READ BEFORE YOU READ THE STORY This story will be told in the view of Josephine Walker. She's a 26 year-old journalist. She wirtes an enetertainment article in the local newspaper. She still loves in her hometown of Iowa. She just moved into a new house. It's smaller then your other one but she likes it a lot better. She had one best friend/boyfriend from the time she was 16 to the time she was 20. Dean Winchester was the guy who she loved to hate. They fought all the time but they loved each other more then anything in the world. Or they did. Dean told her when they were 20 that he was going to go hunting with his dad. Now thir hunting isn't with wild animals it's with wild spirits and other things that are extremely freaky. She hasn't heard form him since. Now on with it...

I was walking around my house thinking dear god im going insane. I knew I needed to call him because he's the only person who can help but how? How to tell the person that left you that you need them more then anything in the world right now? I picked up my phone then put it back down. I did this for about ten minutes untill I finally got the urge to dial his number.

"This is Dean." Said the sexiest voice on the other line.

"Hi Dean. It's Joey." I heard him sigh and I felt like crap of course he didn't want to hear from me.

"I'm sorry I'm bother you. Really Dean I am. But I...I really need your help. In that special area you work in."

"Number one you not bothering me I just thought my dad would be calling. Number two I never even thought I would hear youe beautiful voice again. And Number three what's the problem?"

"I feel that I'm being watched every second of every day for the past week. I don't understand it. I called the police and they staked out my house one night and said they didn't see anything out of the oridinary but I still felt watched. Then last night as I slept I felt someone or something brush the hair out of my eyes. I jumped up but no one was there. Dean...I'm scared."

"Where do you live now?"

"Our home town still but on Evans Road now number 1254 ."

"We'll be there by ten tonight."

"Thanks, Dean."

"Your welcome."

I was about to hang up when he said my name. "Joey? I missed you...butthead." He started laughing and so did I before I hung up. After I hung up something brushed past me. I whipped around but no one was there. Ten tonight better come quickly.