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"Millerna!" Merle shouted, jumping up onto her feet as quick as a flash of lightning. "What the hell are you doing here?"

"Why, I was on my way home from the university and suddenly Allen called me, saying that Van was in Freid General Hospital. My university was not far from here, so I went here as fast as I could," she said, shrugging as she closed the door behind her.

Her violet eyes caught Hitomi's emerald ones, and she beamed. "You must be Hitomi, am I not mistaken?" she said, crossing the room in steady steps before offering a hand to Hitomi.

Hitomi shook her hand lightly, hesitation still dawning upon her. "Eh, pleased to meet you," she said lamely.

The girl laughed, and Hitomi realized that she was indeed very pretty. Her long platinum blond hair was tied in a low ponytail, and she was dressed in an expensive-looking pink blouse and tight black pants. "My name is Millerna, Millerna Aston," she said, smiling.

"Aston?" Hitomi repeated, her eyes narrowing. "I thought I've heard that name before…."

"Well, I guess you do," said Millerna, flopping down on the bed next to Hitomi. "My father is Grava Aston, the famous billionaire."

Realization struck Hitomi, leaving the girl dumb-founded. She had slipped into many of Aston's buildings (e.g. Aston Museum) in order to catch Amber. And that included several broken artifacts, facilities, and knocked down guards.

She held her tongue to prevent it from going insane and babbling how she had broke down into many of her dad's buildings.

"So," Millerna started, still smiling warmly at Hitomi. "How old are you?"

"Uh…, fifteen," replied Hitomi, treading carefully upon her words. One single mistake and she was dead in shame.

"The same age of Van," Millerna commented, her smile going broader. Hitomi wondered what that meant, yet kept silent. "I am eighteen myself."

Hitomi nodded mutely.

Merle snickered at her. "Have you gone mute?" she asked teasingly, pinching Hitomi's cheek.

"Hey, watch that!" Hitomi shouted at the pink-haired teen in annoyance, desperately trying to pinch her back with no success.

Millerna laughed. "Why don't you go and see your dear brother, Merle?" she asked sweetly, looking at the younger girl.

Merle stared at her. "I'm no child, you know," she said accusingly. "You don't have to use that tone over me."

The older girl sighed and said, "Merle, Hitomi and I need to talk."

Merle shrugged. "Then I'll go to see what's my Van-chan doing." With that, she left soundlessly.


After Merle had left, Millerna turned at Hitomi. She smiled. "I heard from Van that you need some explanations."

Hitomi gasped. "That bastard said that!" she whispered in disbelieve. "Remind me to kill him later. Like he doesn't need any! Ha!"

Millerna chuckled. "I've come to his room, and all he talked was about you," she said. Hitomi blushed off her control, and she desperately tried to hide it into a scowl. Upon realizing Hitomi's discomfort, Millerna waved her hand and said, "Forget it. Now, how about more detailed introduction?"

"You go first," Hitomi said, grinning. She was already warming toward the older girl.

Millerna tapped her chin thoughtfully. "Well, my name is Millerna Sarah Aston, the youngest girl in the Aston Family. I hate that, must I add? I am in college now. I'm studying to be a doctor and a psychologist, though I have to say that I prefer the first. My father is a fat old man who loves his family too much, a little greedy in money but kind all the same. My mother had died since long ago. Right now I'm in love with someone, and I think we are going to date anytime soon," she said, blushing a bit at her last sentence.

Hitomi smiled. "You said you are the youngest girl. Do you have older brothers or sisters?" she asked curiously.

Millerna raised an eyebrow. "Well…, yes…," she said slowly. "I have two older sisters and they are…"

Right at that time, the door flung open for the second time and two girls stepped into the room. Millerna gaped at them and shouted, "Sisters!"

So much for a calm stay at the hospital.


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