Thank you for reading this short story that made me pass my English exam.

Just keep in mind, though, that this was written VERY quickly and because one of the pictures that we could write about was Nick Kang from the True Crime cover.

(and yes, I am aware that it isn't the worst morning ever)


Have you ever had a really difficult morning? You know, one where everything that you think could possibly go wrong does? Well, yesterday was one of those days for me.

You see, I'm a police officer in Los Angeles. My name is Nick Kang. I usually don't drive a police car; you know, the black and white ones with sirens. No, generally I drive in an unmarked car and wear casual clothes so that crims don't suspect a thing till it's too late.

Anyways, back to the Mornin' from Hell...

It was about Ten A.M. I was driving in the suburbs and stopped at an intersection. The traffic was pretty heavy (as it would be in LA rush hour) so I ended up sitting there for a while. There was an expensive looking SUV sitting right next to me, but I can't remember the make of it.

It was at that point that I heard some angry yelling from the SUV. I glanced over-

Two young guys had pulled a gun on the driver! That was when I knew there'd be trouble. They pulled the poor guy out and threw him to the ground and clambered inside. I didn't interfere then, because I knew it was virtual suicide.

Then, bang: the lights change. The SUV goes speeding off and I'm left there, dazed.

I sped off as fast as I could after the carjackers, putting a siren on the hood of my car as I went. The two gunners noticed and went faster.

Unfortunately for them, though, my car is faster than it looks.

I radioed in that I was in pursuit of the car, and shortly after that one of them leaned out of a window and started to shoot at me!

I pulled up to the opposite side of the SUV, about to try and knock them off the road. It was because there was a large pod of parked cars up ahead, and if these guys didn't get stopped, then people were going to get hurt.

As hard as I could, I slammed into the side of the SUV. It spun wildly, as did I, and it came to a stop. Seizing a chance, I pulled out my gun, aimed it at the tyres, and fired. Several sirens in the distance told me (and the carjackers) that there were some police nearby.

Then, both of them tried to leg it.

I half-jumped, half-ran out of my car and headed to the jacker running in my direction. I prepared to tackle him, but there was a loud noise and a searing pain in my arm! I'd been shot!

But, seeing as I was still moving at full force, I collided with the man. I kicked his gun away and aimed my gun at him with the good hand. Several seconds later, a police car pulled up.

See why it was a bad morning?