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Title:The Hunted


Rating:R(mostly for language, but there's some bloody scenes as well)


Characters:Dean,Sam,some OC's, and some badass monsters

Summary:The game warden had warned them to not put their noses where they didn't belong. If only they had listened.

Authors note:I am a huge fan of Dean and Sam whumping(mostly Dean though), so if you don't like to see one or both of them in peril, this story

is definitely not for you(But I do hope you read it)

Disclaimer:I do not own anything to do with Supernatural. Though I plan on marrying Jenson Ackles one day(he or my husband just don't know it yet!)

The Hunted


The first thing that Dean was aware of upon waking was the dull throb pulsing through his head.

Groaning and sitting up he said aloud,"Dean, you're really going to have to lay off the booze."

Then he slowly opened his eyes and was surprised by what he saw.

"What the ?"he muttered, looking around at the trees surrounding where he lay.

I'm in the middle of a fricking forest.

He heard a groan come from a few feet away.

"Shit. Sam."he said, and was angry at himself for not thinking about where his brother was before now.

He quickly rose on shaky legs, and went towards where the sound had emminated from, and saw his brothers legs sticking out from around the side of a large tree.

He knelt down beside him, noting the knot on the front of his head, and smacked him lightly on the cheek.

"Sam. Sammy. Come on buddy, wake up."he said loudly.

His brother groaned, then turned his face away from him muttering what sounded like,"leavemuhlone."

"Sam! I will not leave you alone, so you can just forget that.So wake up now before I beat your scrawny ass!"Dean said angrily, though he was actually very worried about the lump on his brothers head, and prayed it hadn't left him with a concussion.

Sam finally opened his eyes and after blinking them slowly a few times, looked up at the worried face of his brother hovering above him.

"Dean, why are you in my bed?"he asked dumbly.

"Look Sammy, I know we've crashed in some shitty places before, but the last I checked, a jungle or wherever the hell we are, wasn't one of them."Dean replied, pushing back his brothers messy hair to get a better look at the knot on it.

"Not true Dean. We've slept in the woods quite a few times."Sam muttered, and winced as Dean touched his head, then knocked his brother's hand away.

"Stop that. It hurts."

Dean grinned apologetically at him."Sorry Sammy. Just making sure what little brain you have left is still intact."

"Yeah, well it's still there so you can stop poking your finger into it now."Sam said, and put his hand out for his brother to help him sit up."Where are we?"

"Damned if I know. I woke up a few minutes ago with a jack hammer bouncing around my head."he answered, then added," Looks like the woods or something."

"You know Dean, you're really in the wrong line of work. You should be a detective, as perceptive as you are and all."Sam remarked.

"Screw you."Dean replied, not in the least bit amused.

"How did we get here?"Sam asked.

"Were you not listening to what I just said, I don't know any more than you do, I just woke up here too."Dean said, narrowing his eyes as he peered around at the surrounding trees.

"So what do you think is going on?"Sam asked tentatively.

"I. Don't. Know."Dean answered slowly,"but I do know we won't find out sitting here on our asses. Can you get up?"he asked, after rising to his feet.

"Yeah, I think so."Sam replied, and grabbed the hand his brother held outstretched to him."Whoa. Head rush."he said, swaying slightly after standing.

Dean put his hands on his arms to steady him, and after a moment Sam steadied and said,"Thanks. I'm good now."

"You sure?"Dean asked, not wanting to remove his hands just to have Sam fall back to the ground.

"Yes."he answered, then frowned as he said,"I want to know why I'm always the one who gets knocked loopy every time. It's just not fair."

"Hey, I said that I got popped one too. It's just whoever did it must have realized that this face was just too damn pretty to mar up so they hit me in the back of the head instead of the front."Dean stated.

"They got you too?"Sam asked with concern."Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. Now lets get moving so we can try and figure out where we are."Dean answered.

Sam stepped to follow him, and tripped over something laying right near where he'd woken up.

"Sam! I thought you said you were alright now."Dean said worriedly,helping him to his feet.

"I am."he snapped at him."I tripped over something."

He leaned over to feel around for what he'd fallen over, and touching something that felt like a bulky envelope, picked it up, lifting it to his face for a closer look.

"What is it?"Dean asked, peering over his shoulder.

"Its a mailing package, you know one of those that are like big envelopes."Sam replied,pulling the flap open to see what was inside.

Dean jerked it from his hands, saying,"What are you doing Sam? You don't know what's in there, it could be something that might hurt you, so I'll open it."

"So it's okay if it hurts you?"Sam asked annoyed by his brothers persistent mother hen acts.

"I'm expendable. You're the one was has the psychic visions."Dean replied matter-of-factly, stepping away from Sam as he opened the package.

Sam prepared to argue his brothers words. Did he think that he was expendable? He didn't get it out though, because as he started to speak, Dean muttered."It's a tape recorder."turning it over in his hands.

"A tape recorder? Does it have a tape in it?"Sam asked.

"Yeah, it does."Dean replied, and pushed the play button.

"Hello again boys."a mans voice spoke from it with a southern drawl, that was familiar to both of them, but the couldn't quite place it yet."I'm really truly sorry that it has come down to this, but you just had to keep poking your noses around in affairs that were of no concern to you, so you left us with no choice. In the association's defense, all the other players in the hunt were criminals, plain and simple. Murderers, drug dealers,child molesters, the list of offenses goes on and on. They were more than suitable sacrifices to be used in order to secure the safety of our town. We know who you are, Sam and Dean Winchester,

and the fact that John and I have known each other for half our lives, doesn't make what had to be done any easier. Inside the envelope you will find two pocket knives, because we are not total savages and wouldn't leave you with no defense against them. Once again, I wish to tell you the displeasure we felt, and how difficult it was to come to this decision."and the message stopped.

An uneasy feeling growing in his stomach Sam looked at Dean with apprehension,"Is it just me or was that Mayor Lowler?"

"Yeah, it was."Dean replied, and the story started to fall in place due to this revelation.

They had come to Mississippi a week earlier after who they had assumed to be their father, text messaged Dean's phone coordinates to it. On the way, Sam had did some research using their laptop, and had found several articles referring to the mysterious disappearances in the area, and still more articles stating that their bodies had been found weeks later, killed by an unnamed animal.

They had talked to the town sheriff, saying they were sent to investigate by the FBI. He had said that they were just animal attacks, nothing more, therefore there wasn't anything to be investigated, and that the town had hired several hunters to track down and kill the animal.

The third day they were there, another body had been found. They had snuck into the city morgue that night to get a look at it.

It had indeed looked as if it was an animal attack, but when Dean had commented this, Sam had grown quiet for a minute, staring at the face of the man.

"I dreamed about him Dean."he stated.

"What? When?"

"About a week ago, he was running away from something in the woods, but I didn't actually see by what."Sam replied.

"Why didn't you tell me Sam?"

"I have nightmares all the time Dean, so I really didn't think it was anything special."he'd replied with a shrug.

They had left and the next day, went back to see the sheriff once again, and then the mayor, who had just laughed it off, saying if something did kill him other than a wild animal, they'd done the town a great justice. He had been convicted of murdering a small child, but had gotten off due to a technicality in the trial, and that they should just leave well enough alone.

They didn't though, and had asked around the whole town much to the mayor's disapproval.

That had been two days ago, and now here they were in the middle of nowhere, not knowing what to expect.

Suddenly an inhuman howl broke the momentary silence that had descended over the two of them

"What the hell was that?"Sam asked, stepping closer to Dean. his eyes wide.

"I don't know, but I'm not hanging around to find out."Dean replied, and grabbing Sam's arm, started moving through the woods, hoping they weren't too far away from a road or highway.

Whatever had howled earlier let loose another cry, this time answered by another similar one, that came from the opposite direction.

"There's more than one of them Dean."Sam stated in a voice tinged with fear.

"Yeah, I heard, I'm not deaf after all."he said crossly."So quit dragging ass and move it."


" Don't worry Sammy, I won't let anything happen to you, you know that."Dean said, seeing the look of fear on his face.

They walked a short distance when all the suddenly they heard a branch snap, and something fell from the trees in front of them, landing gracefully in a crouch.

"What is that Dean?"Sam asked in surprise.

"Don't know, but it sure isn't any escaped zoo animal."he answered.

It looked like a cross between a panther and a man, its skin a dark black, and its mouth opened, displaying a mouthful of sharp teeth.

It didn't move for a moment, just bent down in a crouch, saliva dripping from its mouth.

"What do we do Dean?"Sam asked.

"We run."Dean answered quickly, and grabbing Sam's arm, took off in the opposite direction from the thing.

Letting loose another yowl, the creature moved in pursuit of them, quickly catching up and tackling Sam, threw him to the ground, and sat on top of him

"Dean! Help!"he yelled, feeling the things hot breath on his face, and screamed when it dug its sharp claws into his arm.

Dean picked up a branch from the ground, and swinging, connected with the creatures head, hearing a loud thump, followed by a cry of outrage emit from it.

Slowly it turned to face him.

"That's right you bastard. Come and get me."he taunted, holding the branch in front of him, preparing to take another swing at it."Get up Sammy! And run."he ordered.

The creature made a sound that sounded somewhat like laughter, and dove at Dean, grabbing the branch from him, and snapping it in two.

"Not good."he said, as the thing picked him up by his throat, cutting off his airway.

Sam got up, clutching his bleeding arm, and watched in helpless fascination and horror as the thing extended its claws, and quickly plunged them into his brothers stomach.

Hearing him scream in agony, Sam popped out of his temporary paralysis and grabbed one of the knives that had been in the package from his pocket.

He had thoughtlessly put them both in his jeans, and in the process, left Dean defenseless.

"No! He yelled, and running towards the creature, plunged the knife deep into its back.

It howled again, this time out of pain, and lifted Dean higher, removed it claws from him, and threw him what had to have been thirty feet.

His back and head hit the tree he landed against, and he fell crumpled to the ground where he now layed unmoving.

The creature turned its attention to Sam, who pulled the other knife from his pocket, since the other was still stuck in its back.

Preparing for the oncoming attack, Sam was shocked when the thing ran in the other direction instead of coming after him.

He ran over to Dean, and was shocked by what met his eyes.

His once white shirt was now colored deep red with blood. Sam carefully pulled it up and saw four jagged holes in his stomach.

"Oh shit."he said, feeling his eyes watering up.

Dean was hurt bad, and Sam didn't have any idea where they were, how far from the road they were, or what to do.

Sure he'd patched Dean up before, but it had never been anywhere near as severe as this.

Hearing a howl from the woods again, Sam shook him harder, then smacked him gently in the face, but received no response.

He put his fingers to Dean's throat, praying that he would find a pulse, He did, but it was weak and thready.

A twig snapped , and Sam heard something approaching from the woods to the left.

Turning around to face whatever it was, he placed himself in front of Dean, holding his breath, waiting for it to emerge.


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