The Next Problem

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Chapter 5

Rage ate a cheeseburger while the little boy chewed on chicken nuggets.

"You like the meal Kris?" Rage asked.

Kris nodded enthusiastically. He understood that Rage was the angry and rarely nice one. And Jamie was the quiet calm one. It was Jamie's body but he shared it with Rage. To him it was like having two friends, except one could kill you as soon as smile at you.

"Is he your son?" a lady asked walking up.

Rage stiffened.

The lady saw the look on his face and hurried away.

"Hey," a waitress chided, "you can't scare away customers."

"What about those who are nosy busy bodies?" Rage snapped, "can't the kid and I eat in peace?" he demanded.

"Oh, of course," the waitress realized, "I apologize, carry on," she said and fled.

As soon as they finished Rage ordered two chicken and a pasta meal to go. Then they left and walked straight to a trailer park. Rage walked up to a trailer and knocked. A huge man in soiled mechanic uniform answered.

"I got some food if you have a place for me and the boy tonight," Rage offered.

The man looked at the bags of food. It was obvious that he was starving.

Rage pulled out a soda and gave it to him.


The man took it and finished it in a few gulps.

"Come in," he said with a loud belch, "name's Lou Cornwall."

"I'm Larry and this is Caleb," Rage said giving false names.

"Caleb, eh?" Lou said looking at the little boy, "got a teenage son named Cain, what are the odds?"

"Who would've guessed?" Rage said stepping on empty cartons and half finished lunches, "great man pad, the miss visits?" he asked after tilting old food right off the rickety table.

"No," Lou said and laughed, "son helps me clean when he comes by during the summer," he said bitterly, "bitch made regular visits impossible by moving to Canada, never marry a foreigner," he warned.

"Canada's foreign?" Rage joked and soon both men were laughing, "she one of those who run for their birth place after being away ten years?"

"Try over twenty, she moved to America when she was five years old," Lou said, "sounded American and everything, then I caught her doing dope and got custody of Cain."

"What happened?"

"Heh, me being a nice guy I allowed her to take him to the ice-cream store unsupervised," Lou started, "she had been clean over a year," he explained, "and how does she than me, she drags him screaming to an airport in less than an hour," he said venomously, "from the videotape at the airport, you could tell he was in distress."

"But those lazy airport workers did nothing," Rage said nodding.

"It took me four years to get him back to America," Lou continued, "by then he hardly recognized me, his mom had said I died in a drug bust gone bad," he said, "kid had to find out it was all a lie at school."

"Rough," Rage said.

"He likes me alright but he loves Canada," Lou said sadly, "said he had a girlfriend, his soul mate, up there," he said, "at twelve, can you believe that?" he asked, "anyway, he hoped I could forgive his mother because she just wanted him around," he continued, "I bit my tongue and kissed him on the head. He's fifteen now and I don't regret doing that at all."

"Better than cussing his mother in front of him," Rage said and Lou agreed, "glad he still likes you."

"I know it could be worse," Lou admitted, "if he had hated her, no way would I let him go back but he loves her and his new family; especially his step-dad."

"Got one of those, huh?" Rage noted, "he has a big-time job?"

"Plastic surgeon," Lou confirmed, "he's never left Canada since birth, has three kids and an ex who is blind and has learning disabilities," he said, "poor woman stood no chance at custody."

"Food's set," Rage announced, "hope you like pasta, fried chicken, plain rice, rolls and soda."

Lou's eyes widened at the spread.

Kris giggled and climbed unto a dining chair.

Neither started eating until Lou took the first bite. He sighed in content and dug in.

Rage laughed and Kris only started eating after he died. When they were done, Lou led him to his son's bedroom. It was surprisingly immaculate. It had a twin bed, a tv on a stand, a small empty table and a tiny closet.

"Good, right?" Lou asked grinning.

"Hell yeah," Rage agreed, "the little one and I are eternally grateful."

"Glad to know," Lou said and waved at a grinning Kris as he walked out.

"I like him," Kris said as Rage checked the room for bugs or cameras.

"He's fine," Rage said, "no gloves tonight."

Kris smiled since that meant Rage wouldn't kill Lou.

"It's only for tonight," Rage warned.

Kris nodded and as soon as Rage was set up, they turned on the television and lay in bed.

Late in the night Jamie woke up. He was surprised to be in what seemed to be somewhere other than a motel. He gently woke Kris up.

"Kris, where are we?"

"My name's Caleb today," he responded.

Jamie groaned.

"You're Larry and we're staying at Lou's, he's a car fixer man," Kris explained.

"Mechanic," Jamie translated, "how long are we supposed to stay?"

Kris thought hard. "How long do you want to stay?"

"Is the guy weird, creepy, anything like that?" Jamie asked and Kris said 'no', "a few days I guess," he decided.

Kris grinned; Lou was worth Rage's anger. He reminded Kris of Brian. Rage killed him and he missed the cross dressing handyman.

"Don't know his face," Kris prayed and went to sleep.

(Earlier at The Public Library)

James sat at the library reading newspaper articles. He'd discovered the truth of his mother cheating on their father and the unsolved murder of Jamie. The papers mostly said it was likely a deranged fan or some angry boyfriend of a girl he slept with.

"So my mother slept around with this Jamie character," James realized, "and look black hair," he noted, "Julie, Kina, looks like I found your daddy."

Now all I have to do is get back in my father's good graces. He has no kids; he must want someone to carry on his name after he's gone. Maybe I'll speak to his parents first. God, I've never met any of my grandparents. (James thought)

This only made him hate his mother more than ever. She took everything from him. The chance to know anything about his biological father and relatives on his side. His mother's were all dead according to her. She took away his chance of them all being a real family. They were all a family of bastards thanks to her. Just because she chose to have a lover. A dead lover now.

"If he were still alive, I'd kill him myself," James snarled, "probably got murdered by an angry boyfriend or jilted girlfriend," he concluded, "serves him right either way."

"James?" Goat called from a few rows down, "we have to leave kid."

"Damn it," James muttered and moved quickly to hide his research.

And I'm definitely changing my name when I get older. Don't need to be a genius to guess who she named me after. Maybe Gordon, Marcus or Carl. (James thought)