Kate sat on the beach, her pant legs rolled up, and her feet immerged in the cool ocean water. She looked out over the crashing waves, as far away from the island as her eyes would allow her to see. Her mind was lost in thought. She didn't know how long she had been sitting there, but she could feel the Sun on her face, and she knew that she'd been sitting there for way too long.

She stood up and brushed off the sand from her pants, and turned around, walking up the beach towards Sawyer's tent. She didn't know why she was going there, after all, he was the most annoying and self-centered person on the island, and yet she found herself drawn to him.

She walked over to the entry of his 'tent' and called out to him, but received no answer. Wondering if he was really there or not, kate pulled back the flap, and looked around.

His tent was full of things an amazing assortment of things, like laptops, magazines, and to Kate's great amusement, a large stack of tampons.

"Can I help ya with sumfin' freckles?" Came a heavy Southerly accent , from behind where she stood. Kate spun around, a smile still plastered on her face from the stack of tampons in the corner.

"What do you need tampons for Sawyer?" Kate asked, with a slight grin "there something you wanna tell me?"

Sawyer stared at her with a look of surprise on his face. This look sent kate into a fit of the giggles and before she knew it, she was lying on the ground, holding her stomach, laughter overtaking her entire body.

"you done down there freckles " Sawyer asked, a grin known plastered on his face too.

Kate held her hand up in the air for Sawyer to take hold of, and help her up, which he did without complaint. On the way up though, he made a point to 'accidentally' brush a hand over her left breast.

"Sawyer!" Kate exclaimed, as she took a step back from him, a mischievous look in her eye, "What?" he replied innocently , as though he had done nothing to be ashamed of. Kate shock her head, and walked past Sawyer, banging his shoulder on the way out. Sawyer turned around,. And grabbed her gently by the upper arm.

"Ya know, ya never did tell me what exactly ya were here for in the first place freckles" Sawyer said in a slight wisper, that sent shivers down Kate's spine.

"I um, I, came to ask you if you'd like to go for a walk with me for a little while?" kate said, looking down at her shoes, and then back at Sawyer, who had a rather smug look on his face.

"Well well well freckles, finally coming to terms with my irrisistable charmes ah?" He asked her, flashing her his cute, dimply smile.

Kate looked at him, and it was all ahe could do not to fall into his arms, and kiss him right there and then.

"in your dreams Sawyer, I just wanted to get away from the beach, and the others, and I wanted some company, but hey if you don't wanna come then im sure ja-"

"hey now wait on one gosh darn minute freckles, firstly, who said I wasn't gunna come, and secondly, why'd ya have to go along and spoil all the fun by bringing' the good 'ol doc into it!"Sawyer said. The smile had now completely died off his face and was replaced with a look that Kate could only describe a jealously.

"Fine" Kate called, as she turned and walked down the beach" But if you are coming I'd hurry up, or I might just have to ask jack to come along."

This last comment got Sawyer to move more quickly than Kate had expected, and he ran out in front of her, yelling behind him for her to keep up.

After a while both Kate and Sawyer where running, up the beach, laughing, joking, and having a great time, that is ,until they heard and ear-peircing scream, coming from in the Jungle.

They looked at each other, and without another word, both were sprinting off into the jungle, dodging branches, and occasionally stumbling over rocks, or uneven ground.

About 300 mitres into the jungle, Sawyer stoped suddenly, causing kate to crash into the back of him. He turned around and caught her just in time before she fell to the ground. She looked up at him and thanked, him, not breaking eye contact, and breathing heavily. Sawyer leaned in towards kate, his lips just about to graze hers, when a deep, and maniatic laugh protruded out from behind them.

They stood still, both forgetting about the kiss they both nearly engaged in, when from out behind a large tree, stepped Ethan.

Kate and Sawyer both stood in awe, looking at the person in front of them. The situation was impossible, Ethan was dead, Charlie had shot him six times in the chest at point blank range, they had both been right there, and had seen the whole thing. They had buried him the next day, just inside the forest, about a mile down from camp, and yet here he stood, glaring at them, with a look of pure spite in his eyes .

Sawyer was the first one to speak. His voice still bore evidence of the shock they had received seeing him standing there.

"What do you want? Why are you here! You should be dead! The hobbit shot you, we all saw it!" Sawyers expression changed from one of shock, to one of anger as he remembered what had happened on that day, how he had threatened the survivors with death, how he tried to get Claire back, the look on his face, when he his heart was pierced by the first bullet, but sawyer was brought out of his thoughts, and back into reality, by the sound of Ethan's cruel and evil laugh.

"You really think that something as simple as a bullet could kill me! If that were the case I would've been dead along time ago" He said, still with the grin on his face, as he lifted up his shirt, reveling countless scars, to many to count, and there, at just above where his heart would be, were six, newly formed scars, that had been left there by Charlie.

"Now," he said, as he pulled his shirt down, and took a few steps closer to the two survivors." I am going to take what I came for, and leave."

At the mention of Ethan's last words, Sawyer took a step to his left, to shield Kate from his view.

Ethans laugh rang through the jungle once again, as he looked at the pair in front of him. " awwww, how sweet, Sawyer is trying to protect his girlfriend from the bad bad man, pitty it isn't going to work though." And with that, he ran at Sawyer, pushing him to the ground, and punching him countless times in the stomach.

Sawyer let out a moan of agony, and mustered all his strength, he then flipped Ethan off him, and straddled him, pinning him down on the ground, punching him endlessly in the face.

Kate looked on in horror, not knowing what to do. Sawyer looked up at her, from his position over ethan. He saw the fear in her eyes, and and it scared him. It wasn't like Kate to show emotion like this. Before Sawyer realized what he was doing, he yelled at her to run to safety, to run back to camp and get help, and she did. After one last glance at Sawyer, she turned around and ran as fast as she could, back to the beach.

She herd a deep yell come from behind her, and then footsteps, following her, but dare not turn around, in fear that she would be caught.

She ran as fast as she could, darting through the trees like a mad woman. She heard the footsteps come closer , and she tried to speed up, but to no avail. She tripped over a large rock, pocking out of the ground. She hit the ground hard, and felt a shoot of pain shoot up her left leg. She looked behind her, and saw Ethan walking towards her.

She tried to stand, but the pain was to great, and she just fell back to the ground in a heap. Ethan came closer and stood over her. The look in his eyes terrified her. He reached down, and grabbed hold of her arm.

Kate let out a blood curling scream. She knew she had no chance of getting away from him now, but maybe, the others would hear her plea for help, and come to her aid.

She kept on screaming, trying to pull her arm out of Ethan's grip, but it was to tight, and she was too weak. The last thing she remembered, was seeing the huge grin on ethans face, as he pulled a gun out of his pants, and hit her around the head with the butt of it.

She lay on the ground, and as the darkness engulfed her, one word came out of her mouth. Sawyer.