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Beauty and the Beast

Chapter 6 - So Annoying

Ichigo had not slept well. Hell all the previous day had been pretty bad, then again that's what you got when you had a demon or whatever it was living inside you. It had tried to get out, constantly yesterday. He left his room once to get food and in that time it was hard enough to keep control. He had wanted to see how that girl adapted, how she took to the castle but he would not risk leaving his room in the state he had been in. If it had won the fight, it no longer had a punching bag to beat up and he had hurt his staff enough in one lifetime.

He knew there had to be a reason it was acting up this bad. He hadn't lost an entire day to fighting it in a long time. It was because of her, he was sure of it. He was surprised it had been so willing to let her stay when now it was scared it would lose. That was it wasn't it. That monster might just lose to her and that's all any of them could pray for.

Ichigo headed to the stable now. He would take a ride and get all the air he had missed the day before. After that he would find that girl. It was Rukia wasn't it? It wouldn't hurt getting to know her, Zangetsu had suggested it after all and that old man was always right, even if he was a chuck of metal. He was one smart sword.

He hadn't expected to see her until he got back, but that didn't go the way he wanted. When he got closer to the stable he saw her, leaning against the pen that held the rabbits. He couldn't see what she was doing that well until he got closer. She was holding some vegetables, carrots and lettuce, rabbit food and holding out some to the little critters. She was talking to them too, to one in particular it would seem as she kept repeating, 'Here Chappy, here Chappy.'

"They bite you know," Ichigo said as he came up behind her.

Rukia had no idea he had been there. She jumped and let out a bit of a cry, dropping all the food she had and attracting the attention of all the rabbits. She turned to look who it was who had scared her so and seeing the bright orange hair of her captor she narrowed her eyes.

"You! I know they bite!" she snapped, "and don't do that, ever again."

"You don't get to boss me around, I'm the one in charge here remember?" he returned her bitter look.

"Doesn't mean you get to scare me."

"Oh really, I think it does."

How foolish he had been to think he could stand her long enough to get along with her. They tried to stare each other down but neither would give the other ground, it just ended up making both their eyes water. Then Ichigo got a devious smile.

"You know why we raise rabbits?" Ichigo asked with his smile, "to eat them. And that one there, Chappy? Was that what you were calling it? It looks just fat enough to make a nice stew."

Rukia looked at him with shock, she looked pretty appalled as well. "You wouldn't dare eat that rabbit," she said, a bit of a threat in her voice.

"Really? And if I did what do you think you would do?" he inquired, speaking as if it mattered.

She looked flabbergasted, she couldn't think of anything good enough to threaten him with so all she did was turn back to the rabbits. Ichigo grinned, he had won this round, and mind you it didn't mean that much since she wasn't watching him gloat.

So he left her and went into the stable looking at the stalls and the horses. Zabimaru was there which meant Renji was still in the castle. There were three other ones, Benhime, INSERT NAME HERE and Hyourinmaru. The last one was being looked after by Hitsugaya, it was his favourite horse after all.

The animal keeper looked up at his lord as he entered and shook his head before going back to the horse. "You know, its never going to work if that's how you treat her."

"Tch, what do you know?" Ichigo muttered as he went to Benhime's stall and began to get the horse ready for the ride.

"Hey, I have a girl... I mean a girl who will talk to me and doesn't hate." Ichigo couldn't see Hitsugaya but you could hear the blush in his voice.

"Yeah, whatever you say kid."


Ichigo just shook his head. He was finished and led the horse out of the stable before he mounted. He spurred the horse forwards and left not ever noticing Rukia was watching him.

She watched him ride off, wondering how anyone could be as annoying. She was out of food now and had actually been bitten so she decided it was time to leave the rabbits for now and find something else to occupy her great amounts of time that she would be spending at the castle. There were rooms she had yet to see, the studio sounded the most appealing at the moment. She had always wanted to try her hand at art...

"You have to be polite," the gruff voice of old man Zengetsu said as he moved along side Ichigo and the horse.

"I'm not going to be polite to her," Ichigo replied, suddenly just as gruff, not because he was old but because he was a little disgruntled. The spirit of his sword had been bothering him for most of his ride. This was supposed to be relaxing for him.

"Then you might as well give up now, resign to kill them all."

Ichigo let out a humph. He couldn't just let them all die, all his servants, the only family he really had any more and that is what would happen if he didn't get control over his alter ego soon. That is what he needed her for; at least he had been told a girl was his only solution.

"She is just so annoying and hard to deal with," Ichigo muttered.

"Don't antagonize her. Maybe even apologize about the rabbit," Zangetsu suggested, "just try harder."

"I'm not apologizing about the damn rabbit," Ichigo barked and for a long moment just sat with his usual angry expression before he shifted a little and spoke again, "But I'll try..."

The ride was rather enjoyable with Zangetsu not hounding him. He got back, annoyed Hitsugaya a little more and then went to do a task he wasn't really looking forward too. He found Hinamori, the more polite of the maids, though he had seen Matsumoto first, he wanted to be in a good mood for trying to be nice to Rukia and sometimes that was impossible after talking to Matsumoto, she was a little on the annoying side too.

Hinamori told him that she had seen Rukia, along with Orihime, Chad and Ishida all up in the studio playing with the art supplies. So off he went, figuring this would be pretty easy. He could complement her art that would count as being nice to her, even if he didn't mean it.

He could hear them from down the hall talking loudly, both the girls giggling about some joke or another. When he got to the doorway of the studio he paused there and looked at the small group sitting there. Chad was sitting, his usual quiet self merely watching the others in the room while Ishida was busying himself with some needlework in his lap. Both Rukia and Orihime had canvases in front of them and a paintbrush in hand.

Ichigo snickered a little seeing this. He had seen Orihime's art before; after all she was the only one who really used the studio. The best way to talk about her was that it was similar to her taste in food, both really rather... interesting.

The group there heard his snicker and turned their heads to see who had intruded on their painting session. The servants got to their feet almost immediately, they would have bow, something in the back of their mind was telling them to but since Ichigo had taken over the castle he had made them stop with that kind of formalities. Some people took to it right away, Zaraki for example had never bowed to the young lord, Inoue on the other hand was still trying to get use to it, and it was something she had been taught her whole life to do.

When Rukia saw him however she just glowered and turned back to her artwork in the making in front of her. What did she care if nobility had just entered the room especially if it was the nobility that was keeping her here and threatened to kill her rabbit?

Ichigo waved his hand and the servant took their seats again. There was an awkward silence, between all of them for a moment before Inoue called him over. "Oh, oh, Lord Kurosaki come and look at my painting!"

Ichigo moved closer so that he could see the canvas in front of his maid. Sure enough it was interesting. It seemed to be a dolphin in a tutu; it was good, just a little on the odd side. He smiled a little looking at it and then turned to look at Rukia's. He was planning on complimenting it, start off his pretending to be nice. However when he laid eyes on the painting there was a muffled snort and then a long string of laughing.

"What the hell is that suppose to be?" he asked between laughing, hunched over a little.

Rukia turned to look at him slowly, her eyes narrowed. If you looked closely you could see her eye twitching. She looked mad; oh boy did she look mad. The others would have backed up, if they hadn't been sitting, instead they all slowly leaned away from the angry girl and the laughing lord.

None of them saw it coming, the pallet hitting Ichigo in the head as he was doubled over laughing. She had hit him with the paint side facing down which left an interesting mess in his hair. Now it was not only its usual bright orange colour but had blobs of green and blue. "Its a bunny you jackass!" she napped angrily and got up from her spot and stormed away.

Another awkward silence, Ichigo had stopped laughing and instead he looked at the door feeling a little bad. Then again that picture it was just begging to be laughed at. The other seemed to be acting as his conscious for him however.

"That was really mean Lord Kurosaki..." Inoue said quietly, feeling odd speaking against her lord.

"You probably shouldn't have done that..." Chad muttered.

"She's never going to like you if you keep acting like an ass," Ishida said, always the most vocal of the three.

Ichigo looked at the three of them and frowned. He knew Zengetsu was going to get mad at him; he didn't need these three to be doing it too. He looked at them and the look they were giving him and he let out a sigh. He turned quickly and walked out of the room with a loud and annoyed, "Fine!"

The rest of the day Rukia was rather pissed off. She had gone back to her room and spent most of her time there. Feeling so horribly miserable. She didn't want to be there. The novelty of the castle had worn off and she wanted to go back to her brother. It had been just about two days, how was she going to make it through the rest of her life?

Just before supper she decided to check on the one thing that made her happy in this place, the rabbits. It was quiet outside their pen, she saw Hitsugaya bustling about in the stables, he seemed rather annoyed and though she had just met these people she was sure it was because Renji had returned late again.

She bent over the bunny pen and held her hand out. The bunnies were getting use to her presence and knew she usually had food with her so they hopped over to her. They seemed a little miffed when they realized she didn't have food but she was happy with them just being near. Them being that close she could actually see, Chappy her favourite of the bunnies had something tied around his neck, a black piece of cloth.

She looked at it puzzled for a moment. That hadn't been there the last time she saw the rabbits. Luckily for her Hitsugaya had finished up his work and was on his way back to the castle. It was perfect timing for her to asking what exactly the cloth was.

"Hey Hitsugaya, what is that around Chappy's neck?" she inquired as he walked past.

He paused for a moment and looked into the pen looking down at the rabbits. "Oh that, a collar. Lord Kurosaki thought it would be a good idea. Kuukaku comes out to get the rabbits her self so he want to make sure she knew which one was your pet, so she didn't accidentally kill it."

Rukia continued to look puzzled as the white haired boy walked away. That prick of a lord had done nothing nice for her so far, why would he bother now? Why would he do something so... so nice?

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