Dear Diary

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Dear Diary

Chapter 5

The next few weeks, were the best that he could ever remember. Now that he realized that he had a home filled with people that cared for him. And he had a woman, which he knew that he didn't deserve, who cared more for him more then he could even imagine.

Hermione had joined them at the Burrow a little less then a week after Listrainge was caught. Tears welled up in her eyes when she saw Harry; she ran at him and gave a hug with so much force that was knocked down to the ground. "Harry I'm so glad to see you, Ron told me what happened. You could have been killed! Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that you saved Ron and all of them, but you could have really been hurt. Sometimes I wish I could see what goes on in that brain of yours." She sobbed into his shoulder.

Ginny stood a little distance away from Harry and Hermione. Even though her friend was crying, she couldn't stop the twinge of jealously. 'Calm down gin, she just been worried about him, just like you were.' "Hermione calm down." She said mainly because she wanted her to get off him. "He's all right."

Harry saw the look in Ginny's eyes, and gently pushed Hermione off him and helped her up.

"I do have some good news 'Moine" Harry told her as he walked behind Ginny and wrapped his arms around her waist. "We're back together, and we got back together the night I came to save her and her family. So something wonderful happened that night, be glad for that."

"Don't get me wrong Harry; I am glad, I'm also glad that you saved Ron." She added without much thought, as it slowly sank in what she said and her hand flew to her mouth.

"Don't worry Hermione we could already tell, mainly because you were acting so jealous last year." Ginny said giggling

"I was not jealous!"

"And you're a bad liar. If you weren't jealous, what do you call attacking Ron with your little birdie friends, if not jealousy?" Harry added laughing at the memory.

Hermione didn't have an answer. She just walked off. Away from her friends, to the pond to sit and gather her thoughts. "Why do I deny it? I know what lies in my heart. I LOVE Ron. I've loved him since our second year. I could never get up the courage. I can never tell him how I feel." Since she was talking to her self

She jumped as a strong pair of arms rapped around her. "You don't need to tell him, all he has to do is eaves drop on you when you're talking to your self. silly girl."

"Ron!" she gasped as she turned in his arm to look at him. "Eavesdropping is vary rude, Mr. Weasley. Hasn't your mother taught you anything?"

"Well, yea she has, but when do I ever listen?"

"Just shut up and kiss me." She closed the distance between them and kissed him with all the passion that she had built up over the years that she longed for him. A small noise, much like a cough sounded behind them, and they broke apart. Harry and Ginny stood a short distance away. Broad smiles plastered on their faces.

"It's about time." Was the only thing Harry said, as he walked away hand in hand with Ginny.

Ron just sat dumbstruck, but was soon brought out of his daze, as he was forced to lie back on the soft grass and a passionate kiss was planted on his lips. After a few minuets they broke apart, breathing heavily.

"I just got one question, how long?" Hermione asked him.

"Um… I can't really remember. But I can venture a guess to our fourth year, The Yule Ball. Seeing you in that dress, the periwinkle brought out your eyes. You were, and still are, so beautiful. Also you have always been there for me; gotten me out of trouble more times then I could remember. You complete me." He finished kissing her forehead softly. They lost all sense of time as they lay in comfortable silence.

Fred and George were looking for their brother, in hopes to test out some of their new products. Like the new pink eye pastries, and arthritis crèmes. They decided to walk down to the pond in the woods, because they knew that Ron liked to go down there sometimes to gather his thoughts. They turned around a tree and saw two figures lying on the shore. They immediately hid behind the trees.

"Well its about time, isn't it Fred?" George said in a loud whisper.

"That it is George; that it is." Fred whispered back, with a grin on his face. "I got an idea, follow me." He added, and they both ran off to the burrow. They bolted through the door and ran to Percy's old room, which Hermione was staying.

"Fred, what are you planning?" George asked skeptically.

"Oh I'm just helping our brother out with his new girlfriend." He added simply. He raised his wand and pointed it at the closet door. "Paso porta" He said and the closet door rattled. Fred smiled and opened the door and walked through it and came out of Ron's closet.

"Fred you dog." George smiled and clapped his brother on the back.

"DINNER!!!" Mrs. Weasly yelled for everyone. The twins raced each other down the stairs and sat down at the table.

After dinner, Fred pulled Ron aside. "Ron I have done something to help you in our hour of need and no thanks are necessary."

"what have you don't to Me, Hermione, Or my stuff?" Ron sighed.

"I have done nothing to Hermione or you, but come with me." Fred said smiling. He grabbed Ron by the elbow and led him to his room. Fred dashed to the closet and opened it. "After you."

"What do you mean. 'After me'?" Ron questioned. Giving his brother stare that said, 'you have gone off the deep end, permanently.'

"Just walk in the closet." Fred rolled his eyes as Ron walked passed him and through the closet. "git." He added as he followed his dear brother.

"Fred… Thank you." Was all that Ron said, before he walked back through the closet; no doubt to find Hermione.

That night Ron walked through the closet and climbed in the bed with her. And with a kiss they both drifted off to sleep, feeling comfortable and warm.

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