Story Title: Whisper of Evil

Rating: PG: For Some Scary Moments and Thematic Events

Summary: Just when everyone's getting settled down from the big episode of Willy Wonka's attempts to find an heir, strange things begin to happen. Oompa-Loompas start disappearing. Factory machines begin to malfunction. When things become real nightmarish for little Charlie Bucket, can he get to the bottom of it and save Willy Wonka's amazing Chocolate Factory?

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A soft whistle in young Charlie Bucket's ear made the small, timid boy jump a mile. He whirled around quickly, uttered an odd-sounding 'umpf' as he hit a soft midsection, and at the exact same time his assailant yelped in surprise. Both attacker and attackee fell over with a thump.

Charlie was the first to sit up. He groaned. "My head… Mr. Wonka!" He finally realized who it was that had startled him so badly. It was his mentor, Willy Wonka, who at that direct moment was mumbling nonsense curse words under his breath and staring up at the high ceiling of the Chocolate Waterfall room. Charlie scrambled to his feet and crept over towards Willy, who failed to administer his presence and continued to mumble things. At the sight of Charlie's face staring down at him, upside down, he gave a strangled, surprised sounding noise and immediately tried to crawl away, but failed horribly.

"What are you, who do you want, I do didn't anything!" Wonka appeared to be knocked silly by his collision with his young heir, for none of his sentences made sense, if that makes any sensible sense at all. He blinked several times, then reached up a purple gloved hand and rubbed them over his eyes just to make sure he wasn't seeing things. A steadfast image of Charlie remained in his vision, and so he decided that he wasn't imagining it. Come to think of it, Willy had come to see Charlie on purpose. Charlie had startled him so bad he fell over. His eyebrows knitted together above his eyes. He looked up at Charlie, then plastered an enormous grin on his face and giggled. "Hiya! I guess you kinda startled me there, huh?"

"Er… I guess so, Mr. Wonka…" Charlie murmured, slightly embarrassed at knocking his mentor over. He brushed a tad of the grass off of his sweater and failed to mention that it was Willy himself that had startled him, but he supposed he had startled Mr. Wonka too.

Willy cocked his head ever so slightly to the side and shrugged. "Ah well. We have much more pressing matters!" He whirled around and headed off in a random direction. Charlie raised a finger, opened his mouth and was about to shout after Wonka the question of where he was going, when with an almighty THUMP the great Chocolatier hit the clear glass door of the Great Glass Elevator. Hat, cane, and silver W Wonka pendant went flying in all directions and Willy Wonka fell to the ground.

He rolled over onto his stomach and scrabbled for his hat and cane. Charlie, some distance away, picked up the W pendant from the grass at his feet. Willy slapped the hat on his head, clutched his cane, and muttered, "I seriously need to watch where I park this thing…" as he jammed his thumb down upon the clear glass button with a frosted circle engraved on its surface. The Elevator gave a pleasant little dinging noise and the glass doors glided open.

Charlie walked over and handed Mr. Wonka his W pendant. Willy fixated it on his collar and then gave a toothy smile. "Gosh darned little thing likes to get away from me, doesn't it?" When Charlie nodded in agreement, Willy briskly stepped into the Elevator, followed by Charlie.

"Mr. Wonka, what was so important that we have to hurry…?" Charlie asked timidly, craning his neck to see the very tall, extremely well dressed if not slightly overdressed, man. Willy Wonka was humming his own theme song and appeared not to have heard, especially since he continued to hum even as he jammed his purple-gloved thumb against a button behind him. Because it was behind Mr. Wonka, Charlie couldn't see what the room was labeled.

They waited for a few moments, before the Glass Elevator shot off with such force to the right that Charlie was thrown against the left side. Willy appeared not to have noticed the sudden movement and neither moved nor even blinked.

Charlie opened his mouth to once again propose his question but instead what came out was a startled yelp, for the Elevator had slammed to a stop just outside a fairly familiar room in Charlie's memory. "The Inventing Room?" he asked, slightly amused. Wonka was, even if only slightly, an eccentric man, and even the least important thing could seem the most important thing in the world! And he had shown this to Charlie on more than one occasion.

"Of course, my dear boy! We have so much time and so little to do!" he exclaimed. Then he stopped abruptly, frowned, smiled, frowned again, then smiled even wider. "Oopsie. Switch that around, please." Then he went charging through the Inventing Room doors. Charlie grinned widely and followed him, having to take almost five steps for every long stride Mr. Wonka took.

Machines buzzed, whirred, and popped as they worked, and as Charlie stopped to stare in wonder at the Everlasting Gobstopper machine that shot Gobstoppers into the pool where an red-uniformed Oompa-Loompa swam around with flippers on his feet. Or was it a her? It was hard to tell with the Oompa-Loompas. They all looked the same. As Charlie was pondering this, he finally looked around, about to ask his mentor whether he knew if the Oompa-Loompa was a he or a she, when he realized Mr. Wonka wasn't there. "Mr. Wonka…? Mr. Wonka? Mr. Wonka!"

Oh, great. This was just great. Now he'd lost him. This room was so big, he'd probably NEVER find Willy! "Mr. Wonka!" Charlie yelled louder, his fast walk turning into a jog and then a run. His sneakers screamed against the tile floor as Charlie skidded around the corner. He gave an almighty 'umpf' as he once again collided with a soft midsection.

His mentor grabbed wildly at a counter to keep upright, and his hand shot out to grasp Charlie's shoulder to keep him from falling.

"Sorry, Mr. Wonka!" Charlie gasped, steadying himself with Wonka's arm. Willy just shrugged.

"It's alright, it's alright, anyway, we've got more important things." For the first time Charlie noticed the deep furrow in Mr. Wonka's brow. His eyes were squeezed near shut in concentration. His face seemed almost paler than usual, and he clutched at his elaborate cane with squeezed fists.

And it was now that the currently serious man administered his news. "Oompa-Loompas are disappearing."

Author's Notes: Well… I can't say I really got this idea from anywhere, but if anything, some ideas were partially inspired by my fellow Charlie and the Chocolate Factory writers. Thanks guys! The title of the story came from a book I'm currently reading, Rita Mae Brown & Sneaky Pie Brown's book Whisker of Evil. I'm sure at least a few people noticed the "We've got so much time and so little to do!" bit. Yes, I did watch the Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory movie… in fact, just a few hours ago. Hehe. And oh dear! Oompa-Loompas are disappearing! Where to? I shall not say. My lips are sealed. Willy Wonka would wish it anyway. You'll find out in the next chapter!

Chapter Two Preview: Oompa-Loompas are disappearing, and Willy Wonka and Charlie Bucket are on the case! Things really start to heat up when – oh wait… that would be telling, wouldn't it?

Reviewers: Please review. And I'm open to flames. And no… this will NOT be a Willy/Charlie slash. In fact, none of my stories will ever be a Willy/Charlie slash. As the little kid from the Invader ZIM episode 'Bad Bad Rubber Piggy' would say… "I HATE THEM! I hate them so much!" I'm sorry and I apologize to all the people who DO write such atrocities, I do not hate you, I hate the idea. To think of Willy loving Charlie… uck. Shame on you!