Chapter 2

Same old dudes. This is out because I felt a desperate need to post something. I do not own this (Harry Potter or other wise) and if you have somehow got that idea St. Mungoes should be your next stop.


Dumbledore looked up from his laptop irritably. Here he had been passing the time quite comfortably on Neopets and one of those stupid Auror people was bothering him again.

"What?" He snapped

"Well…" the Auror shuffled his feet, " It's just that I've been doing those surveillance cameras on 'ye olde deathe shoppe' like you requested and well, some of this stuff is quite disturbing."

"All right I'll take a look at them just give me a second to put my lipstick-I mean cricket stick away."

Several minutes later------c

"Well, well, well, Severus really should get out more often." Dumbledore murmured. Voldemort had transfigured Snapes clothing. He was wearing neon pink bell-bottom jeans with a LOT of sparkles; his shirt was red and gold with a picture of a lion cub playing in field of flowers. He was wearing a pink peace sign necklace and a pink bandana in his hair. Which had been died pink with blue high lights. He had on high-heeled strap sandals, also pink, with orange knee high socks. And of course he was doing the infamous chicken dance. Avery was the only one of the inner circle not there. Even Lucie had been broken out of Azkaban for the special occasion. Avery was still being punished for false info. All of the other Death Scoffers were speculating on how to be banned from daces without being crucio'd. Or killed.

Lucie and Bellatrix joked about being better of in Azkaban. Repeatedly.

Random scoffer # 24 was of the opinion that even the (gasps all around) Muggle world was better than this. (He had gone into hiding there) He also mentioned a list he had seen once… something about "103 ways to annoy the Dark Lord" maybe….