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Generally speaking, I'm not really one to take notes. In fact, generally speaking, I'm not one to do much of anything in History of Magic. Why Professor Binns even possibly thought I was listening was beyond me.

I sat in an old fashioned desk, absently twirling a quill around so as to mimic a writing motion. Everyone once in awhile I would cast a wayward glance at the large window next to me. Thank Merlin for the last name that put me at the end of the alphabet, and near the window. Satan knows what I'd have done if not for its many forms of entertainment. If I strained my eyes hard enough, I could catch glimpses of students making their way across the grounds during Care of Magical Creatures, or Herbology. You'd be amazed at how much you can learn about people by watching them from afar. It really is quite remarkable. It's like I'm in two places at once! Except, my mind really wasn't there, in History of Magic, but that's beside the point.

On this particular day, I was quite certain that I had seen Ron and Harry walk towards Hagrid's place. I watched them for a while before muttering a vision enhancement charm under my breath. It was indeed Ron and Harry.

The pair was sitting on a large and rather grotesque looking old tree stump, apparently waiting for Hagrid to emerge from his hut and start class. I smiled as I watched the two laugh back and forth. They were quite the duo. At times, I'd swear their laughter was contagious. Course, those were the times that it wasn't dreadfully annoying.

A flicker of movement and a flash of red caught my eye, and my eyes darted away from them. A lengthy blonde boy stood a few feet back, munching on the most gorgeous apple I had ever seen. Or maybe it was him that made the apple look so good. Deciding not to dwell on that thought, I watched as he turned to a few people behind him and smirk. The twit. Did he have to do that? Nonetheless, I swallowed at the sight. I wouldn't be the first girl to think Draco Malfoy was erm…attractive, for lack of a better word, and I'd be damned if anyone knew I was on the list at all.

He inclined his silver head in Ron and Harry's general direction, and took what appeared to be the final bite out of his very red apple. That's another thing about Draco Malfoy. How does he manage to have both silver hair, and silver eyes, yet they are almost entirely different shades? He's ridiculous. Perhaps that was what made me imagine the crunch that final bite had made, the sweet juices washing over his taste buds. I wiped my brow, and stopped myself just short of imagining just how that juice would taste on his sharp tongue.

Gracefully, he tossed the fat core into the air, and caught it again. Upon catching it, he drew his leg up, and drew in his arms, closely resembling a player in one of those muggle sports…what was it called again? Faceball?

He pitched forward, his arm making a long arching stroke that seemed to cut the air as he hurled the monstrous thing towards….

Okay, I laughed. I couldn't help it! Sure, I probably shouldn't have, and sure, Malfoy was still a twit with unnaturally appealing features, but hell, he was the best person in the world at angering my big brother.

For you see, the half-eaten apple had collided, and with more than a significant amount of force, with the back of Ron's head. I really don't know what was funnier; seeing Ron's head endure whip-lash at the impact, and then turn around and become nearly purple upon discovering just what it was that had hit him, or seeing Malfoy nearly doubled over in laughter.

Ron, being the incredibly intelligent big brother he is, spun around madly in search of just who the 'bloody hell' had thrown that apple. Harry, whom had simply stared at him with wide eyes for a moment, seemed to catch on a bit quicker than Ron, and muttered something to him under his breath. Ron's eyes snapped to Malfoy, his face plastered with rage. For a moment, he started to make his way towards him, most likely delusional, but Harry grabbed his shoulders and turned him around, sending a putrid look Draco's way. Draco waved at them. I snorted.

"Miss Weasley, did you have a question?" I jumped ever so slightly, losing my concentration and breaking my vision charm.

"No, sir."

Professor Binns nodded and cleared his throat before continuing his lecture. I stole one more look at the now blonde haired dot out the window before turning my dazed stare to the front of the room to ponder just how brilliant Draco Malfoy had looked eating an apple.

Don't ask why I was so anxious to get to dinner that day. All I know is that as soon as class was dismissed, I subconsciously ambled down the stairs towards the Great Hall. Really. It wasn't my intention to get there so quickly. People were filing in, and I joined the mass. My stomach growled a bit awkwardly, and I looked down at it sheepishly, sending my long red hair into my eyes. I brushed it over my shoulder.

"Really, you had to be there. It was the most hilarious thing I've ever seen in my life! Red hair flying everywhere! Have you seen the moron now? Apparently he refuses to see Madame Pomfrey, so he has this massive welt on the back of his head!" I whirled.

He was about ten feet behind me, give or take, flanked by a few other Slytherin 6th years. My abrupt movement must have caught his attention, for he caught my eye, still smiling slightly from recapping the events to his cronies. I neither smiled nor glared at him, but simply looked.

I suppose he must have found this a bit odd, considering our history. I couldn't really blame him. I found it odd myself.

He stood there for a moment. Maybe he was contemplating my presence. I don't know. I let loose a breath that I didn't know I had been holding, and his slate eyes sparkled. He raised his eyebrows at me, the same remnants of a smile playing on his face.

Okay, cut me some slack. What would you have done? If Ron was your brother, you would have found the situation humorous, as well. Trust me. Draco played no part in it whatsoever.

I nodded, and turned on my heel, entering the Great Hall.

Unless I was very much mistaken, it appeared that Mr. Malfoy and I had just shared a moment.

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