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The girls headed off to start their second fashion show, this time without Cho, for she had passed on, and without Lavender because she was unconcious on the floor of Alicia's suite.

"Alright, girls!" Alicia cried over the loud sound of the wind rushing by her. They were outside on the deck of the boat for their next fashion show – for fancier clothes – and it was windier than ever. "You are now officially Four Score and Seven Minutes Ago we Had Two More. Time to start our next fashion show!"

The girls cheered as Alicia made her way down the "runway" and they followed in groups of two. Hermione and Ginny were first, Hermione wearing a long, thin blue dress with a diamond-encrusted halter, while Ginny was in a long, solid, strapless green gown. The walked slowly down a portion of the deck, their faces completely straight, pausing every few feet to pose for the camera.

Next and last were Pansy and Parvati. Pansy was in a lacy white dress that swept the floor, with jewels for straps that deliberately fell off her shoulders. Parvati was in a strapless gold dress with fluffy, straight layers all the way down from her waist.

After the very short fashion show, Alicia had much more planned for the girls. First they interviewed a group of American girls traveling on the boat. Then they sampled some of the food from several of the restaurants. After that, they went for a swim in the boat's outdoor swimming pool.

"Okay, Four Score," Alicia said as they got out of the pool. "Now we're going to interview the winners of the latest game of Trivial Pursuit!"


Now Time for a Commercial Break

Blaise sat in his room eating a hamburger. "Wow, this hamburger is so dry!" he complained.

Suddenly, The Photographer popped out from behind a curtain. He grabbed Blaise and did something weird to his neck while making a strange noise with his mouth. He exposed a bottle full of a thick, white liquid.

"Eat ketchup," he advised. "Made from real human blood. I mean potatoes…"


Now back to the show!

The girls gathered in the room they first met in to talk to the winners of the Trivial Pursuit game. Every morning, the boat held a Trivial Pursuit competition, so Alicia decided it would be a good idea to interview the winners.

"We heard that you three did something very special today!" Alicia said happily.

"Well, I took a really big poop this morning…" one of the men said.

Hermione made a face, but none of the other four girls seemed to notice the disgusting comment.

"We won the game of Trivial Pursuit," one of the guys said.

"How exciting!" all the girls expressed in unison.

"But it was our lowest score yet," the same man repeated. "We got twenty out of twenty-five right, but yet we won."

"Interesting," Alicia said uninterestedly. "What are your names?"

"Larry, Moe, and Curly," the first man said.

"Oh, how silly," Alicia said, noticing the stupid reference.

"What was the winning question?" Parvati asked.

"What is the name of the fourth Musketeer?" the third man said. "Do any of you know the answer?"

"D'Artagnan," Hermione answered simply.

"That's right!" the third man said.

"What did you get for winning?" Ginny asked curiously.

The first man held up a card upside down. "I got this nifty certificate," he explained.

"Awesome!" Ginny exclaimed.

"Well, we should be going now," Alicia said. "Congratulations on your win!"

"Thank you," the second man said.



A girl approached the captain in the navigational room of the boat.

"I need you to change course," she requested.

"Um, I'm sorry I can't do that," he explained.

"Why not?" she asked.

"Because… I can't," the captain said.

"Please change course," she said. "The ship will hit an iceberg and sink otherwise!"

"Alright then, if you say so," the captain agreed. "But I'm warning you, it's going to be rough waters ahead."

"Good," the girl responded.

The captain dramatically turned the steering wheel of the boat. The girl cackled.



Now Time for a Commercial Break

"Here at Apples and Bananas farms we grow delicious, fresh apples and bananas," Apples and Bananas explained. He was sitting on the edge of a bed holding an apple and a banana in each hand. "So next time you go to the grocery store, pick up some Apples and Bananas brand apples and bananas. They sure will light up the fruit bowl in your kitchen." He took a bite of the apple. "Good apples." He took a bite of the top of the banana peel. "Good bananas."


Now back to the show!

After a busy day, Four Score and Seven Minutes Ago we Had Two More plus an unconcious Lavender, Alicia, Apples and Bananas, the Photographer, Blaise, and Ron were all sitting in one of their various rooms coloring. The channel that only showed where the boat was on its course across the Atlantic was playing on the TV screen. Suddenly Pansy glanced up at it. Something was missing.

"Wait a minute," she said.

Alicia looked up. "Where - ?"

"We're off the map!" Pansy cried.

Everyone's heads shot up. Chaos erupted.

"AAAHHH!" everyone screamed.

"We're off the map!" Pansy repeated.

"We're all gonna die!" the Photographer screamed.

"Where are we!" Ginny shouted.

"The ship is sinking!" cried Parvati.

The all ran toward the bathroom where the life jackets were stored. Ron had to pull them down because he was the tallest. Ginny tried to open the door but it wouldn't open. Hermione screamed. Pansy grabbed it and started fidding with the lock. She couldn't open it. Finally it was Alicia who saved that small portion of the day. As they started leaving, Lavender regained conciousness.

"Wait for me!" she said, following them out the door.

They were flung against the walls of the hallway as the ship rocked unsteadily back and forth. Whoever that mysterious girl was who advised the ship to change course certainly had no idea what she was talking about. The captain was right in sayingi that there were rough waters ahead, because these waters were anything but calm.

They made their way about the ship, falling with every step they took. When they passe the synogogue, Alicia flung herself inside to pray. Pray for safety and pray for the boat to stay afloat until they reached England safely.

Apples and Bananas tripped and fell to the ground for what he felt should be the last time.

Hermione looked back and saw him, collapsed on the ground. "You have to keep going," she said. "Apples and Bananas, you have to keep going." He didn't respond. "Harry," she said.

He looked up.

"Come on."

He pulled himself off his feet and continued making his way through the steadily sinking ship.

The ship rocked powerfully and Lavender fell over the banister down several flights of stairs. This time she was really dead.

But they all met a fateful end. Unfortunately none of the Fashion Cruise survived the ship's crash. Maybe it was something that would go down in history, like the Titanic. Or maybe it was something that they'd just end up recovering hundreds of years in the future. One person, however, did survive. The murderer.

Ginny Weasley stood at the end of one of the few lifeboats that she was lucky enough to get into. She looked at her culprits. "Hahaha," she said to herself, "The murderer strikes again."


Now Time for a Documentary Break

It was a closeup of an embellished "B"; the logo for the Boston Red Sox.

"This is the hat," a voice said. "Not just any hat, but the hat of a legend. Apples and Bananas has faithfully worn the hat of his favorite sports team for as long as he can remember. He may be from a completely different country, but he is a fan nonetheless. This hat represents strength, courage, loyalty, compassion. Everything someone wants in a fan. It all belongs to this hat."

The camera angle switched to one focusing on the back of the hat; two white and red socks.

"This hat will forever be known as the one, the only, Apples and Bananas' Red Sox hat. Adieu."


And now back to the show!

"Welcome back to BBC Eleven. I am Hannah Abbot," Hannah said seriously into the camera once more. "I bet you're wondering whether this unfortunate story is true or false, fact or fiction. Well, I'm unhappy to say that a similar story happened to a group of witches and wizards on a somewhat similar 'fashion cruise' of sorts several years ago. However, it is unknown whether or not one specific person caused the sinking to occur, although the location in which the ship was found was very far off course. Thank you for joining me for this edition of Stories: True or False? Fact or Fiction? I'm Hannah Abbot. Thank you and good night."


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