Half Woman

How it all started

One stormy night in the year 1600 hundreds Dante lay in bed in labour, doctors and nurses where delivering her baby of course, minutes later she gave birth to baby Envy

"Congregation Mrs Dante it's a boy, but we need to do some tests on him to make sure he's healthy"

Hours later

"Mrs Dante your son is half girl he has a womb" The Nurse hands Envy to Dante

Years later as Envy grows and reaches the age of 18 he caught mercury poisoning and died a few days later, Dante never told her son that he was half girl but she knew he'll find out him self. as Envy's father tries to bring Envy back to life, he ended up creating something not human, it was their son still but he no longer had blond hair it was now green, he looked a little like a palmtree with the hair style, Envy was now a homunculus.

400 years later

Envy was now living with, four sins Lust, Sloth, Wrath and Gluttony. Greed was his rival and pride was working for the military. Dante still lived on she takes over other peoples bodies so she can continue living.

One night Envy went out and got drunk but Ed also did the same the next day Envy woke up finding him self naked with Ed sleeping on top of him, Envy pushes Ed off him and puts his clothes on quick and then kicks Ed. Ed wakes up ad sees envy but Envy does a runner before Ed said anything, Ed then finds that hes naked too.

To Be Continued