Chapter 8

Recap: Sakura's eyes welled with more tears if possible, overflowing like her emotions. Her hand clenched into a fist over her heart, she felt like it was breaking into a million pieces.

Giving a choked sob full of utter heartbrokenness, she left the place she had come to love. Left the man she had come to love.

Sakura lay on her cold bed; curled up, sobbing into her sheets which were wet with tears. Her hands were holding the white sheets tightly; her knuckles white.

Her pink hair fluttered in her face and eyes, her body shaking with the sobs and cries. Every now and again she would scream into her covers wanting to get rid of the anguish.

After an hour she lay there emotionless, glassy green eyes full of so much pain


That was the only name that slowly repeated itself inside her head like a mantra.

She knew she had to go and tell Tsunade that it was all clear to go ahead and bring Itachi in. She sighed heavily, slowly dragging herself out of the bed.

As she got herself dressed, her face and eyes were blank as flashbacks of their time together ran through her head over and over again; when they first met, their first kiss and their first session of making love.

She walked out of her house in a white long dress. Her hair blew around her, whipping at her bare arms and neck with the harsh wind.

It didn't have to end this way; she thought to herself despondently.

After the ten minute walk she got to the tower of Tsunade's. She made her way into the building discreetly, not wanting people to talk to her.

She got to Tsunade's office door. After knocking, she heard a muffled 'come in'. Opening the door softly she walked over to the desk that Tsunade sat at, staring at Sakura.

Sakura wanted this over with as soon as possible so she sat down and began to tell Tsunade Itachi's plans, what sort of things he had been up to and how they would be able to capture Itachi tonight.

Sakura said good bye to her old sensei, quickly moving out of the building. She had sat there and been interrogated for an hour or so and she was happy to breathe in some fresh air.

The sky had darkened, the moon was out. Within two hours Uchiha Itachi would be chained to one of the walls down in the old dungeons they had.

The pain her heart had felt hadn't diminished; it ached just as badly as before –if not worse. She never knew something could hurt this bad. Shaking her head she tried to rid it of such morbid thoughts. It didn't exactly work.

She made her way back to her flat; packing her stuff and putting on some clothes she could move swiftly in. She would go and see Itachi one last time before she left.

Earlier on, she had taken a pregnancy test to see if she were pregnant. Although she had hoped for a negative result; she had gotten positive.

She stopped for a moment, gazing in the mirror at her stomach; soon she would have a bump showing. She gave a small sad smile as she felt the tears sting the corners of her eyes again.

She rubbed a hand over her belly softly before getting on her tight pants. Looking at her watch she licked her lips nervously. Itachi had probably been taking in about now.

Getting her small bag of possessions she made her way once again to Tsunade's; this time using a jutsu to move quickly.

Outside the dungeons

She looked around corners to make sure it was all clear; she didn't have much difficulty getting in as it looked like everyone was celebrating their victory except two guards who were by the doors of the dungeon but knocked out by alcohol.

Sakura's face twisted in disgust, slowly moving passed the men and into the dungeons foul corridor. It stunk of piss and blood, the walls were covered in a dark liquid and Sakura didn't want to know what that was.

She passed many cells, searching for a sign of Itachi; her soft shoes not making a sound. She halted suddenly, craning her neck forward slightly to try and hear any sound. She could have sworn she heard chains moving.

Slowly, she glided towards where the sound came from; coming upon one of the oldest cells there. It was dark so she couldn't really see anything but if she squinted and strained her eyes a bit she could see something.

Not wasting any time she molded her chakra into a key; it was a special technique that only a few ninja's knew. Sakura opened the cell door slowly, her frame trembling.

She moved slowly into the cell, making her way towards where she knew someone was chained. Running her hands along the wall she tried to find the warmth of a living being. And she found it, but it wasn't exactly warm.

Her mouth was dry and she licked her lips. Her eyes adjusted to the dark and she felt the gasp bubble forth. Itachi was chained to the wall; he was staring right at her, but the reason she had gasp was because it looked like he had been tortured.

She ran her hands over his bare torso; his skin was wet with blood. She couldn't help the onslaught of tears this time; they flowed freely down her pale cheeks.

"Itachi…" it was a whisper, but Itachi heard it clearly. Still, he didn't show emotion; he just hung there by the chains. Sakura's lip quivered, her legs gave out and she fell to the floor her hands gripping at his bloody, dirty trousers.

"I'm sorry…" Sakura murmured, sobbing into his trouser pant. Her hand shakily gripped her t-shirt over her heart. Sakura looked at him and anger filled her, he just hung there doing nothing.

"Itachi… Why won't you say anything? I'm sorry… I am, I love you more than anything…I would die for you!" Sakura cried out. Sniffling a little, she tried to stand on shaky legs, letting her hand wander over his bruised face.

She leant forward, putting her forehead to his, but yet, he still didn't talk, just stared at her blankly. She closed her eyes and let out a shaky breath; trembling pink lips caressed cold unmoving ones.

Itachi could feel her tears fall on his own face, but he stayed emotionless, not wanting her to see how much she had hurt him.

Sakura moved away from Itachi's face, putting her right hand over her belly she gave him a smile. "I carry your child, Uchiha Itachi. And I'm going to keep it, perhaps…perhaps one day you will come for us?"

She knew he could get out of there easily.

He was an S-class criminal; something like this wouldn't hold him down. Sakura gave one last, intensely pained look to Itachi, before she slowly turned around and walked towards the cell door.

Every step she took made her heart heavy with unbearable pain. Stopping at the door to the cell she turned to Itachi, biting her lip.

"I hope we will meet again…Itachi," she talked quietly not wanting to draw attention to them.

Her eyes remained down cast as she shut the cell door again, but she didn't lock it. Her shoulders hunched, tears rolling down her cheeks. Running out of the cell, the building and Konoha itself was all a blur.

When she regained her senses again she took notice of her surroundings. She sat under a big oak tree. It was still dark; perhaps around five o'clock in the morning.

The birds were chirping happily in the tree tops above and she could hear the sound of flowing water.

Getting up she dusted herself off. Right now she had to forget about Itachi and focus on settling down somewhere where she could have her baby in nine months. Making her way to the faint sound of the water, she found it about five minutes from where she was.

Setting her rucksack on the grassy floor she let her hand glide over the surface of the water. It was cold, but clean. Cupping the water in her hands she brought her lips down and drunk the water.

Sakura gave a sigh, wiping her hands on her shorts. She picked up her bag and began to walk again. She couldn't have traveled as far as to get out of fire country, so, she would make her way out of fire country and decide where to go from there; Towards Grass or Waterfall.

She walked around for six hours; stopping now and again for a break. By now the sun was high in the sky, but covered over by heavy rain filled clouds.

She would reach the border of Fire country soon and there she would have to make her decision on where to go. While making her way to the border she had thought about going to Rain, Grass or Waterfall, but they were to close too Fire country for comfort.

She pondered on it for another two hours, until she reached the border of the Country of Fire. It was settled then; she would make her way through Grass; stay there for a couple of nights and then move on to live in Stone Country.

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