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Ichigo woke up one morning it was almost a year since deep blue was defeated.

Ichigo: what a great morning! The sun is shinning and the birds are chirping. So nice.

Kish: yes its soooo nice, the perfect day.

Ichigo: Kishu!

Kish: ya?

Ichigo: what are you doing here? Back to take the earth? MEW ICHIGO META…

Kish: nooooo I'm not here to fight Ichigo!

Ichigo: then why are you here!

Kish: just her to see my favorite kitten.

Kishu moves in to give her a kiss but Ichigo pushes him away.

Ichigo: Kishu you perv!

Kish: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa my face the pain.

Ichigo: serves you right you perv.

Kish: you are so cruel… I like it (licks his lips)

Ichigo: go away Kishu! I don't want you here! You're an idiot don't you have something to do like… uh getting a life.

Kish: hahaha funny very funny so funny you made me wet myself. Hehehehehehehehehe (he keeps laughing hysterically till he can't breath)

Ichigo: sooo Kishu when do the men in white suits come to take you away to happy camp?

Kish: next week Fri.

Ichigo: OK freak what are you smoking?

Kish: cheese hehe

Ichigo: you need to go.

Kish: nooo I want to stay let me stay let me stay let me stay waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (he throws a big fit)

Ichigo: shut up you idiot you're like a child gosh you ca stay as long as you be quite ok?

Kish: ok kitty.

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