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Chapter 2- The Impossible Escape

Suite 309. It was Samus' "official" home. At the GF headquarters, there was a building set aside for accommodations for VIPs, visiting government officials, etc. Room 9 on the third floor was where Samus always stayed during her short breaks in New York City, and the Head of the Accommodations Department, a friend of Samus' from the Space Academy, always kept it open for her.

When she woke up the next morning, she noticed that one of the lights on her laptop on the nightstand was flashing red. It meant she had an e-mail. She opened it up and clicked on the blinking icon, opening up the mail. It was from Sergeant General Kinto.


holding a meeting in boredroom 5 at 1150 hours. some major prrate commandos on the loos and they want us to fallow him. i know yu just got back from sr3388. im sure yu dont mind its probably killing you having nothin to shoot. c yu than

Steven A. Kinto

Sergeant General 2nd Class

4th in command of Wing 935, Commander of Squad 23-E

Samus could not help but laugh at the neatness and formality of the signature as opposed to the sloppiness and poor spelling of the rest of the letter. Her laughter was soon cut short, however, when she looked at the clock and noticed that she had twenty minutes to get ready.


Samus was the last to enter the boardroom. Kinto stood at the front of the room in front of a slide projector. Sitting at the long table were all the bounty hunters in Kinto's squad, 23-E. Sitting near the front was Roger Stamos. He was the youngest one of the group, and often a bit hot-headed. He had untidy brown hair and eyes to match.

Sitting near the middle of the table were K-Vst and Ash Gartison. Soon after Samus went to Aether to help out the Luminoth, the Galactic Federation began to make more ties with the previously isolated Luminoth. K-Vst (who preferred to go by Karen) was one of the first Luminoth to join the GF as a bounty hunter. It was a little comical and a little sad how she tried to fit through doors and sit in chairs designed for the humans, a smaller species.

Ash Gartison was one of the more experienced members of 23-E. He joined the GF at about the same time as Samus, with the same goals, resulting in a sort of rivalry between the two. Somehow, they ended up in the same squad, probably to the humor of the manager of training at the Space Academy.

Ruby Velmina was the newest member of 23-E. She had transferred over from another squad a few months before. She had dark skin, long black hair, and a tall figure. She was a valuable member of the group because of her skill as a swordsperson. And of course there was-

"Ms. Aran," Kinto greeted. "Nice of you to join us. A bit late?"

"I overslept."

"Give her a break, Steve, she just came back from a big mission," Ruby put in.

"Shut up," Kinto said, which was basically his way of saying 'Please be quiet now, the briefing will now begin'. "Anyway, now that everyone's here, we can get started." Kinto turned on the projector and shut off the lights. The first slide was a mug shot of a space pirate. "As you have all probably heard by now, Space Pirate Grand Commando Embers, who was captured and imprisoned at the Galactic Federation Maximum Security Prison on Mars roughly three months ago, has recently escaped and is currently at large." He pushed the clicker. The next slide was an image of a high-tech prison cell. "The walls, ceiling, and floor are made of two-foot thick bendezium alloy. The door to the cell is also made of bendezium, and in addition, the doorway holds an infrared barrier which will immediately combust anything that goes out. It only allows objects to pass through into the cell.

"Each cell in the compound has four cameras inside, four cameras on the other side of the door, cameras watching every square centimeter of the place in regular, thermal, and X-ray vision, and there is a ratio of six guards to every cell in the compound."

"So how did he escape?" Alex asked.

He shrugged. "We have no idea. All we know is that the cameras inside the cell were doctored somehow; I guess it showed the same image of him sleeping on the cot even after he escaped. But, no one opened the door, and even if they did, he couldn't get past the infrared barrier. It is designed so that once it is turned on, it can't turn off. Once you go in, you can never come back out. Ever." Kinto sighed. "Also… he couldn't make it two inches without getting blown to pieces. The strangest thing is, that none of the guards were hurt, and neither the regular, thermal, nor X-ray cameras spotted him. It's like… he just vanished."

He paused for what Samus thought was a shot at a dramatic effect. "Y'all get the point I'm trying to cross here? There's no fucking way out of this prison." The next slide was a picture of a large, luxurious ship. "This is the Hagia Sophia. Not the chapel built in Constantinople."

"Current day Istanbul," Roger put in.

"Shut up, I was about to say that," Kinto snapped. "The builder of this cruise ship was from Turkey, and for some reason or another he named it the Hagia Sophia. Anyway, the ship now belongs to Admiral Antimo, a shady politician from one of the colonies on Mars. Allegations have been stated that Antimo was in league with the pirates, and that this ship is a storage for that lovely little juice we call Phazon. These allegations, uh, were proven false…" He then coughed awkwardly. "Right. Anyway, they're sending squads like us to about anywhere they think this guy is gonna go, and that this ship is a berth for Phazon is an idea that is not really a real problem, but they don't want it to be ignored."

"To top it all off, to keep this guy from expecting anything, this will all be undercover. You all will have new names and identities. Won't that be fun?" He took out four envelopes behind the projector and passed them out. "These are your plane and cruise tickets, personal information, and new IDs. The cruise lasts for seven days in the Caribbean. Everything you need to get there and everything you need to know is in those envelopes. The cruise leaves at 9 o' clock on Sunday. Any questions?"

There were none.

"Okay, then. Meeting adjourned."

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