Inuyasha's in a field fighting one of the BILLION enemies that he's already faced. But oh my goodness this time he's stronger. The bad guy hits Inuyasha and Inuyasha falls down.

"Inuyasha…….", Says Kagome
"Wuhahaha I'm so strong", says the bad guy
"Damn I have to protect Kagome even though she's in no threat of danger", says Inuyasha

Inuyasha gets up and yes as you thought uses Wind Scar or some other move and kills the bad guy. Kagome walks over the dead carcass and picks up yet another Jewel Shard. Suddenly the worst thing imaginable comes from the sky…….BEES!

"OH no! Naraku's evil bees!", exclaims Sango, slapping her hands to her face so she looks like someone just beat her…I mean "she fell down the stairs".
"They're just bees…..?" says Kagome
"But she's hot when she thinks she's right", says Miroku
"True…I mean WHAT?" says Kagome

The bees become a swarm and transform into NARAKU! Bum Bum BUUUMMM!

"Wuahhahaha! I'm Naraku and I want to kill you Inuyasha", shouts Naraku
"Inuyasha…..", says Kagome
"Yeah….but…but you suck Naraku", says Inuyasha
"No… I don't", says Naraku
"Yeah………yeah you do", says Inuyasha
"No I don't"
"Yeah you do"
"Poo face"
"Shit head"
"Bully? You're an IDIOT Naraku"
"Well…I'm gonna go! But first!"

Naraku runs and grabs Kagome.

"WUHAHA I've captured your precious Kagome. What now?" shouts Naraku
"You bastard!" barks Inuyasha
"This is retarded…" says Miroku
"And about the millionth time this has happened", says Sango
"Yeah…you're getting lame", says Kagome
"Yeah….well. well…….well screw you!" shouts Naraku

And with that Naraku and Kagome disappear.

"That was so hot! The way he disappeared like that", says Inuyasha
"Crap. I guess we have to get her back…….again", says Miroku
"Yeah…I mean I'm getting sick-", Sango is interrupted by Miroku
"Wait did you just say Naraku was hot?" questions Miroku
"DENIAL!" shouts Inuyasha

And the gang runs off to rescue Kagome, again.

Preview to chapter 2: It's wild, it's wooly, it's a love triangle with Kagome and Koga and…..Sesshomaru?

"Ummm. Aren't you after that 4 year old?" asks Koga.
"No, but she has a nice ass!" says Sesshomaru