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оно не принадлежит к мне и если вы думаете, то оно я знаю некоторых хороших докторов

هو لا ينتسب إلى ي وإن أنت تفكّر هو يعرف أنا بعض دكاترة جيّدة.

den inte tillhörde mig och, om dig funderare som den mig vet, någon god manipulerar

Het behoort niet tot me en als u het denkt ken ik sommige goede artsen.

It does not belong to me and if you think it does I know some good doctors.

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The Death Scoffers at 'ye olde deathe shoppe were weirded out but not surprised to see their Lord and Master dancing around and singing in the corridor. Clearly he was going through another one of those fads. Snape shuddered as he remembered the make-your-own-cotton-candy machine. Lucie trembled at the thought of an easy bake oven. Bellatrix had taken up a habit of cursing any Barbie dolls she found at some innocent (now deceased) muggles house into oblivion. Mcnair took great pleasure in killing parrots; Avery dreaded cowboy hats and no one EVER wanted to see another cone of peach & peanut butter ice cream.

Wormtail hesitantly approached his master, careful not to make any sudden moves, in time to hear him join in a rousing chorus of:

Because of you…. I never stray to far from the sidewalk… because of you….

Then the music evidently changed because He began humming the tune and singing,

'Lonely I'm still lonely… I have nobody to call my own and it's lonely…I'm so lonely so lonely I have nobody to call my own.'

He spotted Wormtail and paused his music.

"Wormtail! Just the person I wanted to see! Schedule a party! We're all going to stay up all night listening to these CDs I took off a muggle!"

"A-A-A-t-t-t- o-o-n-n-ce m-m-my-y l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-lo-lo-lo-lor-lor-lor-lor-lord."

"Eeeexelant. Give me your arm."

Wormtail held out one of his arms. Voldemort took it and poked his dark mark. Wormtail flinched. Voldemort laughed and poked him again. Wormtail flinched again. Repeat cycle.

Halfway across the country -----

Snape looked at his arm in irritation. The new episode of "Sponge Bob Square Pants" had just come on and now he had to answer the call of his Dark Mark. Probably just some muggles too. Oh well, he did have his endless supply of Sponge Bob merchandise. He would just have to wait for the rest of the episode. After changing in to his Lol (Loss of life) robes as he fondly called them, he popped into McDonald's for a quick snack. Still munching on the last of his Big Mac, he hurried through the deserted corridors of 'ye olde deathe shoppe. He heard an AWFUL racket issuing from the ballroom, he stuck his head inside the door just long enough to register the awful décor, awful music, and Dreadful, terrible, appalling, and absolutely AWFUL dancing. And then... he saw the obvious cause of it all. Voldemort was wearing his "Kiss me I'm Irish" t-shirt, his cowboy hat, his tutu, his shin-guards and his hand-knitted scarf…thing, and his Harry Potter shoes--for walking a mile in--. Unfortunately for Snape, Voldemort had just spotted him.

"Severus! So pleased you could make it! Come, come! Dance! I

Have an idea! Wormtail? I want you to get every ones attention.

We're going to do the Chicken Dance!"

"Yes Master. Attention! It is time to do the Chicken Dance. If you will all form a line, I will start the music."

And so it was that Snape came to be doing the Chicken Dance.

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