Obsessions Part 2

Chapter 1

Clark walked lazily down the stairs one dizzily morning. He walked into the kitchen and took out some cereal and milk for breakfast. Thinking of what happened recently; he grew more depressed and slowly ate his breakfast.

Martha walked into the kitchen and saw Clark eating breakfast. "You're going to miss the bus," She said.

Jonathan walked in and said, "Clark, you are late, the bus just left."

Clark didn't answer. He kept eating his cereal that was beginning to get soggy. Jonathan and Martha looked at each other with a strange expression on their faces. "What's wrong?" Martha asked, "Are you not feeling well?'

"I don't get sick," Clark mumbled.

"So tell us what's bothering you, son?" Jonathon asked.

Clark thought to himself. Should he tell his parents what is bothering him? Lana moving to Paris, Lex betraying, and Pete moving away was tearing him apart.

Clark stood up and cleaned his breakfast. He grabbed his backpack and was about to walk out the front door, when he accidentally walked into the closed door. "So tell us what is wrong," Jonathan said.

"Nothing is wrong," Clark said as he opened the door.

Martha walked behind her husband. She watched walk to school. Suddenly he sped and was out of sight. Jonathan looked at Martha with a worried looked on his face.


Dr. Phillip Brown walked to Alicia's room. She was staring blankly at the wall. Her blond hair was covering her eyes. "How are you feeling this morning?" He gently asked.

"Fine," She simply said still staring blankly at the wall.

"When you came here last year, you were a mess and I knew I wanted to be the one to help you out. Ever since than, you have progressed nicely. It is time for you to go."

Alicia looked at Dr. Brown and smiled at him. She came here in love with Clark She's leaving feeling the same.


Clark made it to the next stop the school bus made. He walked in the bus and sat next to Cloey. She turned and looked at him. "When did you get here?" She asked.

"I've been here the whole time," Clark lied.

"Really?" Cloey asked feeling really stupid, "I must be really tired. I got no sleep last night. I don't know how I'll ever get through the day."

"Everything will be okay."

"I wish it were so," Cloey yawned, 'I got so many papers to write."

"You'll get through the day, with five gallons of coffee!" Clark joked.

'I'm tried, do you mind if I sleep on your shoulder?"


"Thanks," Cloey interrupted Clark.

Cloey closed her eyes and rested her head on Clark's strong shoulder. Clark sighed and looked out of the window. He stared at the stalks of corn whizzing by him.


Lex was sitting in his fancy leather chair drinking scotch. A knock on the door, disturbed his daydreams. Lex finished the scotch that was in his cup and then said, "Come in."

Professor J.R. Green walked in holding a brown paper bag. "This is for you," He said handing the bag to Lex.

"Looks like you brought me lunch." Lex mused.

"Just take a look," Professor Green said, "You might find it to your satisfaction."

Lex opened the bag and took out a meteor rock. He put the rock on a stack of paper he had to fill out for Luthor Corp. "No offence Professor, I don't find this to my satisfaction. It makes a good paperweight, though."

"No offence taken," Professor Green said, "The reason I brought this meteor rock here, is because when I was collecting rock samples in the cave with all the symbols in it, I heard a thud. I noticed a young mind on the floor squirming in pain. There was a meteor rock next to him glowing green. I brought the rock here, because I wanted to know what you'd say about it."

"Now I like this meteor rock, Lex said staring at it, "Did you find out who that man was?"

"No, as soon I grabbed the rock, the glowing stopped and he walked away as if nothing was happening."

"Hmmm this is interesting."

"I'd love to sit here and chat but I got to get home and get to my lab."

"Good night and thanks," Lex said, "It's raining pretty hard now, drive safely."

Professor Green left the room and Lex refilled his cup with scotch. He took a sip and looked at the meteor rock. He thought about what Professor Green said. Why was it glowing? Who was that man? Lex would ask Clark, but they weren't friends anymore.

Linor walked in the room. Lex quickly put the rock in his pocket and glared at his Dad, "I was nice enough to get you a room in this mansion, but you do need to knock."

"I'm your Dad, you should respect me more."

"Oh," Lex said, "You never respected me and I'm your son."

"I have changed. I'm better now."

"Sure," Lex said rolling his eyes, "How should I believe you?"

Linor wasn't able to answer, for at that precise moment, lightening struck the mansion causing all the light to turn off. The room was still lit by the fire in the fire place. Lex turned and looked out the window.

Suddenly lightening struck the window where Lex was standing. The force threw Lex back and he fell on the glass coffee table. The glass shattered and scattered everywhere. Linor looked at Lex who was unconscious, with blood dripping from a cut on his head.