Dear Diary

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Chapter One

Ginny sat alone in her room at the Burrow, thinking about what Harry had said to her after the funeral. There was a silence charm placed on the door, and a quill, bewitched to write everything she said, stood quivering on a page in her diary.

"I can't stand this." She said with a bit of frustration hidden away in her voice. "He's treating me like a first year. Doesn't he know that I can take care of myself? I'm going into my sixth year at Hogwarts. I went through the same classes he did!"

The red headed beauty plopped down on her bed. "I know he thinks that he's trying to protect me, but it's tearing me apart. I tried for five years, just to get him to notice me, to see me, to mean more to him then just his best friend's little sister. When we did get together, for that brief period, I was happy. Now it's a chore just to smile."

Ginny stood and walked over to her diary; looked over all that she had said. Then the girl lifted her charm on the quill, closed her book, and quietly walked down the stairs. It was well into the night, everyone was still in a deep sleep, so she decided to go for a walk, to again try to clear her head of any thoughts of the boy she loved. She grabbed her coat and went to the sitting room to get her shoes.

She entered the room, but stopped suddenly. Outside the window there stood two dark figures about a hundred yards away from the house. The people were facing each other at what looked about twelve feet apart, wands pointed at each other. It was too dark outside for Ginny to see exactly who it was.

She ran to the window and mentally cursed the purpose of night. As the figures raised their wands for an attack, the moon came out from behind a cloud and light flooded the battlefield.

Her hand flew to her mouth as she saw the identity the mystery duelists, one was Harry, the boy she had spent all day talking to her diary about. The other was that one woman who took away the last person whom was extremely close to Harry and his parents, Bellatrix Listrainge

She watched in horror as Harry fell to the ground and started twitching. She dropped everything she had in her hands, grabbed her wand, and ran to help the boy she loved.

To be continued…..

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