Title: Young and Broken

Author: Chaotic Charisma

Disclaimer: Unfortunately I don't own Law and Order: SVU, but maybe someday I will. (A girl can have a dream, can't she?)

Summary: Eliot's daughter Kathleen is being abused by her mother's new husband. Will Eliot find everything out and help Kathleen?

She silently sat on the edge of her bed. The cold air could be felt everywhere around the room. Maybe, just maybe, it was the reason why she was lightly shivering… And those awful memories in her head made her feel even colder.

"You stupid bitch! Don't you try to escape from your duty! Stop screaming or it will be your sister who gets hurt! Do you understand me?" The answer couldn't be heard. Only quiet sobs disturbed the silence. She barely could say anything; the tears were streaming all over her face. That really made him furious. "I asked a damn question! Do you understand me!" Now she was shivering uncontrollably and all she managed to whisper was a weak "Yes". Then a loud and sick laugh filled the room. "Good" he said proudly, slapping her beautiful face.

"Kathleen, honey, come down, the dinner is ready!" her mother, Kathy, said happily. After all, it was one of the rare evenings when almost the whole family could sit and eat together.

She was startled by the sound of her mom's voice. "Coming!" Kathleen said, praying, that she wouldn't have to see him there, smiling like nothing ever happened, like he never broke her soul… She wiped away the tears, took a cold shower and went downstairs. It was the time to face her biggest fears.

"Well, we are really glad that you decided to join us" Kathleen's mother said sarcastically. "Sorry, I was in the bathroom" the girl sighed.

"Kathleen, you should listen to your mother, don't make us wait too long again" John, her mother's new husband said strictly, looking straight into her eyes. For a moment Kathleen thought, that she is going to be sick. That deep cold his voice made her want to throw up, but she hardly had eaten anything in the past days so the sickness wasn't so bad.

"Do you want some salad sweetheart?" Kathy offered. "No, mom thanks." She refused politely.

"Why don't you eat? Don't you understand, that you mother tried so hard to make you happy, it's your favorite food on the table!" John said angrily.

And now she couldn't take it anymore. Hot tears silently rolled down the cheeks. Kathleen hoped, that her mom wouldn't notice it.

"Oh, Kathleen, honey, what's wrong? John didn't mean it, he's just tired after work" Kathy now was really worried about her little baby crying.

"You said John? Now I see, mom, you are always on his side. Why? Why mom, can't you see anything? Can't you!" Everyone was looking at her not knowing what to say actually.

She started to sob hard and just then her sister kneeled down near Kathleen's chair to comfort her. "No, Liz, I don't need it, I don't need it!" Lizzie, not knowing what to do, backed off. No one except him understood what was going on.

"Kathleen, the most important thing you do need right now, is to calm down, ok?" For a moment John was really scared that she would blurt everything out.

"No, don't tell me what to do! I hate you! I hate you and everything about you!"

"That's it! Kathleen, go to your room and think about everything you said today! It's just enough from you!" her mother yelled at her.

Now Kathleen was really furious. She couldn't believe that her mother didn't notice anything suspicious about him. Yes, Kathleen was blaming her mom just as she blamed everyone else. Even herself.

Suddenly she grabbed a plate from the dinner table and threw it to the wall.

"Well, mom, guess what, I hate you too" she said calmly after a moment despite the fact that everything inside her was waiting the time to explode. And just another word from her mother mouth could make the final step.

John wanted to say something, but Kathy stopped him. "Go to your room, now. And after we all finish our dinner like a family, you'll go downstairs and wash the dishes. Is that clear?" she said without showing any emotions on her face. It was quiet for a moment.

"Yes." Kathleen tried to be as cold as her mom.

She was turning to go, but just by then she took a look straight into her mother's eyes. "He fucked me, mom."


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