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Chapter 1- Homecoming

-11:38 PM-

-JFK International Airport, New York City, Earth-

Life. It's the basis of the universe. Like the sands of an endless desert, each individual grain is almost meaningless, but it's part of the whole, if only a little part. The funny thing about us is, well, that we try to live our lives towards the continuation of life, the desert, even though if we didn't, the universe would probably just keep on going, missing only one grain of sand. We're all just trying to do our parts. Most of us, anyway. Some of us strive under the interest of themselves, putting the whole in danger. So, for the whole, they must be eliminated. That's where I come in. I've killed space pirate after space pirate under this principal. Sometimes, the going gets tough and I'm not sure if I'm gonna make it out. But the next pirate could always be the one who ends up conquering us all. The more I take down, the better chance of the survival of life. So, I keep on fighting. And it is under this principal that I will fight to my death.

This was the gist of the thoughts racing through Samus' head as she entered her starship into the hangar and landed it. Oftentimes, coming from a mission, Samus was overwhelmed by a feeling of patriotic pride. It was a feeling she well deserved.

When she got out of the ship, a man in a black suit stood waiting for her, smirking as she hopped off her ship. "Welcome back, Ms. Aran. I trust you have had a good trip."

Samus released the air latch on her helmet. She took it off, shaking her head and brushing the golden blonde hair out of her face. "Never better."

The man talked as Samus took off the rest of her Chozo suit. "We will be going straight to the Galactic Federation headquarters. Once you talk to your commissioner and make some public statements, you'll be free to leave. I'm sure you're exhausted."

"That's good," Samus said as she took off the torso of the armor and began unlocking the legs. "There are some things I need to ask him anyway."

"Before all that, though, we'll need you to make some statements in the conference room. Not much, though. Just give some straight-forward information and get out of there as soon as you can." He added that last part with a little emphasis.

"Why do you say that?" she asked as she took off the last part of the suit, the legs.

"Because it's hell in there."

"Everyone, please… now, now hold on… but… well… SHUT UP!" Sergeant General Steve Kinto was being asked a thousand questions per second.

One reporter shouted over the noise, "Sergeant General Kinto, are you or are you not Samus Aran's dispatch officer?"

"Yes, I am!" He ruffled a hand through his dark, mangy hair in frustration as his emerald green eyes squinted, dazed from the endless camera flashes.

"So how can you not know about her mission status?"

"I just don't, I don't have the clearance to know at this time."

Another shouted, "Then how much do you know?"

"Look, all I know is, she went to SR388 to give security support to the biologists there, there was an accident involving surgical procedures, and she is alive and well. That's all I know."

"Sergeant General, is there anything you're not telling us that you should?"

"Yes, in fact, there is, and it's that this meeting is over." With that, he stomped off the podium and into the doors behind him.

Once in the hallway, one of his advisors followed him from the conference room as they hurriedly walked past the executive offices. "Sir, what are you doing?"

"I am fed up with this shit, Kelly. I can't stand it anymore."

"Well, I might have some good news for you then."


"We just received word that Samus has landed at JFK airport. She's on her way right now."

Kinto stopped in his tracks. "Oh my God. Are you serious?"

"Uh… yeah, actually."

There was a silence in which the two just stared at each other. Then Kinto heaved a massive sigh of relief. "Well it's about time! Tell the reception to send her up here ASAP, okay?"

"Yes sir."

Kinto, making his way casually to his office, could not help but smiling to himself. He entered his warm, cozy office overlooking New York City on the 74th floor. The window behind his desk didn't make up the whole wall, but was rather wide and stretched from the floor to the ceiling. With his hands together behind his back, he stared out this window through the flurry of snow to the metropolis below him that stretched to the horizon. Many times he stared out this window (which he personally made sure and tested himself that it was completely bulletproof), and it always relaxed him.

He turned around, sat down in his soft, comfy chair, plopped his feet onto his desk, leaned back, and closed his eyes. It was all over now. The hectic conferences, the accusatory news articles, and all the politics that had been beating him relentlessly for the last week or so, was now finally over. Samus was returning from the newly dubbed Operation: Metroid Fusion. Her soft, soothing voice would make everything better….

The door slammed open. "You."

He opened one eye. "Ms. Aran. How nice to see you again, I heard you were—"

She stomped to his desk, leaned over it, and seized his throat with her hands, bringing his face close to hers. "You knew."

"Uh… wha?"

"The metroid experiments. You knew about them, didn't you?"

"The what experiments? I had no idea—"

"Don't you lie to me! I'm serious!"

"All right, all right!" He wrenched her hands off of him, rubbing his neck. "So I may have been informed of certain… goings-on… but I couldn't tell you. Classified information, I hope you understand. You know, you weren't even supposed to find out about it."

Samus sighed. "Yeah…"

"Got that report for me?"

"Yeah, I finished it on the way over here." She indicated a green folder she had brought into the room and tossed onto the table before strangling the good sergeant general.

He thumbed through the folder. "Hmm, looks good… ugh." He stopped on a page that had a photo of Samus being operated on paper clipped to it. "… is this what they meant by being fused with your suit? My God… that's just… gross. Why did you put this in here?"

Samus shrugged. "Visual aid."

"Too visual." He closed the folder and set it on the desk. "I'll look at it later. Does the press know you're here?"

"Not yet. I'm supposed to make some statements though."

Kinto sighed. "I guess I should come too. Man, I just got out of there…" He got up and dragged himself to the door, opening it. "After you."

She smiled. "Thank you." So, together, they went to face the hellish nightmare known as the conference room.

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