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Bonus Chapter

The Wedding Night Horror…

Naruto sat on the bed sulking. Not only because Sasuke had left him for more than an hour but for other reasons as well.

DAMN IT! It was bad enough that he forced me into wearing these horrible wedding robes! But changing my name to Uchiha Naruto? What the fuck! It's not even Uchiha-Uzumaki Naruto! I have the right to keep my own surname at least!

But NO! Because first, Sasuke was older than him and second, the Uchiha family has a higher status. And also, he plays the Seme in the relationship! He never lets me be on top!

The one thing that Naruto hated most was pulling his pride down. I'm going to be the Hokage SOON For God Sakes!

HECK, he even left me alone here during our wedding night! What on earth does he want to speak to that Old Hag for?

Grrr… I'm so going to get my revenge later. You just wait and see my dear bastard of a husband. I have a perfect plan just for you tonight. He chuckled evilly.

After all, I wasn't called Konoha's number one prankster for nothing.

A sinister grin formed on his lips. He stood up and went to set up his evil plans since Sasuke wouldn't be returning for awhile.


After an hour…

(Knock! Knock!)

The bedroom door opened revealing the handsome raven-haired ninja.

"Naruto? Are you there? Sorry for keeping you waiting." Sasuke called out as he closed the door softly. He looked around their bedroom, but found no Naruto.

"Naruto?" He called out again. Deep inside him, he was getting worried. Where could he be?

"Naru.." Suddenly a pair of arms wrapped around his shoulder from behind. Heated breathing beside his ear. He turned his head to the side and saw his kitsune smiling seductively at him.

"Hi honey…" Sasuke immediately became aroused when he heard that husky voice. Mmm…I like it when he calls me that.

Naruto smirked and traced his slender finger on Sasuke's jaw seductively, making his beloved husband groan in pleasure.

Sasuke spun around and pulled Naruto to his chest, with one hand around the waist, the other holding his chin. He leaned down and kissed his beloved fox hungrily and passionately. Naruto mewled softly and brought his arms around Sasuke's neck, pulling him closer to deepen the kiss.

Sasuke felt like he was in heaven. Indeed he was the happiest man alive. He had finally gotten rid of both the pedophiliac snake-bastard and his psychotic bastard-brother. Now, married to his most precious person was the best thing ever happened in his life.

Sasuke lifted his little hubby and headed for the bed with their lips still locked. He laid Naruto down gently and started to remove the wedding robes.

This was where Sasuke started getting irritated. The robes were really complicated, in fact it was designed in such way that the zippers and buttons could only be opened from the inside. Sasuke cursed angrily as he slid his hands underneath the robes to unbutton them. To make things difficult, Naruto couldn't stop giggling and wriggling.

"Damn it Naruto! Keep still!" Sasuke growled.

"(Haha!) Then stop (pant)… (Heehee!) tickling me! (pant)… Serves you right for (Heehee!)… getting me these robes! " Naruto continued laughing as Sasuke tried to reach one of the buttons but wound up tickling Naruto's stomach, making the blonde wriggle more.

Kuso! I'm gonna kill that tailor for designing such complicated robes! What a fine way to enjoy my wedding night! The Dobe is not making it easier either! Sasuke cursed mentally.

"ARGHH! THAT'S IT! I'VE HAD ENOUGH!" Sasuke took out a kunai from underneath the bed, where he kept them for emergency purposes and cut the robes open, revealing the delicious, sun-kissed, smooth, slender body. Naruto squeaked when Sasuke tore the robes and boxers off him roughly and eagerly.

Sasuke licked his lips lecherously as he admired the beautiful form beneath him. Naruto fought to keep his blush down when he saw his sexy avenger checking him out even though it was not the first time. Sasuke began to unbutton his shirt before throwing it on the floor.

After that, he leaned down and kissed his beautiful fox lovingly, pouring all the love and happiness he felt into it. He couldn't live without Naruto, Naruto was his source of life.

Naruto ran his slender fingers through Sasuke's raven-hair and moaned softly. Sasuke could feel his pants becoming tighter. They finally broke apart, the proof of their long kiss a cord of saliva between their bruised lips.

"Sa-Sasuke, I want you now…" Naruto purred.

"N-Now?" Sasuke asked curiously, groaning at the same time. So fast! I haven't even started teasing him yet!

"Please Sasuke! I want you in me now! Badly!" Naruto whined louder and began grinding his hips upward against Sasuke's.

Sasuke clenched the sheets and moaned. Whatever Naruto was doing was turning him on so much that all he wanted to do was fuck his blonde all night without stopping. Sasuke couldn't take it anymore. He took off his pants hastily, leaving his black boxers on. He opened drawer beside their bed to take out the lube.

But… it wasn't there.

Sasuke frowned and scanned through the whole drawer again. Nothing. Strange, I remember it being here yesterday.

"Sasuke? What's wrong? " Naruto asked. Sasuke shook his head.

"Nothing's wrong." Sasuke assured him. He closed the drawer and put his hand underneath the bed.

Hn. Thank god the bedside drawer wasn't the only place I put the lubes.

Again, there was nothing underneath the bed except a box of naughty photographs of Naru-chan. Sasuke frowned deeper. He got off of Naruto and looked under the bed. Nothing.

He then got off and walked to their dressing table drawers, opening each one of them. No lube. Not even one in any pockets of his pants, shorts and jeans.


Sasuke searched hastily and carefully in each of the drawers. Naruto sat up on the bed and watched Sasuke, amused.

Sasuke then went to the bathroom and opened the mirror cupboard, pushing the bottles of lotions away…and he found it!

But it was empty. Darn.

Sasuke walked back to the bedroom and saw Naruto waiting patiently on their bed. Sasuke sighed and looked at Naruto longingly. Naruto cocked his head to the side, wondering what was on Sasuke's mind.

"Naruto…Can we… Can we do without the lube tonight?" Sasuke suggested warily.

Naruto pretended to be bewildered about what Sasuke had just said. His baby blue eyes began to water.

"Sasuke…(sniff) H-How could you? Y-You should already know that tonight will be the most special night for the both of us. (sniff) Are you telling me that you are going to make love to me raw?"

Sasuke panicked when he saw his darling Naru-chan start wailing. SHIT! YOU IDIOT! Why did you have to say that for! Look at what you did! He cursed himself.

Sasuke quickly climbed on the bed and embraced his kitsune tightly.

"Shh… It's ok…I promise that I'll our night the best night ever… So don't cry anymore ok?" Sasuke spoke softly almost soothingly; patting Naruto's back affectionately.

Naruto slowly wiped his tears with his arms and nodded. Sasuke smiled and pecked his lips tenderly before standing up and walked towards the door.

"I'll go find it now." With that, he left their room.

Once the bedroom door was closed, Naruto snickered evilly. His plan for revenge was working!

You will not find a single lube in this house my dear Sasuke. Hehe! There's no way you'll know where I hid them - I've made sure of that. A malicious grin formed on his lips.



Sasuke almost tore down the whole house just looking for the lubes. He was so frustrated, not just mentally or physically, but sexually too! He searched from top to bottom, from the living room, under the couch and the cushions. There was not a single one!


How can all of them be missing? I made sure I put one in every place just in case we wanted to have sex all over the house. Heck! I even made sure to buy a new one every 3 days!

Goddamn it! Why does this have to happen at the wrong moment!

Sasuke clenched his fist tightly, not to mention he was still hard.

He began rummaging the kitchen drawers and cupboards. He found two lubes but they were empty. He made a reminder to throw the tubes away once they were finished. After throwing out the empty ones, he continued searching. Still he found none.

Sasuke leaned against the kitchen counter and ran his hand through his hair, annoyed.

There is only one place left and it definitely has to be there.

He stood up slowly and walked to the living room. Scanning the whole room, Sasuke found a giant flower vase beside the stairs. He looked around to make sure there was no one around and made his way there.

He knelt down in front of the vase and pushed it aside. He looked around once more and took out a kunai hidden inside the vase. Feeling the smooth wooden tiles with his fingertips, he finally found the hidden spot. He angled his kunai at the side of wooden tile and removed it carefully.

Once the tiles were put away, he took a black box out from the small black hole. He grinned happily. Heh. It's good thing that I kept some in my secret stash for emergency uses. Like now.

His heart was beating rapidly with excitement as he lifted the cover. Soon my Naru-chan…soon.

After the cover was removed, Sasuke looked in the box. The happy grin became a sour scowl as he continued to stare disbelieving inside the box.

There was nothing at all inside the box.

Sasuke almost lost himself to insanity. He was freaking furious! There not a single lube in this house, not even in his most secret place!

T-This can't be happening… No one knows my secret stash is hidden here! It can't be Naruto! The dobe is too stupid to know of such a place!

Sasuke clutched his hair as he didn't know what to do. For some reason, God had been so unforgiving to him these past few months. First his wedding(s) and now his wedding night. Things just couldn't get any worse than this, could they?

Sasuke almost cried but an Uchiha never cries. He didn't say anything more and made his way to the bedroom quietly.


At the bedroom

Naruto lifted his head from the story book he was reading when he heard the door click open. He saw Sasuke walk in like a zombie and sit down at the side of the bed. So I guess he didn't find any at all, even in his secret stash. He smirked inwardly.

Naruto put the book aside and put his arms around his husband waist from behind pulling him in an embrace.

"Sasuke…it's ok if you can't find any lube today. If you really, really wanna do without it…then I suppose... it's alright with me." Naruto whispered pitifully in Sasuke's ears.

To Naruto's surprise, Sasuke shook his head. "No. I want to make you feel pleasure, not pain, love." This made Naruto feel a bit guilty. Sasuke turned around and pulled Naruto into a hug.

"Well…since we can't do it tonight then we'll do it tomorrow night then. I'll get more lubes the next thing in the morning. And then we'll make love the whole day, right here in our bed. Just you and me… " Sasuke whispered lovingly before lying down on the soft mattress pulling Naruto down with him.

"But Sasuke, tomorrow is Sunday. Won't all shops will be closed?" Naruto reminded him.

Sasuke suddenly remembered and cursed his luck under his breath. ARGHH! GOD really must hate me! Darn it! Why do things always have to get in the way of me and my Naru-chan?

Naruto chuckled at the expression of his bastard. "Heehee…Don't worry teme. There's always Monday ne? After all, Tsunade obaachan gave us a week off, so be patient will you."

Sasuke just grunted and pulled the blanket over both of them. He then pulled Naruto closer to his chest and fell asleep within seconds due to the exhaustion of searching for the lubes.

Naruto snickered quietly while congratulating himself inwardly for the success of his prank. Hell yeah!


The next morning...

Sasuke was the first one to wake up, Naruto on the other hand was still snoring softly beside him. Sasuke chuckled at his sleeping angel who looked so cute and innocent. He pushed blonde bangs away and kissed his forehead before getting up and heading for the bathroom.

Sasuke stripped his boxer down and walked into the shower. He had had a really bad night yesterday. All he needed now was a nice cool shower in the morning.

While rinsing himself, he took his big bottle of favourite shampoo at the side and squirted in his hand. However... something was really wrong here.

The shampoo that came out wasn't blue in colour like it normally was, it was another colour entirely. That's weird. I don't remember changing my shampoo.

Sasuke sniffed it. It was a very familiar scent but definitely not his shampoo's. His attention was suddenly diverted to something sticking out from the small red bin under the sink. He strode towards it and slowly opened the bin cover. He found more then 20 empty lubes in there. Then, he had an epiphany.


At that time, Naruto had just woken from his wonderful sleep. He yawned widely while rubbing his eyes. He then looked around, realized Sasuke was not in bed and that the shower was running.

Hmm... He must be taking a morning shower... Mmm...shower...shampoo...

Then it suddenly clicked into his groggy mind.


The bathroom door was slammed open, revealing a very angry Uchiha with his sharingan activated. In his hands were two giant bottle of shampoo which contained only special lubrication.

"Good morning dobe." Sasuke smiled dangerously at the shivering blonde in bed who was already frantically forming an escape plan in his mind.

"Erm...later!" Naruto quickly jumped out of bed, running towards the door. But Sasuke beat him to it with Lee's speed technique.

"I don't think so Naru-chan. Cause you're going to pay for all the trouble that I went through last night." Sasuke whispered hoarsely and threateningly, scaring our little fox.

Naruto yelped when Sasuke grabbed his arm and threw him onto the bed. Sasuke then pounced on him, straddling his hips and put one of the bottles at the bedside table. He pinned both Naruto's arms with one hand and leaned down to his ears.

"I'm gonna fuck so hard that you'll be screaming for me to stop, my darling kitsune. And I'm not gonna let you out of bed until I'm totally satisfied." Sasuke purred harshly. When Sasuke spoke in that tone, he really meant it.

Rivers of cold sweat were trickling down Naruto's forehead and he gulped heavily when he saw Sasuke squirt a large amount of lube into his hand.

D-Damn, I should have put it in the cooking oil bottles instead and disposed of them quietly later.

Naruto trembled more when he saw Sasuke start applying all that lube on his engorged member.

I'm such dead-meat now.

So much for Konoha's number one prankster, huh.



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