10 years later


The telephone rang only once. A hand reached for the earpiece and held it to the ear, listening to the message with urgency. Without speaking, the man in the white lab coat slammed the earpiece back onto the body of the phone. "Jim, come on, there's been a sighting!" a familiar voice called, along with heavy, quick footsteps and smaller, pitter-patters of footsteps. The jingling of keys and the opening and slamming of a door; a woman calling urgently as the two back out of the driveway haphazardly.

"You two be careful!" Gretchen called out, leaning out of the kitchen window, watching her son wave to her from the passenger seat of the black van.


"The activity is four kilometers south from here!" The speakers of the black van informed him.

"Roger that, on my way!" Dib replied, adding a bit more pressure on the gas peddle.

"Wow, this is so cool! My first alien sighting!" Jim said, his wide smile beaming with excitement.

"That's right, Jim." His father replied. "But I'll need you to stay in the van and only watch this time, alright? This is an unfamiliar energy pattern, they might be hostile. We don't want anything to happen to you, now do we?"

Jim's eyes widened. "Oh, no, dad! Man that sucks… I wanted to see it up close!" Jim whined, stamping his feet on the floor of the van, muttering something about 'stupid hostile aliens'. Dib chuckled, patting his son on the head.

"I'll be back soon, son." Dib said to Jim as they neared a huge light source, hidden behind a cluster of trees. He grabbed a large black bag and ran directly to the source.

"Be safe!!" Jim called after his brave father, a little worry beginning to bubble in him.

Soon, Dib was close enough to hear to propulsions of the craft, clinking and clanking as it prepared for something. Dib took out a camera and took plenty of photos. It was a large aircraft, but actually pretty small in comparison to fleets he had previously encountered. It was as if this were a personal craft… Just then, there was a loud screeching coming from his left. With a fumbling speed, Dib pulled out a plasma ray gun and pointed it towards the fast-moving source, only a blur, which smashed right into the alien craft.

"Gir, you idiot! This makeshift ship is fragile enough as it is, stop flying into it!" Came an angry voice following the crash. Dib dropped his weapon at the sound of the unforgettable voce, his features overcome by shock. It wasn't long before Zim noticed his old foe. "Dib! What are you doing here?!" Zim demanded in his always-suspicious tone.

Dib sighed. So much for the exciting alien sighting. "What the hell is that heap of junk, Zim?" Dib asked, now that he got a closer look at it, he wondered what Zim was planning! It looked as if it couldn't make it out of the woods!

"It's my ship off of his filthy little planet. After being stranded here for far too long for even my impenetrable wit and sanity, I slowly collected junk items, and obtaining secrets from your Federal Bureau of Investigation, I was able to make this escape pod!" It was silly for Zim to give out so much information without being forced, but he was obviously proud of his work, wanting to show t off to his childhood rival.

"What? You got into the FBI?! This planet is begging to be taken over!" Dib exclaimed in disbelief. Soon setting that aside, their eyes locked in an intense stare. Dib was the first to avert his eyes. "What do you plan to do?"

Zim grinned. "As you may recall, on my planet, the tallest Irken will be leader. The Tallest have forgotten about me by now, left me for dead, not even realizing Earth's effect on me. Will go and take my rightful place as Tallest and Leader, then, as my first order of business, I will conquer this planet." Dib stared at him for a long moment in silence, and slowly, and adventurous grin appeared.

"I'd like to see you try!" Dib challenged.

"Heh, we'll see about that." Zim said, pressing a button to open the door. The lights lit up, and Gir bounded inside the craft.

"Hurry, master! I wanna taco!" Zim sighed with an obvious irritation and boarded his home-build UFO.

"See you around, Dib." He said with a grin as the door slowly shut. The engine (or whatever it was Zim built to get that thing to work) started loudly, and quickly it was off, exiting the atmosphere, the galaxy, and the solar system.

"See ya…" Dib murmured, waving to the empty sky, that sad grin still in place.

The end


After a period of two years, I actually finished a fanfiction. Holy shit. So, there you have it! I may add more to the end, orr you can ask what happens. Will there be room for a sequel, hmmmm?I just want to give my love to all of my readers and reviewers! This is a very dumb story but you enjoyed it anyway! That makes it worth something, right?