Dib Is One Such Quandary
a drabbly thing
by J. Random Lurker

dib is at lunch with his sister and he realizes that zim has been gone for a long time

gir is having a bad day today
earth is a tough place
earth is a strong radio source even without man's tinkering

zim is as hapless as earth itself
zim is under repair
zim is happy gir is with him
zim is hungry to destroy humans

dib is one such quandary
dib is right about zim

dib is determined to stop him and with the help of a swollen eyeball member
dib is hiding

zim is ejected
zim is just coming up from his lab

zim is standing on the other side of the room

dib is a wreck
zim is far from a disaster

dib is cornered
zim is mobile
dib is about to be demolished

dib is hearing zim in his head

Author's note: This drabblet was made by going to googlism, entering Zim, Dib and Gir into it, and then selecting from and using ONLY the lines that came up in the list. Sort of a challenge thingy. I wanted to see if I could tell even a brief story or a hint of a story just by using the lines I found there.