Story Title: Whisper of Evil

Rating: PG: For Some Scary Moments and Thematic Events

Summary: Just when everyone's getting settled down from the big episode of Willy Wonka's attempts to find an heir, strange things begin to happen. Oompa-Loompas start disappearing. Factory machines begin to malfunction. When things become real nightmarish for little Charlie Bucket, can he get to the bottom of it and save Willy Wonka's amazing Chocolate Factory?

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The next few days progressed rapidly with no sign of disappearing Oompa-Loompas, and Charlie was beginning to settle down again, as was everyone else. Willy Wonka still appeared to be brooding over the matter of the missing Oompa-Loompas, but seeing as how neither he nor Charlie could find one bit of evidence concerning the matter they left it well alone.

Willy Wonka kept to himself mostly during these days of brooding, which were about every other day mostly. Charlie kept himself busy with books, practicing his writing (which he rarely spent time on, and was delighted to find he had much more time to do so.), and helping his family with necessary things. Charlie was well-to-do for the first few days, seemed rather disappointed at not seeing Mr. Wonka the next, then inevitably cheered up when Willy appeared rather unexpectedly for dinner in the middle of the week.

A knock on the Buckets' front door sent Charlie rocketing over to the entry way. He threw it open and had to restrain himself from throwing himself exuberantly upon his startled mentor. Mr. Wonka gave a silly little giggle and ruffled Charlie's hair, smiling. But it was only a half-hearted smile. Charlie didn't even notice, grasping Willy's hand and tugging him into the house. "C'mon, you're just in time for dinner!"

Wonka was willingly pulled into the house, where Charlie released his grasp on Willy's hand and went zooming over to where his mother was cooking. "Can I help, Mum? Please?" Mrs. Bucket laughed and nodded, giving Charlie a dish of potatoes to carry over to the table. He did so, almost knocking Mr. Bucket over as he attempted to set the table.

"My gosh, you're eager today," Willy said, his face screwed up in an almost frightened expression; of course, it wasn't truly fear; it was just being weirded out by the young child's excited nature. Seeing as how Willy Wonka had been shut up in his factory for so many years to himself and only his dear Oompa-Loompas, Willy just wasn't used to the kind of exuberant atmosphere most humans could produce.

Charlie didn't answer, but continued to cheer everyone up with his joyful behavior.

"Just like a little jumpin' bean. Yeh." Willy's face remained in that weirded-out expression of his, then he turned and hung up his hat, set his cane down by the door, and everyone settled in for another dinner.


Charlie Bucket grinned wide, opened his mouth, and popped the candy morsel into his mouth. He worked his mouth around a bit, then looked up at his mentor, who was watching patiently. "It's perfect!" Charlie said, his voice slightly muffled by the mouthful he had. He chewed it up and swallowed it, then glanced down at the clipboard and sheet of paper in his hand. Next to 'Sugar Raspberries' were two check boxes, one beneath a heading that proclaimed 'Unfinished' and one that stated the word 'Completed' in bold plum-red lettering, the same rich color of Willy Wonka's coat.

The current candy they had been perfecting was a raspberry that was made entirely out of spun sugar, which changed raspberry flavors in your mouth. It went from Black Raspberry to Red Raspberry to Blue Raspberry, etc., and then basically dissolved. Once you'd chewed it a bit, that is. "It only needs to dissolve more, I think. I still had to chew it."

Willy nodded and frowned. "For some reason it just won't dissolve. I think it's either a problem with the sugar mixture or those gosh darned Oompa-Loompas." An Oompa-Loompa dissolved into a pure giggling state behind him even as he said that. Wonka rolled his eyes, then snapped his fingers together, a peculiar sound of latex squeaking together and the natural snap of fingers. An Oompa-Loompa came rushing up and dragged his fellow off to help him out. The said tiny person was still giggling madly. "I think we're going to have to perfect those Laughter Gummies. They don't appear to be quite right yet."

Charlie checked the Unfinished box on the Daily Testing chart next to the Sugar Raspberries. Directly below that were the checkboxes for the Laughter Gummies. Willy Wonka started off at a trot, and Charlie bounded after him. A groaning sound overhead caused Charlie to pause, and look up. Nothing greeted his eyes but the steel grate of the overhead walkway that the Oompa-Loompas so often used.


As Willy and Charlie finished up in the Inventing Room, Willy looked down at Charlie and Charlie looked up at Willy. "Well, I need to finish up in the Nut Room. Why don't you finish closing down for the night?" Charlie grinned and nodded. Mr. Wonka was finally allowing him to close up one of the rooms! Better yet, by himself! Willy went striding out of the room and closed the door behind him. What no one saw was the dark figure that slipped in the back way.


Charlie walked back over the spot he had paused on earlier. He stared up at the metal grate, which seemed to squeak slightly as he stared intently at it. It groaned. Charlie's face contorted into one of puzzlement, when a sudden snap alerted him to the fact that the grate had broke away from its' support beams. Charlie was frozen with fear as the grate came smashing down to Earth. The Oompa-Loompas nearby rushed to what they were certain was little Charlie Bucket's demise.

What startled all of the Oompa-Loompas was that a fully living, breathing boy was laying flat on his back just beyond the mess of grate and floor and ceiling that had come away with the snapped support beams.

Charlie ignored the Oompa-Loompas, and for one small, seemingly insignificant second, he caught a glimpse of the perpetrator – for he was now certain that somebody had clearly meant him harm – but it wasn't enough to go by. It was a mere flash of red, possibly cloth. Charlie smashed his fist angrily against the floor and gave a strangled cry of frustration. Charlie, not usually one to jump to conclusions, jumped immediately to the conclusion that the same person who had tried to bump him off – to use so crude a term – was the same person who had been kidnapping Oompa-Loompas! He was sure of it!


Author's Notes: Hooray! A cheer for the third piece of a puzzling mystery. (At least I hope.) Oooh-hoo-hoo, I'm such a teaser, aren't I? 'It was a mere flash of red, possibly cloth.' I bet that just burst your excitement bubble, didn't it? I sure hope it did. I'd look forward to writing more of the story if it did. Haha!

And I can be proud to say that I am most likely the only person to ever even attempt a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Mystery. Interesting. So okay, you're probably all thinking seriously about strangling the Author for not giving a bigger clue than a flash of red cloth – but gee, doesn't it narrow down a few choices of revenge go-ers, or whatever? Hehe. Okay. Here's my proposition. I am offering you all a hint – you don't have to take it, of course, if you'd rather just try playing the game of SuperSleuth – just simply e-mail or message me to ask me for it. Of course, just because I'm giving you a hint doesn't mean I want you to go blab it out to everybody – some people would rather not know. And if you figure out who the perp (short for perpetrator) is early on into the story, don't go screaming it out to everybody else – keep your peace. Please. And if you've stayed with me after all that, God bless you.

Chapter Four Preview: After the attempted assassination of little Charlie Bucket, a distressed Mr. Wonka shuts himself up for a long while. Is Wonka going Wonkers?

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