Don't Tell Me.

By: Random Artemis

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Prologue: 86 Bullets

They killed the white girl first. Her name started with a V. Veronica, Victoria... maybe Violet, something prissy like that. I don't know, I can't remember, or maybe it's just because I'm trying so hard not to think about it. Her picture flashes across the screen, along with her name. Vivian Marlette, the representative for the U.K. in the junior United Earth Sphere Alliance peace conference.

God I hate the world sometimes. A small part of me still believes I was hallucinating, that, no, terrorists DIDN'T publicly broadcast a massacre of the junior peace summit. The best and the brightest all extinguished in a hail of bullets.

The world and colonies were in an uproar of confusion, anger, and panic. War was brewing on the horizon, again. No matter how hard I tried to outrun my checkered past, it just keeps on catching up to me. Sooner or later I will be called to battle to spill fresh blood on my already stained hands. I felt nauseous at the thought of war, memories of carnage worming their way around the thick walls already placed there. I was ashamed of my fear, but, hell, even the God of Death is allowed to feel sick after a certain amount of carnage.

I booked the ticket on the next shuttle to L4, home of Winner Enterprises. Where Quatre was, there was bound to be Trowa, With Wufei and Heero in contact through the Preventers. I chuckled to no one in particular; after all the trouble I'd gone through to lose them, here I was walking, willingly, back into it. I laughed sadly and harshly again, then whispered, "Shinigami lives again."


End Prologue

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