New Girl Full Sum:Katara and Sokka are new toEli High, and Katara is a freshmen. Immeadiatly Guys fall in loves, but Katara falls for one particular guy, who's...difficult
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Waking Up To Highschool

Katara Retaw woke up and 5:30 that morning. She wanted to look extra pretty for her first day of school. She brushed her dark hair in a cultural bun(Like on the show) and wore a dark blue tanktop, jeans, a jean jacket and black boots. After putting on the final touches of make up, she headed down stairs.

"Katara!"Gran-gran called. Her Gran-gran was there because her mom was dead and her father was fighting in a war. Gran-gran walked slowly, and Katara could tell she was aching with sores.

"Are you okay, Gran-gran?"She asked.

Gran-gran smiled and said,"Just a little sore, my back has been aching these last couple of days.

Katara nodded and her brother Sokka Retaw came down wearing jeans and a sweatshirt. She didn't comb his hair, and her looked like he hadn't gotten any sleep. "Let's go Katara."He said, grumpily.

They left and Sokka drove them to school. She was a freshmen and he was a junior, but they both went to Eli Highschool. Sokka went with a girl named Suki.

Katara, being new didn't know anybody. She walked up to a girl and said hi. "Hey, i'm Katara."

"Sup? My names Jun."She ran a hand through her dark hair and smiled,"What are ya?''

"Freshmen." She got a sigh and a "Senior." Back.

However, Jun stayed by her and talked to her. They laughed, and soon they were friends.

A boy walked by them. He was cute, with spiky dark brown hair, and was dressed in baggy jeans and a black T-shirt. He turned and immeatitly looked at Katara.

"Jun, Who's this?"He asked, checking Katara out.

Jun glared at him,"Jet! Stop it! Go away, and this is Katara, anyway!"

Katara turned to Jun the moment Jet left,"Umm..."

"Ex-boyfriend."She replied simply,"Cheated on me."

"Ohh..."Katara replied back.

"Hey, Don't even worry, 'bout me, Katara.''Jun said.

Katara nodded, but for some reason she could feel a pair of eyes gnawing into her back. She turned around and saw Jet, he was with two other boys, and he winked at her, making her feel weird. She turned back around, and right into...

Zuko Erif. He was tall, strong, a HotT, and we was sooo stubborn. This thought came from Jun Drows. She smiled at him. He smiled back, but from what she could tell he was looking straight a Katara. A strike of jealousy sweot over Jun. She had always kinda liked Zuko, and him checking Katara out was not cool.

"Hey, Jun."He said, walking up to her.

''Hey, Zuko! This is my friend, Katara Retaw."Katara heard her name that exact moment and turned and ran right into him.

"Sorry!"She said, a little embaressed as she stood up,"I wasn't paying attention."

Zuko...blushed,"It's OK."He said,"My names Zuko Erif."

Katara smiled,"Hey, are you a senoir?''

"Nah, Junior, i'm guessing your a freshmen?"He asked and recieved a nod from Katara and Jun.

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