The Uzumaki Chronicles
By Moonraker One

(a large bit of dust comes off as the front cover of the large book flips over, revealing yellow, time-stained pages)

Tale One: Alpha Male

(There is a key: "Words bold and enclosed in semicolons indicates fox-demon speak")

PREFACE – Twelve years ago, Human world, village of Konohagakure

A powerful bolt of lightning, intense enough to fully illuminate the evening sky appeared abruptly and violently, crashing into a tree and fragmenting it in an explosive test of nature's fury, vanishing from sight as abruptly as it had come. This sort of powerful thunderstorm very seldom was seen in Konohagakure, the village hidden in the leaves; at least, Lord Hokage hadn't seen it to this degree in his lifetime. The hidden leaf village's special services would have to inspect the forest and remove downed trees after such a powerful tempest had vanished. The rain soaked the large wooden buildings that were common all throughout the huge, walled-in village of six hundred thousand brave souls.

Several shinobi, returning from their missions dashed quickly in through the gigantic north entrance gate, ensuring that their heads were covered. The last member of a four-man assassination crew entered, and two workers manning the lookout at the base of the village just inside grabbed the corners of the immense wooden structure and slammed the gate shut. One upper-class ninja ,a jounin, who currently had been assigned the task of supervising the north entrance's lookout post that stood along the top of the village walls, took notice of a wounded figure limping. It was doubtful, in his mind at least, that the figure would even manage to reach the gate, judging by the current pace at which she stumbled along. Wasting not even a moment he got on his radio. "This is lookout post three north requesting Special Services," he shouted into the mouthpiece of the handheld. He awaited a crackle followed by a woman's voice. Upon her asking what sort of service he required, he shouted back, "I see a potentially wounded figure. Send ANBU and medical squads immediately." Looking away from his radio just an instant he hastily analyzed her position. "Target is forty yards south of lookout."

The gates flew open not too long thereafter with a medical unit and six masked black ops ANBU shinobi close behind them. The leader, the eldest of the medical squad could scarcely believe what he saw before him. With numerous cuts and scratches, limped a red-haired woman with piercing green eyes and a slightly torn dress. She had long, slender limbs and a protruding pregnant stomach. She yelled for help in a language that none of the shinobi could understand nor had heard before. Finally, realizing that she had not gotten through to them, gathered her breath and stated in broken language, "With child…need…help…" Even without her speaking in their language, they understood.

The Lord Hokage was on site in a few seconds as they brought her into the hospital. A member of the village's medical experts met him outside the operating room. Wiping his blonde hair free of rain, the Yondaime cleared his throat and asked, "What in the hell is going on?"

The medic nin folded his arms, attempting to summarize the situation in a concise form. "A ANBU squad brought in a moderately injured pregnant woman," he explained. "She looks to have been abused, and likely escaped. She's currently in labor." Hokage donned a face mask, some latex gloves and a set of surgical scrubs.

One medic nin overseeing the procedure acknowledged his leader. "My Lord!" he uttered, bowing. "I've never seen anything like this. As the child approaches the birth canal, our equipment seems to get more and more buggy! It's as if the infant is emitting an unstable electromagnetic energy!" The woman, taking sight of Yondaime, instantly became wide-eyed and stricken with fear, but inevitably noticed that he was different from who she was thinking of, and calmed down somewhat. "Come on ma'am!" he yelled. "Another push should do it! Push!"

In compliance, the woman screamed in agony as she gave the hardest push yet, and the child came out. The medical team, at first, breathed a sigh of relief. Good, he's ou…what the FUCK? The main doctor's thought process took a drastic turn as he saw the child. Crying, shouting for dear life, was a blonde-furred kitsune baby with nine distinct tails. It initially seemed impossible for any of them to gather themselves as each of them was as stunned as the next one. However they did their job and severed the umbilical cord. The sounds of their breaths and heartbeats, the illumination of the room, and the smell of blood and sweat made the baby more fearful, as he experienced these senses more acutely than the doctors to a dramatic degree.

Somehow, though, his crying ceased the moment he made eye contact with his mother. ;Who're you?; he cried out, in the same incoherent language that his mother had used earlier. ; Hmm, you must be my mother. ;

; That is correct, my young pup, ; she replied. Carefully examining her baby fox's features she looked just a moment at Yondaime. "You are the leader who told them to help me," she said to him, in her soft yet powerful voice and hope in her eyes. "You name my son." Such was tradition where she had come from.

Yondaime shook his head, stunned. He was highly doubtful he comprehended the situation. "Oh, um…you're sure?" She nodded. "Well, um…" He thought a moment. "How about…Naruto?"

She smiled; such was acceptable. ; You are Naruto, my son. ;

The kitsune blinked. ; I am Naruto, of the bloodline Uzumaki. ; To hear his new name cheered him up. ; I am Naruto! ;

(there is a tear on the page, probably from where a previous reader was careless)

The next morning, in desperate search of an answer, Yondaime entered the room he'd ordered cleaned up for the woman and her child. Taking a seat across from her, he stared at her facial features, marveling at her beauty. She grinned at his captivation. Summoning much courage he collected his thought processes. "Tell me, if I may ask, who are you?"

She struggled with an effective answer. "I am Kyuubi no Kitsune," she introduced. The young kit lay sleeping in her lap as she petted his fur with soft motions. "I escaped the demon dimension at the peak of its civil war." She paused, merely for a moment, to ensure that she held his complete attention; she did. "My husband, the great kitsune demon Kenzo, is both leader of a third of demon world, and also your great ancestor." Her eyes turned cold to think of the demon who'd fathered the child resting in her lap; they contrasted with her smooth, usually bright face. "He was a powerful man but a horrible father. As the progenitor to the bloodline Uzumaki, the most feared and powerful in demon world, he lives only to kill." She stared him directly in the eyes. "For the sake of my child I had to flee."

It struck Yondaime as quite a story for him to digest in one sitting. Several moments passed as he compiled, as best he could, his rational thought. "So," he struggled with the revelation, "my heritage lies in demon world?" A stupid response, yet it was all he could muster.

She nodded. "Surprising it was to see you, young man of blood Uzumaki, because that means that one of your ancestors fled Kenzo's rule as well." She looked down at her child, breathing gently. "I hate to impose upon you, but you must provide a stable environment in which he can grow free of his father." She looked into Yondaime's blue eyes. A somewhat radical idea came to her at once. "You will be his father! Marry me so we can provide a home for him."

He was taken aback. "You…You can't possibly expect me to just marry someone!"

She stood firmly with her position. "Then you will raise him and I will leave. But he will NOT grow up near or like his father." She offered the sleeping kitsune to him and prepared to walk away. He took one look at it and felt guilty.

"W…Wait!" His yell prevented her from handing it to him. "I…fine. I'll marry you." He cleared his throat. Immediately his "official business-only" aura came about. "However, it is only due to the current situation, and my virtue as Hokage prevents me from taking up sexual relations with another man's wife."

She smiled and faced Naruto at herself. ; I knew he would not resist, ; the baby kit told Kyuubi.

; You've got a new home, Naruto! ; She thought of such a prospect. ; Now, you just have to learn human speak! ;

For the moment, at least while she stroked his fur, the world was right.

(the chapter ends with a spilled liquid stain)