Blue Eyed Angel


Pairing(s): Forte x Blues

Summary: A walk in the park, a song for some birds, and Forte, naturally, gets jealous... FxB


-Forte's POV-

He was in the park. Out of all places to be, he chose the park. The one place I hate, besides Dr. Wily's lab, of course.

There were always too many citizens, ones that gave me odd glances as they walked by. I guess it is a little unusual to see a teenage boy with violet hair, crimson eyes, and darker violet streaks rolling down his cheeks from his eyes. But they didn't have to gawk at me!

Hmph... Besides the annoying people, there are animals here. From dogs, squirrels, and birds. A lot of birds. A whole lot of stinking, worm eating, peeping little birds.

And that's why He was here.

He loves those stupid creatures, hums a soft tune for them even. I guess He likes it when they coo back. I don't mind the music He can make from those sakura lips, the same shade of those cherry blossoms that fall from the trees around us. Oh no. I hate it that He's directing his attention to those damned birds.

I watch him now, humming a soft tune. Those birds are cooing softly back. One bird, on His right shoulder, is rubbing its small head against His soft looking cheek, so smooth and a gentle white color, I want to rub my own hand against it.

A bird on His left, watches the lake in front of them, chirping and cooing every once in a while. Another bird, in His left hand, is attached to His index finger, trying to sing along with His soft melody, but only making a big scene and flapping its wings wildly.

And the last, rests in between His knees, which are pressed side by side and curled up close to His chest. It coos in its sleep, looking so in peace, I can't help but feel jealous.

Why won't He let me get that close without being pushed away? What did I do to get this treatment? Is it because I fight His brother? If that's the case, I could easily make it up to him. But first, He'll have to stop moving away from me.

Seeing His delicate, feminine hand reach up to pet the bird that rubs against His cheek, something snaps within me. I'm not sure why, but I'm guessing it was my jealousy.

Without much thought, I stomp over to Him until I am a foot behind His black haired head. Growling to get His attention, I also succeed in scaring those pesky creatures away, leaving only small feathers to float in the air in their place.

He turns towards me, still sitting on the grassy ground, with those sapphire eyes that express His deepest soul. I understand why He wears those annoying sunglasses. Who would want to show their enemy if they're afraid or any other signs of emotion?

He's looking at me, but doesn't say anything. He is waiting for me to speak, wondering why I had interrupted His peaceful moment.

I love His eyes. To understand His every emotion by just looking into those blue orbs of His. And when I look into those eyes, I can feel at peace and I know what I truly want.

I want Him. Sure, being the most powerful robot is my dream, but just being able to rule over Him is better then ruling over the whole pointless world. I can forget about my revenge I want on His brother, knowing if I won Him, it wouldn't matter anymore. And Dr. Wily... He can just eat my plasma.

With this angel in my reaches, is all enough to calm my inner and outer demons.

Something flashes in His eyes, asking me silently to say something. I smirk.

Better not disappoint, ne?

Taking His face in my hands, I pull Him into a short kiss. I can tell He's surprised, from His eyes and the deep blush on His pale, milky white cheeks.

Pulling back slightly, I whisper only four simples words, a beautiful tune to even my own ears.

"I love you, Blues."

He only smiles gently up at me, but I don't let Him reply. I only pull Him in for another kiss. I already know his answer, so why ruin this moment with mushy words? This is all I need for now.

I can see from those angel-like blue eyes; He loves me, as well.