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Chapter 11: Goodbye Pretzel

The hams could not believe that they had been with Pretzel for an entire month! Sure, it was probably the worst month in their lives but, a whole month, WOW! Pretzel was the only one who actually cared, and he put on a suit and tie for the occasion. Unfortunately, he had also put his fur in several little pigtails, making him look like an overly excited three year old.

"Pretzel so honored to be the head poncho!"

"You meant head honcho." Maxwell corrected.

"No, I meant I like blueberry pie!" Cinnamon joined him in chanting. Suddenly, a large knock on the door caused all the hams to jump about a mile, except for Pretzy and Cinna, who leapt on top of Maxwell in fright.

"You haven't got anymore siblings, do you, Pretzy?" Boss asked him before he opened the door. After Pretzel told him no, he tipped open the door. A large old woman stood outside, with cream colored fur and a large bandana tied round her neck.

"Hello" said the woman, stepping inside and looking around "I was wondering if you had my Pretzel and Cinnamon, they disappeared a while ago."

"Finally!" Boss shouted. "Here they are mam!"

"My name is…"

"Lemme guess," Stan interrupted. "With your children's names, I'm gonna guess that you're Honey Mustard Teriyaki?"

"Well, yes." The lady told them, as Pretzel and Cinna climbed onto their shoulders. "Have they been good?"

"Well, err, um…" The hams had no idea what to say.

"Pretzel, Cinnamon," she scolded them. "This is the last time I let you two leave the yard without your medicine!" She took out two small pie-shaped pills and plopped them into their mouths. Their expressions changed quickly from crazy and demented to sweet and loving. Pretzel and Cinnamon turned to the ham-hams and spoke quite clearly.

"We're sorry that we were so bad."

"The hams were dumbfounded. All they could do is stare as Mrs. Honey led them by the paws out through the door. Before Pretzel stepped through the doorway, Bijou had a sudden urge.

"Au revoir, Pretzel, goodbye!" She called. Pretzel turned his head, the same crazy expression the hams had grown accustom to on his face, and he spoke to Bijou.

"Pretzel bye, too.

Pretzel bye too.

Bijou goo goo!"

With that, his face went back to properness, and he crossed the doorway, shutting the door gently behind him.

"What zee ham was zat." Bijou asked the hams.

"I…I think he was saying goodbye to you, Bij." Hamtaro responded.

"You know," Howdy told them "He's grown on me, Pretzel has."

"Yeah," Cappy agreed. "I think I might actually miss them."

"Really?" Sandy asked.

"Nope" Cappy grinned, as the hams entered the kitchen to enjoy, what they hoped would be, a permanent Pretzel free dinner.

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