Title:The Hunted

Author:Coleharley and Supernaturalandlostfan(the Michelle half)

Rating:R(mostly for language, but there's some bloody scenes as well)


Characters:Dean,Sam,some OC's, and some bad ass monsters.

Summary:The were warned to not put their noses where they didn't belong. If only they had listened.

Authors note:We are huge fans of Dean and Sam whumping(mostly Dean though), so if you don't like to see one or both of them in peril, this story

is definitely not for you(But I do hope you read it)

Disclaimer:We do not own anything to do with Supernatural(not even Deansigh)

The Hunted


"Welcome back to the land of the living Mr. Ramone." the doctor, who stood over Dean, staring intently as he shined one of those annoying pen lights in his eyes.

Mr Ramone? Guess Sam decided to use their I.D.'s with that name this time.

"Yeah, thanks."Dean replied hoarsely, then added,"How about getting that thing out of my eyes if you don't mind."

Hospitals, he hated hospitals.

"Oh, sure, no problem. Well, I'm all done here, so I'll just step out in the hall where I had your brother wait, and tell him you're awake." the doctor said, and left the room., leaving Dean to stare at the ceiling sullenly.

"DEAN! You're awake. I knew your stubborn ass would pull through."Sam said happily, hurrying over to plop down beside his brother on the edge of his bed., then engulfing him in a hug.

"You know me, Just like the energizer bunny."Dean replied, with a sad attempt at a smile, pulling away from him.

"Well, just let me jump right in here and say that I'm.."

"Save it Sam."Dean interrupted."I know, you're sorry. "

"But, I really am. It wasn't me talking, I swear."

"Okay, I believe you. So just forget about it."

"Look, we need to talk about this. I know how it must seem to you, having happened twice and all, but I do really, well... love you! There I said it, chick-flick moment or not. I love you Dean, no matter how many times I might make you think differently."

"I don't want to talk about this right now if you don't mind. I'm tired."Dean said, turning his head on his pillow to where he was looking away from Sam.

"Okay, well we'll talk about something else then, but we will finish this later. Um..the doctor says you can leave in two weeks or so. Maybe earlier depending on how you do. We have a real nice room in the towns best hotel waiting for us too. They felt like they owed it to us when they found out what their mayor did to us. They said we could stay there until you're back on your feet. Even gave us a little cash"

"That's nice."was his brothers only reply, which surprised Sam. Since when did Dean not argue about an extended hospital stay?

"And hey, at least we know dad is alive now."Sam said, knowing if anything might liven Dean's apparent depressed mood, that would.

"Yeah. That's great."Dean muttered, not seeming the least bit enthused to finally find out the man they'd been searching for relentlessly the past few months was alive.

Huh, guess I was wrong, Sam thought, feeling a tinge of annoyance.

"I thought you'd be a little more excited about it since he did save our lives and all."Sam said in an even tone.

"He saved your life Sam, not mine."

"That's not true Dean, they came and rescued us right after he left, so that means he had to have called them."Sam said in his father's defense.

"Yeah, well he sure didn't come to make sure I was still alive did he? He shot those things, then satisfied that you were out of danger, left. He did call the authorities, I'm sure, but it was probably just an afterthought."

"No way Dean, that's not true. You know dad loves you, more than me even. I know he has his reasons for what he does, and when we find him again, we'll find out what they are. Okay?"

"Yeah Sam, okay."

"Things are going to be different now Dean. I know I've acted pretty selfish sometimes in the past, but that's over with. I'm with you a hundred and ten percent now. The Winchester brothers are a force to be reckoned with, so all monsters , demons and whatever the hell else better watch out."Sam said, an enthusiasm he hadn't felt for a while, having now returned.

"That's good Sam, great. Now how about being a good little monster killer and let me get some sleep."Dean said, with a forced smile and chuckle.

"Well, okay."Sam said. Grabbing his brothers hand and giving it a quick squeeze."I'll just sit here just in case you need me?" he said, and started to sit down in the chair he had come to think of as his own in the past few days he'd waited, praying his brother would wake up.

"Nah, you look like shit Sam. Go to the hotel, take a shower, and get some rest. I am at a hospital you know, so I think they can handle it if I need to go potty or anything." Dean replied, sounding a bit like his old self when he throwed in the last bit sarcastically.

"Are you sure? I don't really want to leave you here alone Dean. I kinda feel like I need to stay close after almost losing you."Sam said.

"Well, you didn't, here I am. There's no reason for you to have to sleep in a chair when there's a nice bed just calling out your name is there? If I need anything theres only a bunch of nurses running around, just waiting for me to call them after all. So go, and get some sleep."

"Well, if you're sure. I guess it would be nice to sleep in a bed tonight, but I'll be back first thing tomorrow morning. I'll bring you some stuff to try and keep you occupied during your stay at the Holiday Inn here."Sam said, and reluctantly started towards the door."So, I'll see you then."

"Sam."Dean said, stopping him in mid step.

"Yeah?"he asked, turning back to look at him again.

"Iloveyou."Dean blurted out quickly, running the words together, obviously uncomfortable with saying such a un-Dean like thing.

"I love you too."Sam replied, and left, thinking how odd it was for Dean to say that out of nowhere, but he was too tired to put much thought into it, and just shrugged his shoulders and left the hospital.

Dean laid there, staring sadly at the door his brother had just exited for a moment, then, after wiping his eyes, got down to business.

Sam, true to his words, went back to the hospital at 7 this next morning. Carrying a bag that contained magazines, their laptop, a deck of cards, and some board games.

He walked into Dean's room and at first did a double take, thinking maybe he'd went in the wrong door.

He walked back out and checked the room number again, and saw that he was in the right one.

Dean was gone though, the bed made with fresh covers.

Seeing a nurse pass by the open door, Sam ran out, grabbing her arm and pulling her to a stop.

"Where is he?"he asked her frantically.

"Where's who dear?"she asked.

"My brother Dean, he was in this room when I left last night, and now he's gone, so where is he?"

"Oh, you mean Mr. Ramone. Come with me."She replied, leading him to one of the break rooms on that floor, where the doctor from yesterday sat eating his lunch.

"Dr., Mr Ramone's brother is here. I thought that maybe you could talk to him if you don't mind."the nurse said, and after the doctor nodded, left Sam there with him.

"Where's my brother?"Sam asked for the third time.

"Well, he checked himself out last night. I tried to talk him out of it, telling him he was far from ready to leave the hospital, but as you know, we can't force anyone to stay. I gave prescriptions for some anti-biotics and pain killers though. It was all I could do, since there was no reasoning with him."

"He left? You just let him leave? I thought this was a hospital! You just let really sick people up and leave? Why didn't you call me? I left my number with the nurse in case of an emergency, and I'd sure as hell say that this fell into the category!"Sam yelled angrily.

"You need to calm down Mr. Ramone, as I said earlier, we cannot force anyone to stay in our care if they don't wish too, and I did do my best to try and dissuade him from leaving, I promise you that. And we did try and call you, but when he found out what we were doing, he, well,he got very upset. He made it clear that we were not to call you and tell you anything. He was actually quite adamant about it."The doctor said, shrugging his shoulders in a gesture of helplessness."He was disturbing all the other patients by this point, causing a scene, and it was a decision that I'm sure you can understand, that we decided to do as he wished and not call you."

"Yeah, I know how he can be when he sets his mind to something, but why?"Sam asked, more to himself than the doctor.

Why now, after all they'd been through, would Dean just abandon him. It just didn't make any sense.

"Did, um..did he happen to say to anyone where he was going?"Sam asked hopefully, trying his best to hold himself together in front of the other man.

"He didn't, but he did leave some things for you."the man replied, then walked towards the door, saying over his shoulder,"I'll be right back. I left it at the reception desk, just in case I wasn't here when you came in." and was gone.

He returned shortly, finding Sam with his face buried in his hands, elbows resting on the table, and cleared his throat to let the young man know he was back.

"Well, here you go Mr. Ramone, I'm really sorry about all of this."And then the Dr.'s pager went off and shaking Sam's hand and giving a apologetic smile, said,"I guess breaks over." and left Sam there alone, holding the bag that contained all he had left of his brother at this point.

With a sigh, Sam reached in, and to his surprise the first thing he removed was his brothers cell phone, then the next was even more surprising, the keys to his car. His most cherished possession, and last but not least an envelope, with his name on the front.

He hesitated to read it for a moment, not knowing if he really wanted to know what it said, since it was bound to be something bad, but in the end, he gave in and opened it.


I guess you could say I'm a pussy and took the easy way out in doing this by letter instead of telling you face to face, but you know me, all it would have lead to was a moment, and you know how I hate those.

I know at this moment it may not seem to you that me leaving was the best thing to do, but it was. You don't need me anymore Sammy. You can find dad on your own now. I know that you hate me really, and even if you don't realize it, blame me for all that has happened to you in the last few months. And after much thought(yes Sam your big brother is capable of thinking of more than women, believe it or not) I have come to agree. If not for me coming after you when dad left, you could very well still be living a happy, normal, existence with Jess. Sorry I screwed that all up for you. Really, I am.

See, I have this little issue that I try to deny to myself and others. I don't like to be alone, and after dad left I almost went crazy. Then I did the most selfish thing I could. I drug you into the mess that is my life just because I was scared and confused. And to be honest, I was happy to have you back with me because I missed you while you were in college, and hoped by doing this together that when we did find dad, we could be a family again like we used to be.

After the events of the last few days though, and the little incident that took place at the Asylum, I have come to realize something though. You can't force people into doing something they don't want to, especially if you're the problem, like I've found that I am.

Dad left me, not you, so maybe when he finds out that I'm out of the picture he'll finally come to you and be the father that he never was when we were growing up, the one you deserved to have instead of a brother doing a half-ass job of it and screwing everything up.

I can hear you now Sammy, trying to deny everything I'm saying, but I want you to really think about it, would you have said to me all the things you did those two times if you hadn't felt it? I was finally starting to think that maybe you were really under Dr. Ellicott's influence at the Asylum, but then with what happened the other day, you saying almost the same things again, I realized that you really do hate me, no matter how you try to deny it to yourself, you know it's true. I'm really sorry that I did all the stuff I did to make you feel that way, sorry I ruined your chance at happiness with Jess, and sorry for all the times you've gotten hurt running around chasing monsters with your freak bro.and I would take it all back if I could. See I thought we were doing the right thing by following the coordinates that popped up on my cell, but now I know that dad was just trying to get rid of me. There is one thing I'm confused about though, remember when we had to go back home that one time to save that lady and her kids, and mom was there. Even she barely spared me a glance before walking back to you, why? What did I do to make her hate me too? I was only 5 when she died. I must have been a hell of a bad kid in those five years huh?

Well, enough of this feeling sorry for myself, we both know that's not the Dean Winchester style. I just wanna say that I don't want you to worry about me. I'll be fine. I was thinking of maybe moving somewhere with a nice beach and trying out surfing or something. I think I've really got what it takes to be a beach bum, don't you? Or maybe I'll become a male gigilo(haha), but in any case, like I said, don't worry about me.

I left you my cell, and the keys to the car since you'll be needing them a lot more than I will. Just take good care of my girl okay, and when you find dad, tell him I'm sorry for whatever it is that I did.

Well, I guess this is goodbye little brother, so in closing I will say(caution:big chick-flick moment coming here, so be prepared) I love you more than anything else and always will, so take care of yourself okay?



P.S. Or maybe I'll try my hand at modeling, I definitely have the bod for it, at least that's what all the women say:)

Sam reread the letter again before folding it up and putting it in his pocket. Then sat there silently, until he finally let out how he felt, and started crying.

Dean was gone, and one thing even worse than that was the fact he thought Sam, his father, and his mother too, all hated him.

Standing up and wiping his eyes, a look of determination on his face, Sam left the hospital, and found the car right where it had been parked several days earlier.

Getting in and turning it on, he put in one of Dean's tapes, then rubbing the dash of the car said,"Well girl, looks like it's just you and me for a while, but don't worry. We'll have your daddy back soon."

At that moment the cell phone Dean had left went off, vibrating in Sam's jean pocket, and he quickly pulled it out, hoping it was his brother, but instead saw a set of coordinates, without even thinking about it, he tossed the phone over his shoulder into the backseat, thinking to himself, Sorry dad, I am going on a hunt this time, just not at anyplace you might lead me too. I've got something much more important to find, Dean, and turning the music up, Sam pulled out, going to work on his hardest case ever, and he had no plans of stopping until it was solved.

The End

Well, that was it folks. I know some of you didn't like it, but I just don't see myself how Dean could just continue on with Sam after all he's said and done to him. I left it open at the end, and maybe will do a sequel. I'm not sure yet. So to everyone who took the time to read my story,THANKS!