A/N: This was prompted by a N100 Challenge. I had to use a line from an ee cummings' poem. I chose the line "your eyes have their silence."

The Stories They Tell


He sees a person's thoughts from a quick glance of his eyes. His Byakugan aids him, but it is his genius that makes it threatening. Of course, it is also Hyuuga tradition to learn the complexity of eyes (and the emotion they reveal; it is the most important asset to them). It is also why Neji stopped meeting Hinata's eyes after she began that particular training.

It is not hard, at first, to avoid her. She is reserved and intimidated by him (as she damn well should be, he mutters to himself on the occasion that he sees her) and generally, they do not cross paths. It is after the final session of her training that she approaches him. Neji is not prepared for such an assault.

"You don't have to avoid me," she says, so softly that he chances leaning towards her to hear her words. "Your eyes have their silence."

Neji learns it takes a stronger ninja to let his eyes tell their stories, than close them from the world.