A/N: A poetry rendition of the "Ice and Dark" story from DNAngel vol. 8

Ice and Dark

The sands of time keep trickling down
Falling softly to the ground
Moments slipping through her hands
Attempting to capture the falling sand
Frozen there where none can see
Doomed to stay for eternity
Dying slowly, fading away
Regrets rest with her to stay
Her lover dying to save her time
As she once did for his life
But there's one thing they both forgot
You can't give back what's been lost
Now she rests, never to leave
For he's expired through another's greed
His friend, tormented by his guilt
His time haunted while her flower wilts
Compelled to stay, without peace
In sorrow he writes, alone he weeps
Recording what happened as a tale
A written record of his betrayal
And thus the hold on him released
Letting him finally die in peace