watched as the broader man walked slowly towards the village, and took their last glances from the far-away figure and then left.


The rain itself had lasted for two hours. It had ended half an hour ago. Now it was something between three and four in the morning.

Sakura was soaked; her hair was plastered to her face and clothes clung to her body (which reminded her of a wet t-shirt contest).

She hadn't used words for a while now. Just sat before the wooden planks and thought.

As the first rays of light started to appear from the east, and she could feel them warming her cold body, she rose from the ground. Her sore muscles protested a bit, but she chose to ignore it.

She made a small nod to the tombs, and made her way towards the village.


The clock ticked away in the empty waiting hall before Hokage's office. It was 4:45 am in the morning and Sakura was sitting on a hard wooden bench on the hall. She had pulled her right leg to her chest, and now she rested her head against it. Her eyes were open, but occasionally she would close them for a minute or two.

She waited.

As they had agreed, they would meet Tsunade-sama early. Probably too early for the lady's taste, but the sooner they would give their mission report, the sooner they could get to enjoy their free time.

Yet, six o'clock in the morning could be way too early for the current Hokage.

Fifteen minutes passed.

Then a half an hour.

The rising sun coloured the white walls and floor with pastel yellows colours. She watched as the yellow line stretched and stretched further into the empty lobby.

When the clock was fifteen to six, she started hearing soft footsteps coming up the high and steep staircase (which really were true killers).

A smiling and slightly ravished looking Hinata came up the stairs. Her hair was a bit messy, her blouse had the buttons wrongly put, and there was rather healthy red tinge on her cheeks.

She hummed softly and seemed to be very happy, but as she noticed Sakura, half awake to the world around her, her happy face was marred with worried eyes.


Sakura had always liked Hinata's voice. Most of the time it was rather quiet, but she could put more emotions into a single words she said than anybody else Sakura knew. Right now her voice told her that she was worried.

Sakura made a small smile to tell the other girl that she was fine, physically.

"Don't worry Hinata. Everything's fine." 'Or as fine as things can be when you haven't really slept more than some hours in the past weeks.'

Hinata looked at Sakura. She was aware that her own appearance wasn't the best, since Kiba-kun really hadn't wanted to let her go just yet, but the pink haired girl in front of her seemed to be even worse condition than herself. Sakura's long hair was a real mess, her clothes seemed to be a bit damp, and her jade-green eyes seemed to have that familiar non-fixated look in them.

But before she could say anything, there were more sounds of footsteps coming from the stairs, and a moment later the rest of their five-person group had gathered into the lobby.

Most of them looked like they hadn't really had much sleep, but Rock Lee had probably slept quite well, since he was almost bouncing off the walls, while rambling on about non-important things.

Shikamaru looked dead tired, but there was the same satisfied smug in him that could be found in Hinata.

Shikamaru looked at the kunoichi sitting on the bench. He would lie if he didn't say that he had seen the girl have better days.

"You just can't do as people tell you to do? Can you?"

He made it clear that he was quite annoyed with her. The thought made Sakura smile.

"Where would be the fun in that?"

Shikamaru placed his hand on his forehead. "You know, lately you have been almost as troublesome as Ino used to be."

"I won't deny that."

As they continued their small bickering, Hinata giggled and Shino shrugged his shoulders.

"Sakura-san!" Lee's voice interrupted the nice 'conversation' that she was having with Shikamaru.

"Yes?" Sakura questioned.

His eyes were bulging out of the sockets as he would see something most hideous thing.

"Your shirt! And your clothes! They're damp with water! Who did this to you? The sweet blossom of Konoha, who could do such a hideous thing as push you into the pound, or throw a bucketful of water on you? That person must be punished, in the name of youth!"

There was total silence in the lobby. Shikamaru's mouth hung open, Sakura stared with wide eyes with Hinata, and Shino made a small grunting noise.

" Just so you to know Lee." Shino's voice was deeper that it normally was but whether he was suppressing laughter or annoyance was anyone's guess. "It rained trough the night rather heavily."

They could almost see the wheels turning inside Lee's head. '1+1 equals…'

"Sakura-san! You spent the night outside? Why? The door to my humble apartment is forever open to you! Why shan't you use it!"

Again every one of them was at loss of words. Sure their minds were working faster than their mouths, but for some reason nothing came out.

This time though, Sakura was saved when the door to Hokage's office was opened, and they could hear Shizune tell them to come in.


The Hokage's office was a big, usually well-lit room, but now there were curtains in front of windows.

Their current Hokage was suffering from one of the hardest hangovers she had endured since the celebrations of beating Orochimaru. Tsunade had to admit, that last night she had had too much of her favourite sake, and maybe she shouldn't have really bet on those numbers, but there was no point in thinking past mistakes. It was future what counted. Plus she had much more important things to think about right now.

Currently there was a tiny man hammering into her forehead with a sledgehammer, and a pack of Jounins who were giving their mission report.

As she watched the Jounins who stood before her desk, she noticed that most of them looked quite ragged and in need of a bath, and a week of lasting sleep.

'It's always nice to notice, that you're not the only one who has it bad.' Tsunade smiled through her hangover.

As Shikamaru started to talk, Sakura noticed her past mentor's anguish. Tsunade's face lacked the usual colour, and her hair was almost as messy as her own.

' Great, Tsunade-sama's been off drinking again. Wouldn't really want to be in her pants right now. The hangover must be even more shittier than what I'm feeling right now.'

Shikamaru continued his report, and when he was in the part of the civilians near the border, Tsunade started to rub her temples in an effort to get rid of the mind-blasting headache.

"Hokage-sama?" Shikamaru had stopped and the other four Jounins were watching Tsunade with a question in their eyes.

"Ah, sorry, sorry" She waved her hand. "I'm just suffering from a killer headache, which won't go away. Please continue Shikamaru."

"You want something for the headache Tsunade-sama?" Sakura had been watching her mentor's face, and since she was a medic, it was her responsibility to help those in need of medics.

"You have something? It ought to be pretty strong, the mild stuff won't work on me." Tsunade was watching her former student with interest. She seemed to be in the nastiest shape of the group, but her eyes were as sharp as they had always been. If Sakura were to have something for the hangover, she herself could really concentrate on the report instead of that tiny man in her head. Sakura pulled out a small pouch inside her pack. A small bottle was placed on the table.

"That's ekikyabe. Or more like it was normal ekikyabe, but since it didn't really do the things what I wanted it to do, I mixed it a bit."

Tsunade stared at the bottle on the table for a moment. It looked harmless, and it probably wouldn't have any poison in it, but for some reason, she knew that it would probably taste horrible. She shrugged her shoulders, opened the bottle and emptied it into her mouth.

Five Jounins stood still as their leader sat her eyes closed. Two minutes went in total silence and then the Hokage opened her eyes. She looked brighter than she had seemed in days.

"As you were saying Shikamaru, the civilians near the border?"

Hinata released the breath she had been holding. Sure she knew that Sakura wouldn't ever give anything un-edible to people close to her, but she could have made the mistake of giving something else to their Hokage. It was their luck she hadn't.

A full hour passed in the report giving, and the Hokage finally asked the last question.

"And how about you? Did you get any injuries, or any other un-healthy physical conditions?"

There was an uncomfortable silence in the room. Hinata kept throwing glances towards Sakura, who kept staring at the wall, like she hadn't even heard the said question. Lee was watching both of the girls, and Shikamaru seemed to be in inner anguish. Only Shino seemed to remain really calm.

Finally, Hinata opened her mouth, "Tsunade-sama. There-" Hinata never finished what she had to say, because Sakura took over the current 'problem.'

"I didn't really sleep during the mission, but I highly doubt that that's a real problem." She kept her eyes fixated to the wall, and tried to avoid Tsunade's eyes.

"You didn't sleep at all?"

Sakura shrugged her shoulders and turned her face to meet Tsunade's eyes. " Maybe a few hours."

"How much did you sleep during the three weeks?"

"Something about 15 to 25 hours." Her face didn't even flinch when she said it out loud, even thought it was the first time she said it out loud.

"Do you feel tired?"


Tsunade pinched her nose between her fingers and sighed.

"Right." 'This might complicate things a bit. ' She lifted her head again to look at the Jounins. "Thank you for your good work. Every one of you should go and have the medics take a closer look at you. I don't want you to go falling down the stairs because of some un-known disease from the border. Eat, rest, and don't give a damn if somebody comes and tries to challenge you." She pronounced the word "challenge" and stared sternly at Lee's face.

"Dismissed, everyone but Sakura; you stay."

As the other four walked away from the room, they watched Sakura over their shoulders with curiosity and worry in their eyes. The door closed. Sakura stood still and started to watch the walls again.

Tsunade placed her hands under her chin and leaned them on the table.

"Sakura." Tsunade started. "I know how you hate it when people try to hen you, but I cannot overlook this." She pulled a drawer open and took out a paper folder. She opened the folder and took some papers out of it. "According to your last report, you couldn't sleep at all on your previous mission, which was seven weeks before? The one what lasted for five days? " Tsunade watched as the young woman nodded.

Tsunade sighed again and her face frowned. As she had thought, the problem wasn't as small as it might have seemed. She captured Sakura's eyes with her gaze and watched her sternly to make her point.

"Sakura. This isn't some random sleeplessness anymore. This belongs to the category insomnia."

Sakura nodded again. " I know that."

"Then you must also know that I won't watch from the side when my student is suffering. Whether you like it or not, I WILL step into this."

Sakura nodded for the third time.

"Now, what I suggest is that you take some sleeping pills, or maybe some sleeping weed-"

"They won't work. Not much at least," her voice wasn't more than a rasp whisper, but it silenced Tsunade in seconds.

Tsunade blinked twice. "What! How do you know that they won't work on you Sakura? Many other people with sleeping problems have-"

"That's because, it's because of them I've been able to sleep lately. Or at least most of my sleep has been because of those drugs." She wrapped her arms around her front, and hugged herself. "And I really, really dislike those medicines, since they only give me a restless sleep and a shattering headache's with dizziness."

Tsunade stared at her former student. Every time Tsunade thought that she might shed some light from realise the main problem in her, Sakura just pulled the carpet under her feet, and told her even worse things. She placed her hand to her mouth and watched Sakura with an unreadable expression.

"Why didn't you tell anybody?"

Sakura sifted her feet. She felt like a twelve-year-old girl again. "I…I don't really know why I didn't tell about it to anybody, I think I didn't even care how far it had actually gone." She let her eyes wander in the familiar office once again. " I was more interested in falling asleep than thinking how unhealthy or how dangerous un-sleepiness could really be. The only reason why I noticed it was because Hinata got worried, and asked that maybe I was sick or something since I couldn't really sleep."

There was silence. They both knew where insomnia could lead, but neither of them spoke. Tsunade placed her hand to her mouth. She could almost feel a new headache forming, much worse than the one she had before, flavoured with worry.

Sakura tried to avoid Tsunade's eyes. They had always made her feel a bit uncomfortable, especially when they went into the 'unreadable' mode. One could never tell what she was thinking, feeling or plotting. And it always made her feel like Tsunade-sama could see right through her and read her thoughts.

"Right. This is what we will do." Sakura lifted her head, and tore her eyes from the floor, which she had been staring at intently.

"Since your condition comes with a surprise, I don't have a cure for it, yet." Sakura's shoulders shrunk a bit. She had been secretly hoping that Tsunade-sama would have had some secret technique to get rid of sleeplessness, but alas she was proved wrong. 'Hell, I think that by now I should be prepared for when everything goes shitty.'

"But, come back in five days. By then I'll have a potion which should hammer even that lecher's toad into sleep."

Sakura watched at the Hokage, first with amazement and then with gratefulness.

"Thank you." The emotion in the two words was really unique. It probably had most of the sleepless night, despair and the helplessness poured into it.

Tsunade smiled, and waved her hand to give her the sign that she was free to go.

As she watched her past student leave trough the door, she realized that she hadn't even asked the reason to her sleeplessness.


After a good and relaxing shower in the Jounin's lockers, changing her clothes in the locker-room and some grocery shopping, Sakura was finally going back home to her apartment after three weeks.

She lived in an apartment flat building near Konoha's center, on the top floor. Her neighbours were nice, mostly older than her, but there were also a few younger.

As she neared the building, she noticed that something was wrong. One of her neighbours came out, saw her, blushed pretty badly and ran off in the opposite direction.

As she puzzled walked up the stairs, feeling at least a tiny bit of her to be in peace, she noticed that some of her neighbours were standing on the corridor, and staring towards the upper stores.

"What's going on here?"

One of Sakura's neighbours switched his glaze from the ceiling to her face, and blushed even more than the first neighbour she had seen in matter of minutes. The boy tried to stutter something, but somehow he managed to stumble on his feet, which caused everyone else to notice that the pink-haired-girl stood right under his or her eyes. Every one of them blushed heavily, and took refuge in their own apartments.

Sakura's mouth hung wide open, while she stood confused in the corridor. As she tried to ponder why her usually happy-go-lucky neighbours were acting quite strangely, she noticed that her arm was really starting to hurt under the weight of the brown paper bags, so she decided to think more about the matter back in her own flat.

After five stories, she was finally standing in front of her door. She pulled out her keys from her pant's pocket, and placed it into the keyhole.

The door opened with a small 'squeak' and stopped halfway in the doorway, since there seemed to be some mail blocking its way. 'So much for Naruto fetching my mail.'

As she wondered that what kind of shape her plants would be in, she heard something.


Sakura's eyes went wide and she dropped the bags. As she heard some of the glass bottles shatter at her feet, she heard also another voice, much more 'macho' than the first one, and it sounded like it was under much more pressure.


Sakura placed her hand on her mouth. 'Oh crap! Not now, not here, for godaime's sake, not here!'

True, it wasn't the first time she encountered her two team mates in the 'heat of their passion' as Lee had put it once, so she didn't blush anymore, but it didn't really take the embarrassed feeling, or the stuttering speech, or the really, really uncomfortable feeling away from you. Plus for some people there were the nosebleeds. 'Lucky me, at least I don't have the danger of dying for blood loss from my nose, unlike poor Hinata..'

She took deep breaths, and tried to calm her inner confusion. 'Okay, what could be worse from those two what you haven't yet seen?' Right then there was another moan coming from her living room. She shuddered. 'Okay, lots of things, but still, I have to get those two out of here.'

Annoyance was starting to wrap itself around her. She braced herself, stepped over her ruined groceries, and marched to her living room.

"Okay look you two, I really don't have anything again-" her voice got caught in her throat as she realized what she was watching.

The two of them were quite wrapped around each other, Naruto's mouth hung open, and his eyes were clenched shut. Sasuke on the other hand had his back towards her, and apparently they had had one of their urged 'quickies' since he was still wearing his pants.

It wasn't the fact that they were doing it in her apartment. It wasn't that they did it here, even though she had told them not to do it here. And it wasn't the fact that she would have troubles of getting this image out of her head for the next couple days.

It was that they were having hot male on male sex on her couch.

On the only thing where she could really sleep.

As every thought left her head, she realized that she should get out.

When she stood outside of the building, she watched the blue sky.

'I need a drink.'



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