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"What's going on?" Mara asked, still half asleep as she entered the cockpit. Leia and Chewbacca looked totally panicked, but Padme was calm and collected.

"Minor hitch. The steering's jammed and we're heading into the middle of an asteroid field," she replied.

"Oh, so nothing to worry about then," Mara said sarcastically as she took Chewbacca's seat and he took the spare seat beside Leia.

"You sure you're up to flying?" Leia asked worriedly as Mara stifled a yawn and took over the controls with Padme.

"Yep," she nodded, flicking a few switches, which turned off the rather annoying alarm. Chewie sighed in relief.

For a while it seemed that Padme and Mara had everything under control, and at last they began heading out of the asteroid field again. Leia was impressed at how they worked as a team, never once losing their temper at each other, but always calmly negotiating with each other. It seemed that Padme's calm nature complemented Mara's fiery nature perfectly.

But then, the alarms came back on again and the ship jolted so violently that Leia had to throw her arms out infront of her to stop herself from crashing into Padme's seat. She looked to Mara for an explanation as to what had just happened.

"Well that's the tail gone," Mara replied, looking anxiously at the screen to see the tail was now floating off into space.

"Don't we need that?" Leia cried.

"Apparently not," Padme grinned. Despite the obvious danger they were in, she was enjoying herself. After all, Anakin had always thrived in this type of situation, and now she could see why. The look on Leia's face was priceless.

But then the ship jolted again and Padme had to finally admit that the situation was getting out of hand. Anakin had once told her how he had landed a ship in similar circumstances with the Chancellor and Obi-Wan on board. He had been so proud of himself that he'd re-told the story to her over and over again in great detail so that now she knew it off by heart.

Good job she thought as she turned to the others and told them to hold on.

"Mara, what does that read-out say?" she asked as she took control, or at least tried to.

"There's a planet not far from here called Jomark, might be our only hope."

"Looks like we'll be paying Jomark a visit then. Hope they're more hospitable than on Hoth," Padme replied as she listened to Mara reading out more information about their hull temperature, altitude and speed.

They were in the atmosphere of Jomark a few moments later and were still moving far too fast. Padme opened every hatch and extended every drag fin in an attempt to slow them down, and for a moment, it seemed to be working. Then there was another enormous jolt and they began picking up speed again.

"We lost the back end!" Mara cried as her ship split in two.

"Not to worry," Padme grinned. "We're still flying half a ship."

"Another personal joke I suppose?" Leia muttered angrily and Padme glanced back at her daughter, who was clinging so tightly to her seat that her knuckles had turned white. Padme also looked at Mara, who was equally as scared, but was doing her best to hide it.

"I'm going to shift a few degreed and see if I can slow us down," Padme said and Mara nodded, then she glanced at the screen again.

"We're heating up," she warned.

I know, I know. Now what did Ani say he did? Oh damn, I can't remember that bit...this was the bit where he always changed the story.

Padme played with the controls, opening and closing hatches, using the remaining steering thrusters to brake, anything to slow their fall.

"Whats our speed?" she asked Mara, who began reciting numbers again.

We're too low, too soon she realized. "Hang on, the heat shields have gone," she informed them and Leia gave a tiny, frightened squeak.

"There's a landing strip ahead," Mara cried in relief, pointing to a long strip ahead of them.

Too low, too fast...too late, Padme knew. This isn't a landing, it's a controlled crash...and not a very controlled one either.

The ship rocked and they were all thrown forwards as it hit the landing strip then skidded along on it's belly, it's landing gear broken.

For one awful moment Padme thought they'd skid right off the end of the platform, but then to her relief thay ground to a halt a few feet away from the end.

Well that went well she thought, slumping back in her chair. There was blood in her mouth, and it had a salty, metalic taste, so she dabbed at her split lip with her sleeve, unbuckled herself and turned to the others.

"Not one of my better landings," she appologised and Leia laughed, relieved to be on the ground again. Infact, as Padme thought back over some of her more dignified landings, she couldn't remember ever crash landing before. She'd made emergency landings, but never crash landings.

After making sure that everyone was alright, they all made their way out of the smoke filled cab via a hole in the wall, seeing as the door had caved in.

Leia and Chewbacca had escaped unharmed, and Mara only had a slight cut on her cheek, so Padme was pleased with her first ever crash landing, until she looked at the smoldering wreck that had once been Mara's sleek silver ship.

Oh dear, she thought guiltily. I'll buy her a new one when we get back home...wherever that may be, she promised as they set off towards a large building nearby.


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