The Benefits

Timeline: Season 2, 'The Dark Ages'

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Jenny Calendar looked into Sunnydale's main library, the High School library, and tortured herself with more thoughts of going in there and resurrecting her relationship with the sexy fuddy-duddy she knew to be in there.

She had thought about Xander's words ever since he'd come to her, and was trying to convince herself to go to him, to embrace him…but, she couldn't. She knew that they had betrayed their most loyal friend, and that had stung her opinion of them very much…she'd chosen to side with Xander, and did not regret that, but, more to the point, she was worried what the young man would think if she were to engage in a relationship with Rupert. She knew, intellectually, that he would be ok with it, he'd suggested it, after all, but…what if his mind saw it as a betrayal, even after his words?

She felt so silly, hesitating to ask a man out, simply because she was worried about a teenager's feelings…yet, here she was, worrying about a teenager's feelings. She missed the old days, when she'd stopped being around him because of what Eyghon had done to her. More often, she missed the days when she could go out with him for no reason other than wanting to.

She sighed and turned around, realizing that she was not yet ready to talk to her love interest.


"Hey, Miss Calendar," Jenny looked up as she heard the familiar voice enter her room, and smiled as she saw Xander.

"Hi, Xander," she greeted him, "What can I do for you?"

"I need your help," he smiled at her, "See, some friends of mine have a metal shop inside their yard and, well, we want to find a way to keep it protected from vampires and such. Do you know of any spells?"

"What, the no invitation doesn't cover it," Jenny asked.

"No one lives there," Xander said to her.

"Hmm…there are some protection spells that could work well," Jenny stated, going over to her computer and pulling up a site by heart, "…Yeah, this one should work well enough. It blocks demonic entities from entering the area, unless they have permission from you. Sort of like the vampire invitation clause."

"Great," Xander said, writing down the site address on a piece of paper, "And, Miss Calendar…I thought you'd like to know that…I'm kind of building a group up."

"Really," she asked, she'd rather thought that he would work solo, "I'm surprised, and impressed. Do you think you can lead a group?"

Xander felt a moment of anger at her words, but, dismissed it as needless. She was asking because of the way Buffy's leadership skills may have impacted on him, and with good reason. Unlike Giles, she wanted to help him both in the field and on a mental level, but refused to be cowed by him.

"I'm not sure," he answered, "But, I'm willing to try."

"…Well, I think that's a wonderful idea, then, Xander," Jenny said, "Who knows? One day, Rupert may miss a threat."

"That's something else I wanted to ask you, Miss Calendar," Jenny nodded, beckoning him to continue, "…I'd like you to be a part of it. See, we need a witch and someone who knows a lot more about demons than I do, so…"

"…You mean, be your Watcher," Xander snorted at that, but, he understood her reference, so, he nodded all the same, "I don't know, Xander…Rupert's always been the one to do all that."

"But, Giles doesn't need to be working for Buffy and me at the same time," And he might not, Xander thought, "It'd be too much for him."

Jenny sighed, realizing that he was absolutely right about that. Still…she'd never really helped advise a group before…except occasionally with Buffy's group, and then, she'd known that there was an expert there, able to back her up.

But…she knew that Xander would go on with this, without her help, if necessary…

And, it would be a way to secure in his mind that she was on his side, and allowing her more leeway with Giles.

"…I'm in."


A week passed.

Buffy made another attempt at following Xander, though outside of school, so as to not bring down the wrath of the Cordettes upon her. Rumors of her lesbian/steroid-abusive/psychopathic nature had spread like wildfire throughout the school, amply aided by the one and only Queen C. Already, she'd had a few lesbians come and ask her out, all of whom had just knowingly shaken their heads when she'd said she was straight.

Just because she had no visible boyfriend didn't mean he wasn't there…and, to her credit, he was there, just not in the daytime.

Angel continued to brood, like he always did.

Giles had gone to both Xander and Jenny, asking for forgiveness in his role in the young man's leaving their group…Xander had accepted, only because he could tell that Miss Calendar was having issues in asking him out, and had hoped to be rid of those issues. Fortunately, Jenny, instead of forgiving him, asked him out.

Willow had secretly prepared the spell, and was planning on unleashing it after the career fair ended. She was beginning to get nervous, before, it had been something to dream about, but, now that it was beginning to come to fruition, she was wondering if she'd made the right decision…then, she'd remind herself of how much she missed Xander, and how much she wanted him. That took the fear out of her mind.

Susannah had begun learning magic underneath Jenny's tutelage, more as a way to gain a concept of both mystical and modern healing, and as a way to block the memories of Halloween night out of her mind. She had also been interested far too much for Xander's liking when he'd informed the group of the rumors spreading about Buffy. He was worried that her experiences that night had made her abandon the male sex, but, if that was her reaction, he had no choice but to accept it.

Of course, it could easily have been the fact that she was still pissed at the Slayer for calling her a demon that one time, but, his male mind hadn't really considered that possibility yet.

Timothy had already collected several lights that operated on different parts of the UV spectrum, so, they were going to test them out on the first vamp they captured. He'd also come up with designs for the stake machine gun that would be mounted atop the truck, which was starting to take a much more real shape due to the foursome's work on all his projects, most of which had been shifted for use in the field.

Sam had begun teaching Timothy how to use the sword, along with instructing him on her knowledge of sword design and other weaponry she knew of. She'd also raided her father's armory, and moved some of the weapons to Timothy's workshop. He'd talked to his father, who, along with Xander, Timothy, and Sam, would add on another three rooms, along with another level, one which would be used to store weaponry. The four would also work on a lower level, one that they would keep secret, just in case things got a little too hot.

Jenny, meanwhile, had performed the spell the protect their HQ, effectively protecting it from any more invaders. She'd also preformed a few protection spells, one for each of them, and herself. She'd offered them to Rupert, but, Buffy had refused them.

Their surveillance of Fiend had produced frightening results. Vamps used it as a feeding ground, much the same way as they did the Bronze, but, they were a Hell of a lot smarter. They stayed in groups of four, three at the least, sometimes two if it was a slow night…the sad part was who was running it. A human named Wilson was in charge of the club, and he had a long-standing deal with the vamps that his club could be used, but, they couldn't take more than fifteen one night.

Garrett, as Sam had identified him on the second night of surveillance, used the club frequently, congregating in some secret, underground room with his lieutenants. Fortunately, none of them had noticed their watching them.


"Here we go, Timothy," Xander said, him and Sam dragging a severely beaten and unconscious vampire with them, "Tie him down, and we'll try out your UV's on it."

Timothy nodded and grabbed his flashlights, all of which held a certain UV signature, one which he had written onto tape on the side of the flashlights.

Sam and Xander had already restrained the vampire to his table, near his circular saw, where they could easily dust it, if necessary.

Timothy started off with UVC, light which projected UV rays at under 280 nm. That was ineffective, doing nothing but illuminating the vampire. He moved on to the UVB, light that projected UV rays at 298 nm, almost right between 315 and 280, which he figured would be safest if it was that spectrum. No dice.

So, he moved on to UVA, at 348, right between the two…this time, the vamp began to burn, not much, but, enough to make it wake up. Xander and Sam restrained the creature, holding it down as it struggled against the burning sensation.

"Go higher," Xander said.

Timothy nodded and put the light away, getting out a 380 nm beam of light…the vamp burned up quickly, forcing the two to let it go and watch as it became ash.

"I'm impressed," Sam said, "I really didn't think we'd be able to do that."

"Another weapon for the good guys," Xander said, "I'll give Giles the info, let Buffy decide whether or not to use it."


"I got the headlights with the 380s," Timothy was saying to Xander about the motorcycles, all of which he'd replaced the lights for, "I've also been working on a way to add weapons on, without attracting much attention."

"…The only thing that I can think of is wooden spikes, but, like you said," Xander put in, "It'd draw too much attention."

"We'll figure something out," Timothy said, "So…what are we going to do about that club?"

"Level it to the ground, eventually," Xander said, "But, not before we kill Garrett. I'm not willing to trust a vampire to die in a fire. Plus, I think Sam could benefit from seeing her undead father rest in peace."