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Elliot was startled. He immediately ran to his bedroom.

"NO... LEAVE ME ALONE!.. NO! .." Kathleen was screaming and kicking the blanket from herself, moving her head to the sides.

"Honey… Honey, it's ok… Shhh…" Elliot took her in his arms trying to calm his daughter down.

It seemed that his efforts were worthless. Kathleen was frantic. She still screamed and tried to push Elliot away.

"Kathleen, listen to me, it's all right… It was just a bad dream. It's all right… Everything's ok… Shhh…" Elliot held his daughter tightly letting Kathleen know that he was there for her.

Elliot was afraid. Afraid of the worst. Anger, fear and concern could be seen in his deep blue gaze.


He tried to talk to her but she couldn't say a word. For a while they were sitting in complete silence. He could feel only her shivering body and quiet sobs.

Elliot wanted so badly to take her pain away, to make everything all right. He just silently cried instead, rocking her to sleep.

"Who… Who, honey?…" he gently whispered into her hair. Sadly, he could hear no answer, only steady breathing of his sleeping daughter.

His little baby was hurt. It was more than he could take.


It was five o'clock in the morning. Kathleen has been sleeping for almost an hour. It was an uneasy sleep though. Her whole body was trembling. Just as Elliot's lips. He held her tightly trying to stop his own tears.

"Dad," he heard a quiet whisper.

"I am here honey, it's all right…" Elliot softly whispered back kissing her hair.

"John," she managed to say in silence.

"Sweetie? What about him?" he felt his heart pounding faster with each moment.

"John." Kathleen repeated. "It's him," she closed her eyes fighting the urge to cry.

It was quiet at first. Neither Kathleen, nor Elliot said a word. He only tightened his grip feeling his daughter fear and confusion.

"What did he do? Just tell me, honey, I need… I need to know," he finally asked obviously searching for the right words. Both of them knew this conversation isn't going to be easy.

Kathleen burst into tears silently cursing herself for telling this to Elliot.

"Isn't… isn't it obvious, dad?" suddenly she stood up and started going towards the door.

"No, honey, wait. Please, Kathleen, just talk to me," Elliot sat on the edge of the bed looking at his broken daughter. She didn't say anything despite her desperate wish to tell him how she felt. Kathleen couldn't deal with it alone, she needed help.

"I can't… I can't, dad, I can't…" she turned around to face her father. Kathleen wasn't crying anymore. "I just can't," with these words she left the room. After a brief moment he heard her steps outside the house.

"Kathleen! Honey, please… Wait!" he ran outside and saw Kathleen going down the street. Elliot rushed after her.

"Kathleen, please! Honey, it's ok," he caught Kathleen and right then she collapsed in his arms.

"It's ok… It's ok," Elliot soothed Kathleen holding her tightly. Only his whispers seemed to calm his daughter down. Kathleen was in pain and so was Elliot. They both stood in the dark and cold night embracing each other, facing their biggest demons.

After a while they went inside not saying a word. It wasn't the right time to talk. Not yet. Neither for Kathleen, nor for Elliot.

"Dad, I'm sorry," Kathleen said eating her breakfast.

"For what, honey?" Elliot asked confused and surprised.

"You know… The running and all…" she looked at him with a hint of embarrassment in her face.

"There's no need to be sorry for that. It's no big deal," he kissed her forehead smiling. It was quiet for a minute. Suddenly Kathleen changed the subject of talking.

"Dad, I… You… need to know," she started nervously, looking down at the table. He sat next to her with a worried look.

Kathleen took a deep breath.

"John… he… he raped me," she hardly managed to say that sentence. Her eyes became wet. "I'm so sorry, dad," she whispered after the moment.


He didn't want to hear these words. Elliot wasn't ready for this though he knew it already. No.

"Son of the bitch! I'll kill him!" his mind finally registered the sentence. Anger overwhelmed Elliot. He didn't even noticed as his fist pounded the table and made Kathleen jump.

"I'm sorry… I'm so sorry, dad," she started to sob looking at her furious father.

"Oh, honey, no… It's not your fault…" he hugged Kathleen feeling her shivering body.

"I'm sorry,"he whispered. "It'll be ok, I promise. It'll be ok…" he stroked her hair trying to chase away his own need to cry.

"I'm so… so scared, daddy," she whispered between the sobs keeping her head buried in her father's chest.

I know, honey… I know.