Test 1 Final Part: End Game

Jason Donovan awoke slowly, as if coming out of a deep dream. Shadows of grey and black swam behind his eye lids, and when he at last gathered the strength to open them, something strange greeted him.

He was lying sideways, his vision parallel to the concrete. Light was filtering in through some source high above, illuminating a puddle of bright red oozing out around his head. But that wasn't the strange part. The strange part was the face staring back at him.

It was the face of a doll; a ventriloquist doll. Its skin had been painted in white, and red spirals covered its cheeks. Long black ahir came down over its forehead, almost obscuring, but not quite, the blood red eyes. They stared at each other for a long time. Jason wondering what the hell had happened, why he couldn't move, and where the doll had come from. Who knows what the doll was thinking.

It wasn't long, however, before it shared that with him. Its wooden mouth parted, and the voice of the CD Sicko soon followed.

"Hello, Jason," it exclaimed in that low, electronically altered voice. "Congratulations: you're alive. You passed the test."

Jason's eyes widened as the events of that night flooded back to him. His lips quivered with effort.

"Nnnnggg… uunggggggg," he burbled.

"You've survived, Jason, but it seems the Gods have been mysterious in their choice of reward. I'm no doctor, but I'd say those fractured vertebrae are almost going to guarantee paraplegia. Or at the very worst: quadriplegia. But don't worry. I've called an ambulance. They should be here soon."

Jason continued to gargle, trying to force words from his throat.

"Unfortunately , there isn't much room in hospitals these days. Looks like you're going to be sharing a room with another patient. A small boy, age 10, a victim of a hit and run three nights ago. I'm sure you two will have plenty in common."

The dummy paused, mouth agape, displaying an infinite blackness.

"Goodbye, Jason Donovan. And, thanks for playing."

Jason summoned his energy, and his lips parted. And finally, he screamed.