Chapter 26:

Kate sat on a flat, dark rock, staring blankly at the crystal blue ocean in front of her. Its rippling waves had a calming effect on her. She didn't know how and she didn't know why, but whenever she was troubled or upset, she could just stare out at the sparkling water, and feel free. Free. It was a word she barely knew the meaning of She had never truly felt free before, not when she was a child, nor when she was a teenager and certainly not in the few years since she had passed into adulthood. She had never truly been free...until now. On the island, everything that had happened in her past, everything that had held her back, kept her physically and emotionally restrained, was gone. She had been given a clean slate, a new chance at life and she wasn't going to mess it up.

Standing up slowly, Kate scanned the beach, looking for Sawyer. She spotted him almost immediately. A smile formed on her face as she saw the goofy glasses residing on his face. Steam rolled Harry Potter alright she thought as she made her way towards him.

Sawyer felt her eyes on him before he even saw her. That's how it had been lately, like his sense of awareness had heightened ten fold since he found out about the pregnancy. Since they had found out about the pregnancy. Not that he would tell anyone else, but he was truly excited about the prospect of being a father. Sure he had his insecurities about his capabilities, but didn't everyone in a situation like the one he was in? It was only natural to be nervous, it had only been three weeks since he and Kate had found out after all.

He wondered how long it would be till the rest of the island found out. No doubt they would be front page news of the Island News. He had to admit that he was kind of nervous about how they'd react. That was yet another trait he'd picked up since he left the real world, and entered the one he was in now. A world of what could only be described as one of dreams and fantasies. Case in point? That bloody Polar Bear he'd shot in the first week.

He knew he'd changed. Was it for the better? That was in the eye of the beholder, but was he prepared to do anything for the woman he loved and their unborn child? Definitely.

Authors note:

That was the last chapter in this fic, it was short chapter I know, but I feel that if I wrote anymore it would kill the effect I was going for.

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