By Any Means Necessary

Written by wingedleona

I don't own Sailor Moon.

Work was agonizing today, unusually enough. She sat at her little desk, in her little office, surrounded by stacks of papers. She was counting down each second as it passed. 5, 4, 3, 2…1. The moment she was freed from her jail, she grabbed her purse and briefcase, clocked out and bolted, taking the stairs. Narrowly breaking her neck several times, she continued onward, her co-workers flattening against the walls for their self-preservation. She bounded down the steps with the grace of a gazelle…with a broken leg. Finally, she had gotten to her car with a bruised shoulder after slamming into the wall to avoid missing her boss's secretary, who was loaded down with papers. Unlocking it, she cursed under her breath as her shoulder throbbed with a life of its own. It's okay; keep going; you've gotten much worse before, she told herself. She threw her briefcase into the car, wincing at the loud crack the metal clasp made against the glass. Praying that the window wasn't fractured, she peeled out of the parking garage and into the street narrowly missing a red Toyota Camry. She kept going only one destination burned into her brain. LeFarge's.

She must have ran at least three red lights and she knew with a certainty that at least three traffic tickets would be arriving in the mail with her license plate number as proof. Damn cameras. But it didn't matter. Abruptly, she made a sharp right turn, knocking over a federal mailbox, spilling crisp white letters onto the gray pavement. A man pushed a woman out of the crosswalk in order to save her from what he thought would be certain death. Luckily, for his ankles, (which were directly aligned with her tires as he fell), she braked. Crap, she didn't have time for them to get up, she thought. Part of her was shocked at her delinquent and odd behavior, but any reason was overridden by one factor… she was at LeFarge's. So she decided to indulge in one last sin. Unbuckling her seatbelt and fumbling for her emergency lights, she grabbed her purse and dashed out of her car, not even bothering to close the door and take the keys out of the ignition. Let them take her car, she didn't care. This was too important to her. She blindly ran into LeFarge's, knocking a customer flat onto their backside and she ignored their yelp. She dashed into the back, past the dusty bookshelves, pushing a customer, who was in line to pay, forcefully out of her way and into a stacked pile of books. The man lay sprawled on the floor disbelief written all over his face, but she didn't care. This was too important to her.

"The papers!" she gasped to the cashier and owner, her heart pounding desperately. It was a first-edition copy of the Annus Mirabilis Papers by Albert Einstein, signed and dated by the man himself. Ever since yesterday, when she learned that LeFarge's Antique Books had gotten a hold of one of the original copies of her idol's papers, she had been dying to get her hands on them. She had called the owner who had promised to keep them for her until 6:45pm.

"Sold", he said calmly. She immediately made a sound of protest and anguish to rival Usagi on her worst day and looked at her watch. 6:48 pm. Damn it. He studied her for a moment and seemed to take pity on her.

"To the blond customer that you just knocked over", he finished and pointed to the store front. Through the window pane, she caught sight of an unruly, long mane of blond, curly hair before it disappeared. She rushed out of the store, the bell on the door jangling violently at her passing. A single thought passed through her mind. I shouldn't have put on those damn emergency lights.

"M'am, please! Wait!" she howled anguished at the thought of having been so close. She ran after the woman, shouting, "M'am! M'am!". Damn it, she thought. Why won't she turn around? She grabbed the sleeve of the woman only to have her whirl around. "Plea…" died in her throat and Ami stopped breathing.

Leaf-green eyes looked at her, set in a face that was distinctively male. Boy was he pissed off too. Silence. She still clutched his sleeve as she stared down at her shoes; his eyes, somewhere between annoyed and angered, bored into her skull. God, she wanted to die or better yet disappear. Not only did she knock him over on her way into the shop, but she called him a her. She slowly turned red, blushing furiously as she contemplated her next move. The old Ami would have run away. The old Ami would have never even done all those things that she just did in the past ten to fifteen minutes. However, her confidence came from being a sailor scout and from facing down demons, witches, and a slew of monsters. She slowly raised her head and locked eyes with him. Upon contact she turned beet red. But that was different. This…This was embarrassing! She made an attempt to speak.

"G…Gomen nasai", she said apologetically. Heartened by the sound of her voice however small, she hurriedly continued, "The papers, I'll pay you double!", she said as she gripped his sleeve tighter. He looked down at her hand fisting the material of his coat sleeve and slowly raised one eyebrow.

"Triple!", she said turning even redder, but not letting go. He cleared his throat and jerked her hand off his sleeve.

"Dinner", he said, his voice low and rich. His eyes challenged hers. Her face drained of color and before she could stop herself she squeaked out, "Done." Almost immediately, she clapped her hands over her mouth and her heat stopped beating. But it was too late.

He gave a small, engaging grin, replying with, "Martinelli's at 10. Tonight." As he walked away, she couldn't help but think how gorgeous he was and how utterly stupid she felt. She blew her inky blue bangs off her forehead, the universal sign of frustration. She turned around and headed to her car only to find that it wasn't there.

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