Pairing(s): Forte x Blues

Summary: Halloween Night, and the children in their town are out and about trick or treating. FxB


The sun had disappeared a few hours ago, but the night was still lively as it would be in the day. Lights of houses were on, telling those who walked by that they were open and willing to give you treats, while a select few were off, retired for the night. Pumpkins littered every direction, most carved and brightened with a small candle inside. Black cats, white ghosts, bony skeletons, and furry green spiders decorated yards and windows, screaming of holiday spirit for this one night. And children, dressed as princesses, fairies, cowboys, cops, monsters, cats, and every other thing they can dress up as ran about, most in a group, and a few select adults or older kids followed them around to make sure nothing bad happened to the youngsters.

Blues silently watched all this from atop a tall building, keeping an eye out for any last minute rogue robots that might want to cause trouble and ruin the celebration of Halloween. Raising a hand, Blues tapped the side of his beloved sunglasses, opening a window, that only he could see, appear in his eye lens, before tapping it again to cause it to zoom in, getting a closer picture of a group of children knocking on a familiar door for more candy.

As the door opened, a cheery brunette boy in blue greeted the children eagerly, giving out a laugh as they all chorused the common lines of "Trick or Treat!" Calling behind him, a blonde girl with a high ponytail came up with a bowl full of yummy treats, offering it to the youths who eagerly reached their little hands inside, snagging as much as they could before stuffing their rewards into their bags and pales. The brunette in blue gave the group a wave of farewell before retreating inside, shutting the large door of Dr. Light's lab and home shut once again.

With another tap, the zoom returned to normal, and Blues let loose a tired sigh.

"Sickening, isn't it?" a harsh voice bit out, followed by a few thumping stomps from behind.

Turning slightly to lock eyes with crimson ones that glared over his shoulder, Blues huffed, "No, not really."

Forte, the violet haired man, snorted at this, moving to stand besides the raven haired other, glaring down at the children that ran about with giddy laughs and cheer at the candy they had acquired. Resting a fisted hand on his hip, he set the other on the brick wall that was built to keep people from falling off so easily, growling out, "Only you would see them as something not disgusting. Maybe because your brother is so much like them themselves?"

"Shut it, Forte," Blues bit out, shooting a warning stare up at the other, before returning his attention down to the children still out for the festive of the season. Nearby, he could spot a group of these children, where two boys, most likely brothers, stood side by side, one holding the other's hand to keep the shorter one from wandering off without the rest. Blues was sure, had they been humans and not robots, Blues would of had memories of doing such family activities, watching out for Rock and Roll, as a big brother should.

But, they weren't humans. They were robots, built to the age they were made to look as, but younger then one would expect. They had no childhood memories, no experience of growing up and learning as humans do before they reach the age of maturity. They were programmed with all the knowledge they would need, and extra room for they could continue to learn with their experience and other information they could acquire. Still, it was all programming. Robotic. Inhuman.

"Forget the rugrats, Blues," Forte's voice interrupted Blues' thoughts, leaning in closer to brush his lips against the raven haired man's ear affectionately, "They're not worth it. All they do is cry and make a mess and demand to get whatever they want and have things happen the way they want it to."

"Sounds a lot like you, Forte," Blues calmly informed with an amused grin, before moving back a bit as the violet haired man tried to give him a harsh nip. Standing, yellow scarf billowing in the breeze, Blues turned to walk away, but was halted by a strong embrace from behind. "Not now," the raven haired man huffed with a roll of his eyes, raising a hand to grip at Forte's own, giving it a tug to try and get the cobra-like man to release him half heartedly, "I'm busy."

"Busy with what?" Forte growled possessively, tightening his embrace, "Watching the little rugrats? Or keeping an eye on your little family?"

"...Both," Blues simple replied, glancing over his shoulder to lock blue eyes behind sunglasses with crimson orbs of the other male's.

"How 'bout you just kidnap one of the rugrats and call it your own?" Forte half joked with a rather cruel smirk, nipping at Blues' jaw line affectionately, "Then you won't have to go out of your way to watch all of them."

"I'm not kidnapping anyone, Forte," Blues huffed with a roll of his eyes, "That's criminal. And besides..." turning around in the other's grasp, raising his arms to wrap around Forte's shoulders in a loose embrace, he continued, "You hate children."

"I hate 'em, but you can't keep your eyes off them," Forte growled back, pouting lightly only to be rewarded with a soft peck on the lips from the other in his arms.

"They're fascinating, that's why," Blues laughed lightly, giving Forte yet another quick peck on the nose this time, "They're something we've never experienced, a part in our life that never will happen, due to us being robots. We can't grow naturally like humans, nor can we have children and reproduce like them either. Even if I was built as a female robot like Roll, I still couldn't have a child with you, or anyone else for that matter."

"And I like it better that way," Forte stated simply, bluntly, before leaning down to nuzzle his face in Blues' neck, planting a few kisses there. "Though..." Forte drawled, nipping at the artificial flesh there, "If you really wanted one, I'd allow it, reluctantly."

"Reluctantly?" Blues repeated with a chuckle.

"Of course," Forte replied, "I still hate the little devils. And I don't want to share you, either."

Blues paused in thought, running a hand through the long hair of the other, being rewarded with a purring growl of affection. A slow smile curled his lips at this, before the raven haired man finally spoke, "Its alright. I already have someone who takes up most of my time in taking care of daily."

"And who the hell is that?" Forte grounded out with sudden rage, glaring at Blues with dislike at the thought of someone else being taken care of by HIS lover.