The Next Problem

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Chapter 1: The Unexpected

(5 Years Later- After the first fic)

He walked around looking listlessly at the white walls. All white walls. He barely remembered anything about himself. Suddenly he felt a pain pierce through his head.

A black haired male and redheaded female walked tentatively into a motel. One behind the other……


"What?" a voice asked suddenly and the black haired male and red headed female jumped upward on the bed, "you thought you could hide this from me Kiva?" he demanded.

"Coop I….," Kiva tried to explain.

"Get dressed!" Coop ordered and Kiva squeaked…….


"I've decided to divorce Kiva and I wanted to talk to you," Coop said formally as a black haired male stood by the door with a look of surprise, "may I come in?" he asked.

The black haired male looked suspicious and hesitant. Then he sighed and stepped aside.

"Sure," he said.

"Thanks Jamie," Coop said as he stepped in, "this decision will change your life forever."

"Ahhhh!" he screamed as the memories flashed in his head once again.

Soon he was on his knees sobbing and screaming from the pain in his head.

"Doctor! Doctor!" a nurse cried upon seeing who was screaming, "it's #72075 again."

"No surprise," a blonde haired man responded.

"What do I do Dr. Ross?" the nurse asked nervously, "it's my third day," she added nervously.

"Just leave him there," Dr. Ross said dismissively, "everyone else has," he told her.

"Isn't that against policy?" the nurse asked him.

"Do YOU want to deal with him Nurse Trin?" Dr. Ross asked pointedly.

Nurse Trin looked over at the man only known as #72075 dressed in the navy blue cotton shirt and pants all patients wore along with their number on the left side of the shirt at this private Asylum. #72075 was now thrashing and screaming and tearing at his black hair.

"He stops, right?" Nurse Trin asked.

"Of course he stops," Dr. Ross responded, "he has to run out of energy sometime," he said and rolled his eyes.

"Oh," Nurse Trin said softly and her reddened face showed that she was embarrassed, "how come he doesn't have a name?" she asked suddenly.

"The person who sent him here requested that #72075 only be called by his number," Dr. Ross said formally, "and please do not question me any further about this patient," he added.

"Yes Doctor," Nurse Trin said humbly.

"I'm going to get some coffee," Dr. Ross said in a bored voice, "coming?" he asked when he noticed that Nurse Trin wasn't following him.

"I'll get something later," Nurse Trin told him without looking back at him (Dr. Ross).

Dr. Ross looked at both the patient and Nurse Trin. His eyes shrunk down to suspicious angry slits.

"Don't stay too long," Dr. Ross said as he turned and walked away, "he might burst your eardrums."

"Ass whole," Nurse Trin muttered after she was sure Dr. Ross was out of earshot.

How can he (Dr. Ross) be so heartless towards the poor guy? I wonder what drove him (#72075) to insanity? Hmph, maybe the jerk who sent him here and refuses to allow him to have a name. (Nurse Trin's thoughts)

Nurse Trin carefully walked up to #72075 and stood over him.

Fifteen minutes later he stopped thrashing and screaming. He lay still on the floor sobbing and hiccupping.

Nurse Trin looked at #72075 with a lot of pity.

"You really deserve a name," Nurse Trin said to herself, "hey," she said to him, "hey," she repeated more firmly.

#72075 soon looked up fearfully and saw a kindly petite brown haired nurse staring down at him. He now cried soundlessly.

"I'm Nurse Trin," Nurse Trin introduced herself, "I'm new," she added.

"New?" #72075 asked.

"Yes," Nurse Trin said with a laugh, "do you know who you look like?" she asked suddenly.

#72075 just looked at her blankly.

"You probably don't understand me," Nurse Trin said disappointedly.

"Who I look like?" #72075 asked her.

Nurse Trin looked at him in surprise. From what she had heard #72075 didn't understand anything and was completely insane and prone to random acts of violence.

But he's so calm now and innocent. Who could he harm? (Nurse Trin's thoughts)

Suddenly #72075's face contorted hatefully and he attacked Nurse Trin and started to choke her.

Eventually Nurse Trin stopped clawing at #72075's hands and soon went totally limp. #72075 still continued to choke her for nearly three more minutes.

Then he took her by her feet and dragged her away.

(Four Hours Later)

Doctors stood over the body of a young adult in her red underwear. Her head was cushioned by a blue patient's uniform and her light brown eyes were barely open. Her tanned Caucasian skin looked a little paler and visible bluish bruises were on her neck. Her shoulder-length dark brown hair looked like it was neatly brushed back and she looked like someone gently set her in the janitor's closet in a sitting position.

"She just couldn't leave him alone," Dr. Ross said darkly, "Remy Trin was always an idiot," he muttered angrily.

"What will we do with her Daniel?" another doctor asked Dr. Ross.

"Dump her in that red dumpster on the outskirts of the city near to her apartment," Dr. Ross instructed, "make it look like a robbery," he added.

"What about #72075?" the only female doctor standing there asked.

"He's Coop's problem now Dr. Rumanaki," Dr. Ross responded, "we were paid to hide him and keep him from remembering ANYTHING," he reminded her, "we told Coop that we won't take any responsibility if he escaped."

"Plus this is the thirteenth person he's killed," Dr. Rumanaki added.

"Yes, his split personality is becoming more violent," Dr. Ross said, "and worse," he continued, "unlike our patient #72075, Jamie," he said, "his split personality Rage remembers everything."

The other doctors solemnly agreed on the seriousness of the matter.

"Well Rage will be after everyone Jamie hated or felt anger towards before he died and was brought back to life a year after by a crazed fan who more than dabbled in Satanism and Witchcraft," Dr. Ross said simply, "and Rage will also kill that woman Jamie loved before he died because he also hates Jamie as well," he added.

"He was weak," Rage snarled as he struggled against the chains that kept him on the bed as Dr. Ross stood over him, "he allowed Coop to take away everything that mattered most to him," he said, "even his very life."

"But what about Kiva?" Dr. Ross asked, "why do you hate her?" he wondered.

"She's a selfish whore who wouldn't leave that horrible husband of hers because he was so handsome and rich," Rage declared, "plus," he said with a grin, "Jamie loves her," he added.

"So you still allow Jamie to see everything you do?" Dr. Ross asked as he wrote on his clipboard.

"Yes," Rage said, "I want him to see everything."

"Because you want to break him," Dr. Ross said suddenly.

Rage looked at Dr. Ross in surprise for a moment. Then he broke into loud laughter.

"You sure ARE smart Dr. Ross," Rage said and continued to laugh, "I want to be free."

"Jamie keeps you from that?" Dr. Ross asked since Jamie was the polar opposite of Rage and couldn't even fight Rage from taking over at leisure.

"He fights," Rage said, "he's weak, but he fights."

Dr. Ross rubbed his temple at the headache that memory sometimes gave him.

"Deal with the body," Dr. Ross ordered firmly, "I'll deal with security so that if Rage runs out of thrill and revenge kills," he said darkly, "he doesn't come back here for us," he said, "and succeeds," he added.

"Well he did first appear four months after Jamie came here," Dr. Rumanaki pointed out, "unlike Jamie, this is his first time on the outside."

"But he has Jamie's memories," Dr. Ross countered, "Jamie doesn't."

Chapter 1

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